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  1. Hey GUYS!! i got a job!!!! (and it's way m ore money)

    best part is, i get out @ 5, so that should be plenty of time to keep delivering animations like this one!



    i loved quake 2. my favorite part was when the monsters could not see you, they would stand there and breathe. i think this is way better than the dance the DOOM monsters do when inactive. (And fits into a zombie motif more)

    as usual, this took way more time than i thought, but the results speak for themselves!

    gonna flesh teh rest of the angles out, then work on running, attacking, and then death.


    sorry for the Glitched gif. Aseprite pulled a sneaky on me.




    ugh, i don't know why posing skeletons is so hard, but in any case im glad im doing it,  i imagine making the sprite itself is going to be just as difficult.

    anyway, maybe im shooting too high for today....but i need to keep pushing. maybe the error will sort itself tomorrow.


    Skel- Breathe Fixed.gif