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  1. hey guys! me again. thanks for sticking around. My third project, now called the demons domain, is just about done... I really feel like I've learned so much about Game making. It's like being a different person, Honestly. 

    Im gonna keep pushing to get the demons domain finished, and afterward, If all goes well, Ill return to

    work on Surrender the dead.


    One of the big things I learned most recently is that the focus of a game should be on fun, Not story.

    A good game will tell it's story through game play...Theming, I think it's called.


    Ive been doing...so much just to improve my Game design skills, so when i return to this project, it will be that much less of a headache...and that much better(This is probably gonna be my only large contribution to the Doom Community, of course i want it to be as good as I am capable of.)


    One of the big things I've really been hammering hard on (hah) is pixel art. Ive been following this guy who makes amazing tutorials, (https://www.tumblr.com/search/Pixel+art+tutorials)


    and i think it's really starting to show, here is some of my work as a sample.


    anyway! I'm hoping to get back on surrender the dead, but it's five levels long, and tbh? so is the demons domain, and that has been very...interesting to work with...Honestly never though 5 levels could be so hard to make. And the bugs! my god, The bugs! oh, but that's all fixed now... Last two levels, and cut scenes, and the demons domain will be public. so thank you again for your patience, ill try to get back on this soon.



    i just found out a bunch of you had twitter accounts! by all means, let me know if im not following you!

    i love seeing your creative content, it's always inspiring.

    my handle is @DanimusTV


    Peace guys!




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