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  1. Is This is a. Wad file? Or a. Pk3? 

    If it's a  .pk3 file, make sure you include it in your decorate file. 

    If it's a .wad file, try typing "give ballista" and see if it shows up on screen. If so, great! It works, and your probably just need to write it into a keyconf or something. 


    If not, then the wad is not reading that weapon for some reason.  (wad files tend to be more finicky than pk3s imo, I don't mess with them much) 

    Another thing you could try, as I mentioned earlier is to write a keyconf for it and see if that helps. 



    I can't see anything wrong with your code. In fact for a beginner it looks a lot cleaner than mine when I started, so cudos. :) 

  2. You could try this:

    Give the player a dummy inventory item, (like "iamtheplayerdontblowmeup") 

    And have the mine check if the player is nearby using a_jumpifinventory? 


    Should work, but I've been having a lot of trouble with give and take inventory lately, so I can't tell you for sure 😒

  3. Some of apogees old games might be cool, I. E:

    Halloween Harry aka alien carnage

    Monster bash

    Mystic towers


    Hocus pocus has already been done (albeit not as this forum means, but looks cool nonetheless) 


    I'm sure there's more games I can think of but. I got a killer headache rn


  4. 59 minutes ago, DynamiteKaitorn said:

    Depends on the map. Some of plutonia's maps aren't too bad to complete and have traps you can easily survive, even if they're tricky. maps 32 and 22 come into mind for fun levels with traps that aren't impossible to deal with. (Yes I AM quoting GO2IT).

    Weirdly enough, I think GO2IT is my favorite level in the entire wad. 

  5. It's mostly fair. But there's some areas where cacos and elementals Show up behind you while you're not looking? 

    Or even that one spot in map 5,  I think, 

    Where the archviles come out to play while I'm on the run from two barons like really why. That doesn't require skill, it's just a nasty trap, which I'm not a fan of. 

  6. Ugh. Thank God someone else thinks this too. Back when I had a capable pc I got all way to kadn--kagdn---

    To hell, the first time, and had a blast playing! Even through a lot of frustrating deaths I enjoyed myself enough to keep Pushing on.


    I bought doom on the switch because it was that or skyrim, and I was not AND WILL Not pay 60$ us for a game that old ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING TODDTHESDA 


    Rant aside, I cannot play it! On switch I'm not even close to where I was. I'm like... Level 2? And it took me weeks of intermittent playing to get there. I just got no patience for it.  I think I know what the issue is. On higher sensitivities it doesn't increase the analog sensitivity, it has doom/guy/slayer turning AT EXACTLY THE SAME FREAKING SPEED and then waits like 2 seconds before warping 360 degrees in the blink of an eye, WHO DOES THIS YOU GODLESS HEATHENS


    Sorry for all the "yelling", but God I've been wanting to vent about this for a while. 


  7. 1 hour ago, Graf Zahl said:

    and that would be the final undoing. Let's not delude ourselves: If there ever is to be a successful desktop variant of Linux it will probably have to be a commercial product that can finance its own development so that the things that need to be done are getting done in order to make it successful. Most people would happily pay for a thing like that if they knew they got something that's worth the money

    I can't stop thinking about this, because while you may be right, I wanna believe people can be better than money.after all, a lot of distros make a big deal about being free forever, but there's No point here, just... Thinking out loud 

  8. For me specifically it's because the repositories are way too small even on bigger distros, you just don't have the versatility you do with win blows, you can install anything anytime without any hassle. But in my case I still love Linux because despite all this, it runs much cleaner than windows even on older hardware. Probably my biggest gripe is that I can never get slade running on the damn thing, despite the site claiming it runs it.