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  1. so far there are three classes of monsters:

    everyman, Void Zombie, and Bone Mauler.

    the everyman is a standard zombie, lots of hp, unless shot in the head, and has a special rush attack.

    (you've seen him)


    the Bone mauler is a zombie whose teeth have been sharpened from chewing up bones  to open skulls and eat meat. his attack is considerably stronger than the everyman.



    and, my personal favorite, the void zombie, is a monster that appears in darker areas, from inside walls. 


    (bear in mind these are first drafts.)

    and yes, they are all based off the first zombie i made. bc they are large in size, i figured that i was best to do it that way. much more detail will be added later.



    1. Hitscanning_scumbag


      bone mauler is going to replaced entirley. looking back, the sprite looks terrible.