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  1. i am painfully aware of the content gap. i will endeavour to bring you at least one piece of concept art each day until the game is ready.


    i bought a tablet, to get better at drawing, and so far i think it's been going well. ive been sketching eldritch monsters, and angry humans.


    i initially wanted to use the screaming man for the main character (it fits) but it looks too much like the gman from half life to me. That, and the hair is god-awful.


    i dont really want to do pixel art as much anymore, so alot of the files are probably gonna be bigger than normal, but i feel this will make the game look better artisticly.




    1. Hitscanning_scumbag


      oh! and the "why" of the tablet is to make some thing like the picture shown here. (from DOOMX.net Credit to the owner idk his or her name) again, NOT MINE.