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  1. so i spent last night trying Combined arms on GZDOOM to see if my port was not working


    it was great, to be honest i did not expect such a fine mod for a weapons conversion...

    i remember being blown away by how well everything synched together and how fluid the animations were.

    i have not had that much fun playing doom since the first time i played it all the way through.

    try it here: https://combine-kegan.itch.io/combined-arms


    so, ultimatly, it means there is something wrong with my code. and it's causing GZDOOM to freeze. i suspect the zoom on the P90. 



    as an addendum, i accidentally mislead someone on the forums today. to be honest i feel awful, partially bc i sent them ghost hunting and partially bc i did not think before i spoke. i have apologized, but i understand a public forum is no place for feeling sorry for yourself.


    in the future, i will think twice before i post on a forum.