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  1. taufan99

    Doom Smash v1.1 (Updated)

    There's still plenty more other bugs as well (level played with QuakeStyle Unbound mod).
  2. taufan99

    32X Doom TC for GZDoom

    The main reason I can't stand playing the 32X and SNES ports.
  3. taufan99

    32X Doom TC for GZDoom

    Uh, so I just downloaded this mod, and when I looked up the .zip file, there's an .ini file inside it. Is it important for the mod?
  4. taufan99

    Doom Center

    Add more NPCs. The lack of them outdoors sorta makes the level feel kinda like a dead city.
  5. taufan99

    Pucking Doom: Hockey, but in Hell the pucks kill you

    Hilariously nice.
  6. taufan99

    GusMus: The modern Doom II music replacement pack

    Not related to the mod, but...
  7. taufan99

    Ultimate Doom Redux v1.0 [GZDoom]

    Looks cool! I'll give it a try and tell you about what I think about this later on.
  8. taufan99

    Japan Doom

    Looks great! Looking forward to playing this when it's released.
  9. In no order list, Indonesian (my native language) Sanskrit Latin Spanish Scots (not to be confused with Scottish Gaelic) Japanese Polynesian languages Slavic languages (particularly the West (e.g. Czech & Polish) and South (e.g. Bulgarian & Serbo-Croatian) ones)
  10. taufan99

    The old Doomguy adventures

    This can be such a nice idea for a mod.
  11. taufan99

    Sega Saturn DOOM TC!

    Any progress in this one?
  12. taufan99

    PSX Sounds wad including Arch Vile?

    I wanna take a look at them!
  13. taufan99

    Doomworld's thread of adorable!

    Let those plushies suck your soul... and your money
  14. Whoa, it even predates Origwad. It's something new to me.
  15. I once played it on DOSBox a few years ago, and don't recall encountering any problem.