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  1. I'm back to work on the game, sorry to keep you waiting. 


    -I've made a lot of mostly cosmetic changes.  (tweaking weapons and such, p90 is finally firing right, and not saying "hmmn?" when you fire it)


    -I've decided to keep things simple, (no more stupidly elaborate ideas that will take me forever to implement: the "dimensional" void zombie and others will still be in game, but I'm not going to do a bunch of crazy cut scenes and stuff in the first go...maybe later. The idea is to break this up into dissolvable chunks)


    -and decided to change some complex variables in game for a more balanced experience.

    and this is by far, the biggest thing I'm working on. i want bullets to spread more realistically and i want head-shots to be a easy way to kill a common enemy(with enough skill)


    with all that having been said, I'm no longer working at my previous job, and it is gonna be tough to pay my bills and such, but right now making games is the only thing keeping me sane. I have this game, which I'm going to call (for now) the very generic title "outbreak"


    and i have a second game, too. one that was birthed from the original story i had for this... I'm making it in a different style, in a different engine. ill have screen shots of that up too, for anyone interested.


    thanks again for waiting on me. I'm working hard to get this going. as it stands, the p90 is ready to go, and im currently drawing the second weapon, along with more monsters sprites...and in between, ill be doing coding for the game. thanks again, 






    Bow DraftV_1.PNG

    zombie s.2V_4.png