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  1. fun fact, did ya know there is only one cannon explanation as to why zombies eat brains?


    this coming from in the 1985 film "return of the living dead".(where brain eating was apparently introduced as a concept) where the writer(and director) Dan O Bannen 

    said that eating brains eases the pain brought on by rigor mortis  by giving them much needed endorphins.


    what's interesting is that zombies can process pain? Ive seen a lot of them with large sections of their own brains blown out. it seems as long as one part of the brain is left, they can pick up and go on.

    but what I'm getting at is that my impression of the zombie virus has always been that they stop feeling anything and go to a base level (a primal level) of hunger, while the virus boosts their other senses (sight, hearing, etc) so how would they feel pain? or anything? 

    i know the movie is a spoof, but it just seems interesting that, in a such a diverse and wide a field as ZOMBIES....there is only one reason why they act the way they do...


    it seems to allow....creative freedom....i would say....


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      Send more paramedics.

    2. Hitscanning_scumbag


      they're all zombies. :/