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  1. InDOOMnesia

    PsyDoom 0.3.0 - PSX Doom port (reverse engineered) for PC

    Congratulations! I can see some PSX DOOM multiplayer tournament being held in a nearby future.
  2. InDOOMnesia

    Why don't Pain Elementals leave behind corpses?

    Fun fact; the Doomguy grunt sound for lost souls' death sound has been around since the v0.4 alpha. The final releases, however, hard-code them to play the fireball explosion sound as their death sound instead. This is not carried unto the SNES port (which retains the Doomguy grunt sound for their death sound), since it uses its own engine and Randy Linden only referred to the Unofficial Doom Specs for its development.
  3. InDOOMnesia

    unpopular retro opinions

    Not exactly unpopular. Their fanbase is mostly only 1990's weebs whose existence has been waning as time goes by too.
  4. InDOOMnesia

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Ah, I know this one. It's Homestar Runner's friend, no?
  5. InDOOMnesia

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    @Walter confetti Damn, that looks cool actually.
  6. InDOOMnesia

    Pistol start/Quicksaves/Permadeath? How do you play?

    Usually UV and continuous (with saves), unless I want to have some chillax time, in which case I switch to HMP or HNTR.
  7. InDOOMnesia

    Minesweeper 32x: An Upcoming ROM Hack.....

    Another great console DOOM mod!
  8. I'm no house designing/architecture pro, but I think these people should stop designing bathrooms/restrooms nearby kitchens/dining rooms. It just feels rather disgusting at times.

  9. InDOOMnesia

    unpopular retro opinions

    The Sega Saturn port is also noted as being superior to the PSX port in some parts, particularly the lighting. An achievement that not many Saturn games have.
  10. This is killer! I can only look forward to more fan-made levels.
  11. InDOOMnesia

    How to not be so danged stupid?

    As far as I've been following this thread, I'm glad the results are much better than I initially expected. This is much more informed and wise than the so much "woke" stuff I've read in my entire life.
  12. Let me know of what you think.
  13. InDOOMnesia

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Spongebob does not live here, does he?
  14. InDOOMnesia

    What are you listening to?

    Been into Celtic music lately. @kalaeth Damn, I love Sabbat! I especially love their song Sacrifice.
  15. It's that time again! Yes, the time to tell people about the "Doom Bible curse".