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  1. okay. I've been trying to keep this on the DL, but I'm really struggling on the story. 

    the characters feel shallow, the locations are whack, theres no textures and I'm just not feeling it.

    a good story has a certain...feel to it. it has...depth, good content.

    but every line i write for the characters feel....empty.


    it's for this reason I'm probably going to ditch the project, but i will finish the demo for you guys who want to see it.


    i do deeply apologize. y'all are the only community that make me feel good about my work.

    and it's for that reason I'm going to finish the demo. (yes, you'll get the p90)


    thank you guys for believing in me. i can't express enough how much your support means.

    I do have a second project going, for those interested; i don't have a website, but here's some screen shots.

    It's called DREAD.