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  1. the skellly thing is giving me a headache (that or too much coffee)

    so im switching gears for a second.


    I wanted to share some ideas i had with you guys and give you a feel for the game. (so far)

    I get a lot of inspiration from the game "7 days to die". The behaviour present in the zombies is something i wish to mimick and improve as much as possible--- or at very least go for something in the vein of brutal doom...although im not certain how that would work, theme-wise.


    There will be a eat/drink system. but before anyone says they hate the idea, i am planning one spot with regenerating foods, and a large water source. it will be used chiefly for testing, but will also play a large role in the game.


    in regards to the water system, initially i thought a heat-type thing might be cool, until i realized that, really the only way to do it is to have the avatar open their jacket, or jump in water---opening the jacket could just be a sound file, and not have a large impact on the game. ergo it wont stay in. and the river thing, while impacting the game more, may be impossible in the engine in question.a final solution i have, and will be working on today is to have water bottles, that can cool and rehydrate. I have not yet looked into these things, but these are some of them im going to implement.


    Why the heat thing may be important:

    Im thinking any point @ 90 Degrees + would cause a speed debuff, then a low health drain, until "blackout"

    this could make for more of a challenge during certain areas when especially slow zombies are coming after you in , say, a desert.


    up to this point, i have shown you everything ive been working on.  i have withheld only story elements, and certain gameplay design ideas. this is to keep things fresh. but....this story, it seems .....it going to be troublesome. however, i will refine it, until it is not.


    This is a post, for anyone who wants to know what the game is going to be about. it is survival horror, potentially with crafting involved, an eat/drink system, stamina loss, and possibly lots of climbing.


    that does it for this update. i will be in touch.