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  1. hey guys. sorry for the long silence.

    basically i got promoted to manager at work, which means i lost all my free time to training newbies and learning how to schedule a shift. but i do still have the project on three separate computers and it is(for the moment) safe.

    So i just wanted to let you guys know i am still working on it for those of you interested, it's just gonna be longer. unfortunately since i was made manager i haven't gotten anything done, so i don't have anything new to show you.(right now) 

    thank you guys who are looking forward to this for bearing with me, ill do my best to see that your patience is rewarded.


    additionally i have been tossing the story back and forth in my mind, bc zombie stories are so common  place it can be difficult to think of something even slightly original, but i think i got something really good. either that or it will be called a cop-out idk which yet.


    also working on a second, unrelated game, will post link to that when demo is ready.


    thanks again,