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  1. Having a lot of problems with with the mages jump info for some reason. i took out special characters, i shorted the names, and it's still not working. maybe for the player class it can only take one sound instead of two?


    Uh, ok, updates. 

    first of all, excited for autumn, which will be shortly in the states. It's been way too hot. 

    Regarding my game/mod: 

    Progress is slow but steady, i managed to get a couple of sounds working that were not working before. Sometimes it was a special character( i like to categorize my sounds as S_VSPIT "sounds_VenomSpit" for example) and i don't think Hexen likes that. that's a problem for me.

    as stated the mages jump is not working, I've gone online in the hopes that someone knows whats going on but. I find it hard to ask since most people are likely to point me toward the wiki page. 


    I've found some very choice sounds for the game, and that's why im trying so hard to incorporate them, along with the voice acting by the very talented Gianni Matragrano.


    The mod still needs a lot of work but the next update will include much better sounds and the next wave of weapons for each class. 


    to do:

    -Work on fighter intros and hits a little more

    -make sure all sounds are assigned properly and work well - the sounds alone should be one of the reasons why you want this mod.

    -fix the mage wand height

    -add voxels (Way down the line...ill need money for that)

    theres more but im gonna overwhelm myself if i try to figure this out right now. Alright, i took a break im getting back to work.

    1. Hitscanning_scumbag


      I solved the mage jump issue. Im not sure exactly what the difference is-

      $playeralias    Mplayer    male    *jump        MPJMP
      $playersound    Mplayer    male    *weaponlaugh    MP_wget


      So if you're like me you may be banging your head on the wall rn, but the answer is right in front of you, do you see it? how about a hint?





      replacing one of these with the other solves your problem. and the answer is...PlayerSound.

      I dont know why but this one stops the sound from running cold. I checked the wiki several times and several different forum threads before discovering this myself. i thought i would post it here in the hopes someone like me can figure it out