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  1. Uh oh @kb1, looks like you need to correct the pronoun words. :P
  2. There's an ISO hack of the Saturn DOOM that replaces all the songs with the 3DO port songs. I have yet to try it, but you can search for it on Google.
  3. Your game Set the World on Fire! looks nice. Any idea when it will be released?

    1. NinjaLiquidator

      Thanks for reply! Currently, the project is freezed cause I am looking for an artist. In time between, I am upgrading the engine - adding more effects, optimizing and so. 2019 is real if it will go good. Dont forget to sub for more info ;)

  4. I think Evil Unleashed would be a cool name.
  5. Sega Saturn status bar when
  6. I gotta say, the console messages look nice to me.
  7. Now excuse me, while I try to hold all this epicness of this Nasty thing.
  8. That really sounds like a good idea.
  9. I hope you guys don't mind my crusty look.
  10. 1, 3, 4, 6, 8, 11, 12, 14, 15, and 16 define me.
  11. Do you mean something like DECORATE or ZScript?
  12. Hope he's fine, able to take care of all his Real-Lifeā„¢ business, and can come back online.
  13. I am that guy who is a fan of console ports of a PC game, yet also lazy to dabble on console controls as well.
  14. The Asian equivalent of Brazil... aka. Indonesia.