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  1. @Moustachio Sorry for the lack of activity, as I've been much busier IRL recently. I've been learning the basics of Boom editing, and feel like I should make something unique by going creative with geometry limitations. I plan on making this level a bit more morbid-themed (something like an underground entrance, almost cemetery-like), using @continuum.mid's death_waltz.mid for the track. Mind if I ask for a cooperative workshop sooner or later? :P And yeah, February 14 would be a decent deadline for me, as it allows me to do other things as well.
  2. taufan99


    Nice short level! This indeed feels like a decent 1990's map. While the choice of enemies falls on the easier side (other than some barons and the pain elemental, the latter moreso if you don't find the secrets), the map may still be challenging enough in term of maneuverability, true to its Hell Beneath influence. Secrets are pretty aptly designed as well, with one requiring you to find a uniquely-colored torch (a classic one!) and others being simply obscure enough to require a more thorough exploration from the player side. Also, love me some more Donna to the Rescue being used on custom maps. Fellow Shovelware Society members such as @Walter confetti, @Clippy, and @United VirusX will probably like this too. (Oh, and just a little side note, but as a Muslim, I find it nice seeing mappers use Arabic/Islamic terms appropriate to Doom's theme.)
  3. As someone who graduated from undergrad college earlier this year, good luck!
  4. taufan99

    Torment of Screams Wad

    Glad to see more mappers taking part! Hope we get to test a new beta build of this soon.
  5. Lobotomy Software never managed to find a distributor for that very platform's Q1 port. I've heard a demo copy of it exists on a magazine demo collection CD back in the day, but take this with a grain of salt or two, as I only got told by someone on YouTube about that.
  6. I love the simple but oppressive horror atmosphere here! Reminds me of that one forest level on Blood, but with its own twist (and challenges). However, I also stumbled upon this softlocking portion nearby the entrance to the blue key hut. Otherwise, it's a nice one, and I applaud you for this map.
  7. taufan99

    '95 Never Dies CP [Full]

    Here's my current draft (of course very much WIP). I admit I'm kinda ashamed to not have made any more progress so far, but I plan on eventually finishing it before December 10, as has been agreed upon for all other mappers. Slot: E1M9 Music: Invasive Sludge from @Doomkid's music for losing blood MIDI album
  8. taufan99

    Doom Year Zero coming from Bethesda

    Not really; Serious Sam exists. The First Encounter has never really progressed in term of story (The Second Encounter isn't deemed canon in term of storyline, SS2 strays far away from the original game using the cartoony art style first found in the Xbox port, SS3: BFE is TFE's prequel and SS4 is BFE's prequel).
  9. Terminal Velocity: Boosted Edition already exists.
  10. taufan99

    Doom Year Zero coming from Bethesda

    I wonder if this will use the rumored id Tech 8 currently in development.
  11. taufan99

    Is this Mac/PC Doom source code on ebay legit?

    Ooh nice finding! @Individualised I reckon we could probably put this to a good use. But why would a DOOM II map be placed in an Ultimate DOOM directory?
  12. (A little bit of) progress (actually more of an excuse to retexture the map), while also attempting brainstorming to make the level less rectangular and more diverse in term of sector shapes.
  13. Seconded! Especially for D64.