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  1. been working on this all day. there is still alot to detail, and im not sure i like the color, but for now it will do.


    1. hardcore_gamer


      Is this for a game/mod you are making?

    2. zaszthedestroyer


      Yes! it is! and im so sorry i didn't respond sooner! (i didn't get the notification)


      it is for a as-yet unnamed mod which will include a lot of changes such as:

      -new story!

      -new monsters!

      -new weapons(obviously)

      -new textures!

      -new environments!

      -Custom hit boxes on monsters, for all the limb blasting fun you want!

      // in the works --opengl weapon and decorational and switch stuff


      originally this was going to be small but as time went on i couldn't help but get more involved.

      the community here has been so kind and forgiving to me and i really want to make the best possible game i can to repay the kindness.