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  1. im..perturbed...

    there is a clearly defined...boredom...as i am now....

    i don’t want to draw on this computer anymore. I don’t even want to watch you tube anymore. im sick of THIS computer alone.


    almost like everything about this is an inconvenience. I would be lying if i said different, however....

    this feels new...perhaps a somber reminder that things are not the way they were?

    yes, it is certainly the little things. the unfamiliar things...using Linux instead of windows, using yahoo instead of Google, the unfamiliar key shortcuts...learning everything new all over again...

    im so tired of my computers giving up, and this will be the last one.

    because i will work like a dog, if that's what i must do, to build modern pcs. to make at least three. and throw out my stone age pc.

    to fix what is broken, and to make quality of life better..

    i must...i must.