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  1. a little update--


    hey guys! thanks for your patience while i recollect myself ive still been feeling that gamedev itch so ive been working on my third project, which is just a rpg fangame. BUT

    i feel like ive been learning alot about level design, what works, why it works. how tiling one room makes it stand out vs how one generic floor is boring. i know 3d can be a little more complicated, and that's partially why i stepped back.


    but i think im making progress because the only question i could ask about this game is "why dont i like what i see?" and i think i have an answer. it's because it still looks late 90's. i want it to look all like my own (and good lol) creation. only just in the id tech 1 engine.


    so that's where im at. ive been thinking alot on mapmaking lately. watching bridgeburner and going "no wonder my maps suck" (i guess suck is a strong word, but my point is)


    so i may be dabbling **a little bit** again in doombuilder. prolly my testmap.

    thanks for reading and sticking around!