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  1. hye guys i know i said i needed a break i have this scene stuck in my head, and i need to get it written soemwhere, so figured i would share it. 


    please excuse any types, and  a couple of artistic liberties muist be taken (ie , overlapping voices etc) but, here ya go, hope ya like.


    int, an abandoned bulding; the survivors hide on the top floor, inside is filled with medical equipment and ikea tables fashioned together to afford the length of a human.

    inside, four people, one zombie.

    the zombie is strapped to  a set of tables that has been welded together, it is unconscious.

    a man in a greenish-gray shirt approaches the cadaver, and looks to a short woman, wearing glasses.


    doctor: are we ready?


    (the woman pipes up)


    Woman:  questa procedura è sicura? non mangerà tutti noi, vero?


    doctor: no need to be alarmed, my dear...he is quite secured, a cadaver is a cadaver, after all, and is no more powerful than us mere mortals.


    Woman:  va bene, taglia la merda e tiralo su.


    Doctor: yes, yes i will revive him, but first i thought you should see this.


    the group follows the doctor to a modified TV set, the doctor smacks the side, and a image flickers on.


    Dr: this, is the human brain, more specifically the worlds most detailed scan of the brains internal wiring. (he gestures broadly to a section of the brain) i believe this to be the affected system, the neo-dratal cortex. 


    AJ: what the hell is that?


    Dr:a creaative term. i was getting to that. (he cuts AJ a sharp look) as i was saying before i was so rudely interrupted,  the neo-dratal cortex is a name of my own fashion,patent pending, it is the deepest part of the human brain responsible for all the common behaviors of man, eating,sleeping,mating. that kind of thing. but i believe that this is where the....


    Player: the virus?


    Dr: it's not so much a virus, as it is a type of parasite,  it...clings to this part of the brain, and takes control. what's fascinating is that i have no idea how it even gets there!

    the neo-dratal cortex is the VERY BASE of your brain. nothing was designed to get in there! the way i reason it, it is either a highly complex parasite, or....


    player: or?


    Dr:something far more sinister....


    (the woman waits patiently in the back)


    Woman:  dr, dobbiamo continuare l'esperimento.


    Dr: ah, yes! the experiment. {the group shuffles back towards the table}the whole point of this little...presentation is that certain neural pathways have been deviated. almost like a runaway train. i suspect, if i were to simulate the neural patterns by running small amounts of energy through the neo-dratal cortex, that our mummified friend, here(he glances at the cadaver) would be able to think and reason like the rest of us.


    Player: so what are we waiting for?


    Dr: not much, only the word of our fearless leader, what do you say, cerci? shall i wake the dead?


    cerci:  ti ho già detto alcuni giorni, dr, mi fai davvero incazzare.


    the doctor inputs some commands into a nearby console


    Dr: now, now no need to get testy. 


    (the Dr looks up at the corpse everyone in the group looks at it. the zombie twitches, the slowly opens it's eyes it glances left, then right and shifts it's jaw, almost as if it's grinding it's teeth.)


    Dr: hello, im your Dr. how are you feeling today Mr...?


    Zombie: Jackson. Nathan Jackson.....i feel ....numb...


    Dr: yes, well, that is a side of effect of passing away.


    Nathan: what?! im dead?!


    Dr: no need for concern, now, i understand this is a bit daunting....




    Dr: (looking at cerci) he's detached, i was afraid this would happen. fret not, fearless leader, i have a solution(he holds a beaker of a liquid solution and smiles smugly at his pun the Dr pours the solution on the angry zombie-man)


    Nathan:(stops screaming) i...im sorry...things got....heavy...for a second...


    Dr: it's quite alright, tell me Nathan, where did you work before?


    Nathan:warehouse. i worked in a warehouse.


    Dr: and the last thing you remember?


    Nathan: i was....falling.... no, i...climbed a ladder....then the next thing i remember, i tripped on something really solid....and fell....(the zombie looks at the Dr) is that how i died?


    Dr: yes, and you were one of the more fortunate ones, as death was instant from the moment you hit the ground. you're lucky you weren't alive when the horde came, many have gone a worse way.


    Nathan: that's one way to look at it. (the zombie looks towards the roof)


    Dr: Nathan, i need to ask you about flesh? can you tell me why the hordes want it so desperately?


    Nathan: ..trying to figure it out, huh? i don't blame you, if i were still human i probably would too. the truth is, we just do. Have you ever been thinking about some sumptuous meal you had planned? and just the thought of it made your mouth water? that's what it's like, but all the time. it's always being hungry, cursed.


    Dr: an apt description, im sure. however i asked why you crave it, not what the experience was like.


    Zombie: Heh. i remember just before i died, i had prime rib, loaded mashed potatoes, cut green beans, and a beer on the side. best meal of my life. 


    Dr: certainly, seeing as it was your last meal.


    Zombie: what's funny is that ive always counted calories, but calories aren't whats bad for you , ya know? you need the energy from them. saturated fats, cholesterol. that's where the troublemakers are. 


    Dr: as much as i appreciate hearing about your dietary requirements, i need you to answer my questions!


    Zombie: Despite all that, what i wouldn't give for a good hamburger right now. NO, big mac, NO! triple whopper! NONONO! I want a 2 pounder steak, extra rare. i could eat a elephant right now.


    (the doctor checks his panel)


    Dr:it's just like i thought, his neural pathways are cascading, he doesn't have much tie left before he becomes a zombie again...


    Zombie: I need food! any kind of food! just give me---


    --something to eat!

    Player: cant you do anything?!




    Dr: i can try to get the brains functioning on it's own by establishing the links in between his neurons but im not certain how long it would last!

    ---I WANT MEAT! NOW!! 

    Dr: Damn it! nothing is working! ill have to induce a coma if were to save the remaining cells!


    Zombie: DOCTOR, WAIT! 


    The doctor pauses


    Zombie: it's...not meat i want....*he sniffs the air and looks at cerci* it's....blood....and your blood smells sweet! (he lunges at her, but is held by the restraints)


    Dr: im attempting to induce the coma remotely, if i get close while he's thrashing i could get bit!


    Player: ill do it!





    (the zombie screams change from cognitive words into nonsensical gibberish as it screams far louder than a zombie should)


    AJ punches the zombie in the face 


    aj: SHUT UP! 


    Dr: aj that wont help!


    Cerci: It's...getting...louder!!!! *she clasps her ears*


    Player: (stuffs a thick rag in the zombies mouth)....dr.....if every game ive ever played is right....we may have just witnessed the birth of the screamers....


    outside, zombies moan loudly and approach the building.


    AJ: i hate it when your right.