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  1. taufan99

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I am only 4 days older than Tony Hawk's Pro Skater.
  2. Hopefully we get to know more about the project.
  3. taufan99

    Classic Rivalry (Remake) - Discord

    The Discord link has expired :\ Otherwise, looks like a very awesome overhaul. I can't wait!
  4. I can definitely see Mikoportal becoming a new trend within DOOM mapping in some time starting from now on.
  5. taufan99

    Fall of Society project for ZDOOM

    Looks promising! I'll give this a try once it is finished.
  6. taufan99

    Things about Doom you just found out

    This needs to appear in at least one mod.
  7. taufan99

    Blue Doom - a joke wad

    Some screenshots wouldn't hurt.
  8. taufan99

    Project Warlock

    Man, I really wanna buy this game soon.
  9. taufan99

    First 3D Shooter in Microsoft Excel

    Everyday we push our limits to reach awesomeness. This is one of those achievements.
  10. taufan99

    What are you listening to?

    An all-time classic for THPS and ska fans. (Warning: NSFW-ish cover art)
  11. taufan99

    What are you listening to?

    VANTAGE - Came Into My Life
  12. taufan99

    Share a random fact about yourself

    -I have screwed up sleep schedule ever since I was at high school (around 1-2 years ago, to be exact). -I am starting to love iDOLM@STER. Y'know, I love me some cute animu gals.
  13. taufan99

    Console Doom ITT

    DOOM, your SNES port isn't all too shabby. Despite imperfection here and there, that is, in fact, the one that mesmerizes me to this day. It's creepy, just like what you were always intended to be.
  14. taufan99

    Doom Smash v1.1 (Updated)

    There's still plenty more other bugs as well (level played with QuakeStyle Unbound mod).
  15. taufan99

    32X Doom TC for GZDoom

    The main reason I can't stand playing the 32X and SNES ports.