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  1. Hey hey. So I've ordered basically a new computer online from filling out surveys(not an ad or whatever) the new computer won't be great but should hold its own and be able to do some good things. For those interested here is the new specs:


    Intel i3 processor 

    4 gb ram

    128 gb hdd

    Nvidia nvs 300 


    I'll upgrade the ram and Hdd as soon as I can but all parts are shipping right now, and hopefully I'll have it together soon. 


    In the meantime I've been working on getting Linux working on a older system (pain in the ass to do, BTW) but damn small linux seems to do the trick well. 


    For those curious here are THOSE specs:


    Amd k7 

    Sound blaster live! 

    40 gb hdd

    250 mb ram


    Older, yes but if Linux runs on it i can do some slade editing, and that would be Nice. 🤗


    Hope yall are doing well on your projects and life stuffs!