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  1. Okay. I was supposed to correct my sprite...that's it. however, it turned into an all day long adventure of coloring sprites to see what works, fine tuning weapons, adding weapons, adding enemies, new maps, new sounds, (most of which i had to make, just so i could get an idea of what i wanted) More textures and ultimately GZDOOM Freezing. I think it's because of the scope i put on the P90 but i cant be certain. Ive updated my copy of GZDOOM to current and am updating my drivers right now.


    i wish i had some pictures or something but I'm waiting on Nvidia to finish its thing. Maybe tomorrow ill implement the Head shot hit box. for today, i think i should let go, but mi probably not. goodnight, doom world.

    1. zaszthedestroyer


      well, i guess it wouldn't kill to show you this. not sure what it is yet, but i like it. except for the brain. no brain. well, not a whole one.



      you cant really see it from afar (which sucks) but my mans here is missing both eyes