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Everything posted by zaszthedestroyer

  1. gone but not forgotten


    working on my pixel art. bunny man took about 5 min


    fivrr min file size.png


  2. its been a long time since i did any spriting anyway here's a thing i did

    supposed to be a vampire (rolls eyes)


  3. Actually I can't seem to remember what was so damn important about this.specific mod anyway.  So I may just change everything but the title

  4. I'm working on surrender the dead but I don't like the plot.  And plot is important because it tells you where the maps go, what type of monsters and wepons, etc.
    Anyway might just sprite some cool stuff and see where that goes

  5. Hey guys just a quick update:


    I got a computer up and running,  with win 7. It (so far) has given me no problems. 

    Anyway it's been a long time since I've been spriting so I booted aseprite and made dis


  6. For almost 3 days I've been trying to install windows 7 on another machine. And for almost 3 days I've been helping my dad tear up his living room floor. 


    Sorry for the delay

  7. Got the drivers installed but it still won't boot doom builder without bluescreening.


    For extra fun it won't boot krita, or flaming llama for that matter. 

    I'm reasonably sure this is due to a lack of sse2, but do I really have to make sprites with mspain? Cmon, man...

  8. Got the pc back up and activated, right now I'm trying to get the drivers. 

    For bonus points this time it refuses to read my wired connection so I'm stuck with Wi-Fi. 

  9. My pc gave up the ghost for no apparent reason. 

    God I wanna give up so badly. 

    Like I've been doing this for almost three months now . I just want to make stuff, please. 




  10. Trying to activate windows, then I wanna make a talking vending machine

  11. Dear friends and colleagues at doomworld

    re: development


    I would like to thank you all for your time and patience regarding surrender the dead, I of course realize it has been quite a long time since I've posted any updates for anything and for this I apologize and hope to move forward amicably in the future.


    This post is regarding the most recent updates in my life and consequently my games; at last, at so very long last, I have a Windows 7 PC that is usable! and because I have said PC I can resume game design! once again I apologize for the lengthy delay I am looking forward to posting new content for all of you very soon




  12. This. Is. Bullcrap.

    Why is spriting too hard today?

    Why is everything so frustrating?!?

    I had so many good deas!!!!!!

    1. bzzrak


      chill man, go for a walk, drink some water, open the window, eat pumpkin seeds.

    2. zaszthedestroyer


      I have not had pumpkin seeds.  They sound delightful 

  13. zaszthedestroyer

    What is your hobby?

    Hobbies: frustrating myself with impossible tasks Also, playing guitar, building computers(not lately though), room organization, and playing video games (Doom first, obviously)
  14. The level is coming along nicely 😁


  15. Hey guys! Great news, I finally got doom builder on my win 98 pc so I'm back to making levels! 

  16. I have had the worst luck with computers lately. first my Windows 98 PC then my Pentium 4. now I have a Windows 98 built which seemingly is going to finally give me a break...so I did install  Eureka and deutex and so far I have managed to make a very simple map but Eureka requires special dlls and deutex is very old and doesn't really allow me to make maps?

     so maybe I can find the files needed to run eureka and test Doom Builder on my computer it's running an AMD Athlon XP which imagine is enough but time will tell




    Downloaded a million programs like wad author and deeper since doom builder won't work on 98. Here's hoping!

  17. About that "working pc"...


    Anyway here's my Pentium four

    Built it from scratch. Cleaned out all  the parts, I'm so close to being ready. First thing Imma do is map in doombuilder for a few hours.



    Current specs:
    Cd & dvd rom drives
    500 gb ssd
    160 gb hdd
    Ati Radeon??? Video card *
    Soundblaster live sound card
    200 w power supply *
    Pentium 4 cpu*

    No os as of yet 

    * = weak parts, will upgrade when I can


  18. Ok I got a working pc back. It's ancient, but I can do editing and stuff on it, so I'm excited for that.


    Got a couple more I wanna fix up asap but until I find work this is the best I got.


    System specs:

    Windows 98


    608 mb hdd (will pair with 2nd hdd)


    128 mb ram (upgradable)


    3dfx video card


    And k6-2 380 mhz cpu


    Creative labs sound blaster sound card


    Next build will have a Pentium 4.

    I know it's a dinosaur but considering I've been trying to work off an old 386 pc, yeah this is a huge step forward. Anyway, glad to be back on the scene! I Look forward to making some maps and sprites!



  19. Sorry for the inactivity.  I'm moving and had to sell my pc for cash.


    Also, the processes is stressful and I don't want to do that to you guys

  20. I'm trying to make a map, but it seems like nothing is hitting the right chord. Maybe I'll just try to make something fun? Something cool? All the texture packs I have are so bland. Can anyone recommend a good pack to get the imagination going?

    1. Misty


      Otex is good one. 

    2. AD_79


      If anything honestly, I would recommend limiting yourself to the original IWAD textures and then picking a few things that either might work well together, or might not! Then, see what you can do with those. Limitation breeds creativity, as they say, and an expansive texture pack may end up overwhelming you if you're already struggling.

    3. zaszthedestroyer


      It's true but the problem is that I have been using the default textures mostly until this point. 


      My issue is that I have a very specific design I want and  when I want to see it the textures don't match and I forget what I wanted

  21. Hey guys,  sorry it's been so long. 

    I've been focusing on my mental health a lot lately, forcing myself to take breaks before I burn out.


    With that having been said, I've been plying trail blazer, and for a mod I didn't like much at first, holy cow it really grew on me. It's baisiclly my go-to weapons mod at this point.


    Everything about it just feels perfect. And the upgrading/crafting mechanics? Inspired! This mod is everything I aspire to do in my mod. To make the weapons so perfect and so satisfying that you can almost feel your enemies dying breath as you blast emaway with the flesh renderer. Then,just when you think it can't get better, omg upgrades?!? Buildable perks?!?!

    This mod just hits the spot, and if you're looking for a hell of a good time I recommend trailbazer+mps of choas.


    Unrelated: I found an old flash drive which contains the sum of my doom knowledge from when I last missed


    With the hottest new copy of xwe,yikes.

  22. zaszthedestroyer

    What is your weirdest irrational fear?

    ill start. bears in the shower.
  23. zaszthedestroyer

    What is your weirdest irrational fear?

    This may sound weird but I've actually fantasized about losing my memory and re starting. Like the Chance to take in everything again, with my current embedded traits? (Confidence, self esteem, etc) god yes. I may even pick up more. Idk, maybe I'm just weird.
  24. hey guys , working on voxels, seems cool! pics soon