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  1. fun fact, did ya know there is only one cannon explanation as to why zombies eat brains?


    this coming from in the 1985 film "return of the living dead".(where brain eating was apparently introduced as a concept) where the writer(and director) Dan O Bannen 

    said that eating brains eases the pain brought on by rigor mortis  by giving them much needed endorphins.


    what's interesting is that zombies can process pain? Ive seen a lot of them with large sections of their own brains blown out. it seems as long as one part of the brain is left, they can pick up and go on.

    but what I'm getting at is that my impression of the zombie virus has always been that they stop feeling anything and go to a base level (a primal level) of hunger, while the virus boosts their other senses (sight, hearing, etc) so how would they feel pain? or anything? 

    i know the movie is a spoof, but it just seems interesting that, in a such a diverse and wide a field as ZOMBIES....there is only one reason why they act the way they do...


    it seems to allow....creative freedom....i would say....


  2. okay, heres the other picture. sorry for the quality but i had to use ms pain, and i know there is a wierd angle but i got like ten minutes to work.


  3. awarding myself this trophy for getting GIMP to *somewhat* work on win 10. 


    ugh, i dont want to boot my linux machine back up....

    cant i use my nice computer? just for now? please?

    u tried.png

  4. oh, god. i forgot to draw today. im sorry. Tomorrow im going to start studying anatomy and make two drawings to make up for today.


    BUT! the reason for me forgetting...I got my main rig back! oh.my.god. it feels AMAZING to be able to play modern video games again! 


    but i digress, im just excited.


    oh! and im planning on starting the first drafts for the main sprite sheets, so like, zombieman, player, other *ahem* important characters.

  5. a wanted to try for something cleaner. im very pleased (mostly) with how this came out. i think ive found the art style im going for , as a fictional, non humanoid type-figure allows me enough creative freedom to decide what detail goes where.


  6. quick sci fi sketch i did. (watching dr who for inspiration)


  7. i overslept. half hour till work. no drawing today.

  8. todays drawing...working hard to get some faces made for this game...nothing feels right, and i think a lack of detail is what will help me the most , as displayed here.


  9. im..perturbed...

    there is a clearly defined...boredom...as i am now....

    i don’t want to draw on this computer anymore. I don’t even want to watch you tube anymore. im sick of THIS computer alone.


    almost like everything about this is an inconvenience. I would be lying if i said different, however....

    this feels new...perhaps a somber reminder that things are not the way they were?

    yes, it is certainly the little things. the unfamiliar things...using Linux instead of windows, using yahoo instead of Google, the unfamiliar key shortcuts...learning everything new all over again...

    im so tired of my computers giving up, and this will be the last one.

    because i will work like a dog, if that's what i must do, to build modern pcs. to make at least three. and throw out my stone age pc.

    to fix what is broken, and to make quality of life better..

    i must...i must.

  10. some thing i forgot to mention was that i going to post these as proof that im a: working on the game

    or b: working to make my art better

    with that said,

    dear lord. every time i detail a face it looks like  lurch from the adams family. (that and i suck at drawing hair) two things to look into, i guess.


    1. zaszthedestroyer



      but im messing up the details somewhere



  11. some concept art. its not as good as i would like, but im pressed for time today.


  12. i am painfully aware of the content gap. i will endeavour to bring you at least one piece of concept art each day until the game is ready.


    i bought a tablet, to get better at drawing, and so far i think it's been going well. ive been sketching eldritch monsters, and angry humans.


    i initially wanted to use the screaming man for the main character (it fits) but it looks too much like the gman from half life to me. That, and the hair is god-awful.


    i dont really want to do pixel art as much anymore, so alot of the files are probably gonna be bigger than normal, but i feel this will make the game look better artisticly.




    1. zaszthedestroyer


      oh! and the "why" of the tablet is to make some thing like the picture shown here. (from DOOMX.net Credit to the owner idk his or her name) again, NOT MINE.


  13. lim so sick of making excuses. so instead of listing details ill just say what ive done:


    the game is coming along well, story wise. ive been much more focused than usual with it. and i think thats really going to show. in any case, pixel art is hard but im treating it as a real game due to respect for the story. 


    will have content when internet is back.



  14. trinna make colors pop.