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  1. a short post:


    for me, one of the most satisfying parts of DOOM (other than one shotting imps with a shotgun) was exploring the map and seeing where everything goes. and at this point i can legitimately run thorough the maps in my sleep. with that having been said,I have decided to try for the Ultimate DOOM speedrun record. I realize at this point it is more or less unbeatable, but that's part of the fun. my plans are to practice (alot) then speedrun in vanilla doom, and then brutal doom for the fastest possible time i can.


    what brought this on was that i was playing and i realized how slow the player was, which was why i always used brutal doom (until v.21 >:(   )

    i decided to try and got pretty far pretty quick, impressing even myself with the haste and accuracy of shots fired.


    ill record some tries, and upload them to my channel. which will then be copied here. ideally, it will include me breaking the record.


    so, wish me  luck guys,  ill see ya soon.



    (also yes been in doombuilder trying things)

  2. hey guys! me again. thanks for sticking around. My third project, now called the demons domain, is just about done... I really feel like I've learned so much about Game making. It's like being a different person, Honestly. 

    Im gonna keep pushing to get the demons domain finished, and afterward, If all goes well, Ill return to

    work on Surrender the dead.


    One of the big things I learned most recently is that the focus of a game should be on fun, Not story.

    A good game will tell it's story through game play...Theming, I think it's called.


    Ive been doing...so much just to improve my Game design skills, so when i return to this project, it will be that much less of a headache...and that much better(This is probably gonna be my only large contribution to the Doom Community, of course i want it to be as good as I am capable of.)


    One of the big things I've really been hammering hard on (hah) is pixel art. Ive been following this guy who makes amazing tutorials, (https://www.tumblr.com/search/Pixel+art+tutorials)


    and i think it's really starting to show, here is some of my work as a sample.


    anyway! I'm hoping to get back on surrender the dead, but it's five levels long, and tbh? so is the demons domain, and that has been very...interesting to work with...Honestly never though 5 levels could be so hard to make. And the bugs! my god, The bugs! oh, but that's all fixed now... Last two levels, and cut scenes, and the demons domain will be public. so thank you again for your patience, ill try to get back on this soon.



    i just found out a bunch of you had twitter accounts! by all means, let me know if im not following you!

    i love seeing your creative content, it's always inspiring.

    my handle is @DanimusTV


    Peace guys!




    wolf head2.png


  3. a little update--


    hey guys! thanks for your patience while i recollect myself ive still been feeling that gamedev itch so ive been working on my third project, which is just a rpg fangame. BUT

    i feel like ive been learning alot about level design, what works, why it works. how tiling one room makes it stand out vs how one generic floor is boring. i know 3d can be a little more complicated, and that's partially why i stepped back.


    but i think im making progress because the only question i could ask about this game is "why dont i like what i see?" and i think i have an answer. it's because it still looks late 90's. i want it to look all like my own (and good lol) creation. only just in the id tech 1 engine.


    so that's where im at. ive been thinking alot on mapmaking lately. watching bridgeburner and going "no wonder my maps suck" (i guess suck is a strong word, but my point is)


    so i may be dabbling **a little bit** again in doombuilder. prolly my testmap.

    thanks for reading and sticking around!

  4. someone said to mix revenant and lost soul on tumblr and now its the only thing i can think about


  5. zaszthedestroyer

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    ive been playing seven dyas to die like, nonstop in whatever free time i can find. i love the challenge, i love the balance, the crafting, the monsters, trying to build a stable base, and fix things while being mauled by the horde.
  6. It's finally coming along like i want!!!!! it only took three weeks!!!!!!


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    2. Misty


      Press on your profile above and you'll see "my attachments", go to here you'll see what you shared. Honestly, I recommend get imgur account for picture shares, links here get embed nicely. Discord links into images also get embed. 

    3. zaszthedestroyer


      honestly? never had much luck with imagur. always showed up as broken links.

    4. bzzrak


      Some mad dudes use photobucket or something like that. 

      Maybe you've been embedding it wrong? You use it like

      [ img]   linktoimage.jpg [ / img] 

  7. *sighs* i guess, i just cant let go.

    but, on the plus side, the lighting is coming along much more like i wanted it to. 

    and, the level is finally starting to take a comely shape.


  8. zaszthedestroyer

    What do you think of Mr.Icarus?

    @The-Heretic-Assassin okay, how come?
  9. ok. im still waiting, but ive made this and im so proud of it tbh.

    i knoe its a little dark, but i felt the bump map was too strong. may revise in the future but i love the look. just what i wanted.


  10. ok. progress report time:


    -just had a 40-min convo with my revisionist/creative consultant. he said he couldn't find any plot holes, so that's a big check.


    -have been trying to finish the mall level ive been working on, but it's not coming out the way i want it. Like, somethings are in place, but for the most part it's not at all what i want and i think i know why.


    A:) it doesn't fit easily into a square,(as a real mall would) which makes it difficult to place the outer doors.

    B:) i think im focusing too much on realism and not enough on game play.  the level itself, in structure, enemy and thing placement, doors, lights, everything should tell a story, while not intruding on the game play. things need to break the line of sight, in new and exciting ways. and there needs to be better textures, for DAMN sure.


    -i have more sprites ready but im not sure if ill even use them.


    ive implemented a "sneak" feature...maybe will stay in game.



    as far as productivity goes, im exceeding my own projections, as im doing far more than a mere two sprites a day, and that's it. 

    i will say, thanks to you guys, i am enjoying doing this kind of things again, but may need to take a break. tbh im feeling kinda exhausted. sorry about this, but im going to have to take a few days, im not sure how many, until i feel creative again. i don't want to make just crap and throw it out. i want you to see the passion i put into game development, even if it is just a mod, at heart. it's still mine, a reflection of my abilites, and creativity.


    ill be back.

  11. a map ive been working on for the funs. using it for testing new stuffs, it's unrelated.

    ooh, and! there's some of that quake architecture i was telling you about. Specifically from arcane dimensions.


  12. IT'S TAB?!?!?! *muffled screaming*

  13. thinking of taking some level Cues from Quake.

  14. okay, im still busy, but here's some stuff ive been working on., mostly small stuff, but the light is almsot as good as i can make it without further help. the waste file still has alot of work to be done but im sooooo tired..




    Caution-reflector sticker.png

  15. zaszthedestroyer

    What do you think of Mr.Icarus?

    i dont wanna spam the like the button so ill just say these are all wonderful answers. thank you, everyone for your input.