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  1. I want to say sorry for the silence, but it seems pointless as more silence is likely to follow. I've been working on reX and a project on the side that allows me to inventory a little clearer but am having limited success with. 


    I've been playing might and magic as well as dungeons and dragons, the crpg, to get a better idea of what the devs wanted for hexen. Alot of it is based on 2nd edition dnd if you didn't know 


    Might and magic is great. I've been having a blast playing through three, and figuring out the intracies of said game. 


    Regarding doom:

    Been playing it on chocolate for a while now.  I've been playing brutal doom vanilla, mostly for the shotgun, and even have been messing with whackED 2. 


    Hell revealed is a very fun mod to play through. Once you know where the demons are the waltz as you plow through them on higher and higher difficulties is so satisfying. 


    I suppose that's it from me for now.  Ive been waiting on my stimulus to afford more voice actors and improve my pc. 

    So uh, bye yall! For now...