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  1. hey guys. thanks for all your support. really means the world.

    im working on a basic wad im calling project firefly, 

    and this is a sprite for an enemy Ive started.

    if you guys are not following the thread i started, you can get updates here. and, vice versa.


    1. elsaltaccount#9999


      Looks pretty cool, what's the WAD about?

    2. zaszthedestroyer


      Thank you so much! 

      I lost all my old work, and decided that I  would restart... for that reason, I'm afraid the was is going to be basic. It's a zombie survival, but I wanna see what kinda twists and stuff I can put in it. New weapons, survival elements, that kind of thing. Basically just my spin on zombie survival. 

    3. zaszthedestroyer