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  1. ok. progress report time:


    -just had a 40-min convo with my revisionist/creative consultant. he said he couldn't find any plot holes, so that's a big check.


    -have been trying to finish the mall level ive been working on, but it's not coming out the way i want it. Like, somethings are in place, but for the most part it's not at all what i want and i think i know why.


    A:) it doesn't fit easily into a square,(as a real mall would) which makes it difficult to place the outer doors.

    B:) i think im focusing too much on realism and not enough on game play.  the level itself, in structure, enemy and thing placement, doors, lights, everything should tell a story, while not intruding on the game play. things need to break the line of sight, in new and exciting ways. and there needs to be better textures, for DAMN sure.


    -i have more sprites ready but im not sure if ill even use them.


    ive implemented a "sneak" feature...maybe will stay in game.



    as far as productivity goes, im exceeding my own projections, as im doing far more than a mere two sprites a day, and that's it. 

    i will say, thanks to you guys, i am enjoying doing this kind of things again, but may need to take a break. tbh im feeling kinda exhausted. sorry about this, but im going to have to take a few days, im not sure how many, until i feel creative again. i don't want to make just crap and throw it out. i want you to see the passion i put into game development, even if it is just a mod, at heart. it's still mine, a reflection of my abilites, and creativity.


    ill be back.