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  1. Concept art #1:

    This is Grimm. He will be playing a major part in the game.

    His carries a scythe, For harvesting souls, a lantern, which contains the life force of his current target(s)

    and a scroll, which contains all the information he needs about his current target(s)

    The chains around his arms symbolize the weight of the decisions he has to make everyday,

    despite being, basically a man under authority.


    able to move past light speed, he is very capable of killing millions at once, but is very loyal to his "boss"and will not kill anyone he is not told to. he is allowed to give small amounts of life to people he considers "worthy" but cannot make anyone immortal.


    Grimm has  the ability to pause time, and teleport back and forth wherever he needs to.

    Grimm has several more abilities which will be found in game.


    grimm was an angel once.... 


    1. dew


      Imo, Grimm is on his way to office. It's casual wear day but the company is kinda uptight, so it's just suit jackets off. He's a rebel though, so he sticks it to the man with an unorthodox vest and a bee-themed tie. He painted his lunch box himself in a passive-aggresive outburst, because there's no way anyone can "mistake" it in the fridge this way. Grimm may have been an angel once, but no one steps on Grimm for too long.

    2. Hitscanning_scumbag


      Lmao. good too see not everyone takes this so seriously.

      take some of the pressure off.