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Status Updates posted by taufan99

  1. Not gonna get anyone to care a lot I guess, but today (August 27) is my birthday!


    Never thought I'd still be interested in DOOM after all these years knowing it since like, what, 2010!? Which means I've now spent more than half of my life (heh) playing it, while only recently starting mapping for it. Let's see where this path will lead me, both IRL and in Classic Doom/retro-gaming/etc.

    1. Endless
    2. Midway64


      Yo we're one day from eachother! (26th)

      Happy birthday to you! It's still 26th in here.

    3. taufan99


      @Midway64 Ahaha, what a coincidence! Happy birthday too.

  2. It's already July where I live already... Life has been quite busy for me, but the good news is I've been granted a scholarship from my gov't, which I can use for a magistrate programme in Japan starting from October next year (2024)!


    Also, I'm currently preoccupied for my JLPT test (basically the TOEFL/TOEIC for Japanese) on the 2nd this month. Wish me good luck, and I promise I'll come back to mapping after it's over!

    1. Zylinderkatze


      Awesome! Good luck on your continued studies :)

  3. A Metroidvania game? Of a spin-off of an idol franchise? It's more likely than you and I think!

    Still can't believe this is real btw, especially since this was announced as an April's Fools joke some time ago haha.

    1. Zylinderkatze


      I'm beginning to think it'll undermine my credibility if I keep using "now I've seen everything". So I won't :D

  4. The worst demons are the ones that reside in ourselves. Fasting is just one such way to slay them.


    Ramadan Mubarak for my fellow Muslim Doomers, wherever you are!

    1. NuruTheDoomer


      Ramadan Mubarak for you too!

    2. gamingcooler


      even though I'm Christian I respect that

  5. Babe wake up new GamingGargoyle video just got out now.


  6. @Drugod is currently looking for help on Blender for an upcoming Doom/Quake crossover mod aimed for Quake. He has previously also co-created BlooM, a Doom/Blood crossover for GZDoom.


    You may want to take a look at his linktr.ee for anyone interested.

    1. RastaManGames


      I wish that there is may be a Doom's source-port on Quake engine...

  7. @the_kovic has just released a v1.4.0 update for his own Doom Builder 64 fork! Check it out here.

  8. In the same way Classic Doom's ouch face is classic comedy to me, I consider comically high FOV number in Quake that way too.

  9. Happy birthday Kanata Konoe!🐑💤

    As promised before, I decided to change my avatar, at least for this day, which also serves as a tribute to Csonicgo, a fellow fan of Love Live!.


  10. It's December 10th in Indonesia already. Happy 29th birthday, our beloved video game title and franchise! Here's to more years of DOOM goodness!

  11. In case you missed it, I've passed my thesis defense with a relatively high score! So surprised and glad tbh. Can't wait to apply for graduation ceremony in 2023 now. :3

    1. Zylinderkatze


      YES! Congrats! I'm happy for you :D

  12. Two days from now on I'll be having a thesis defense. For those curious, my thesis is about the development of various types of Japanese noodles and the correlation with the development of Japanese food culture in general. Why would I, a Japanese Literature student, write a thesis about Japanese food instead?


    Long story short, the subject name "Japanese Literature" in my uni's case is a bit of a misnomer, as we're more focused on the learning of Japanese language, instead of Japanese literature proper, with other subjects on Japanese culture and (optionally) linguistics and history. For the thesis subject, we're free to pick any of the following four; literature, linguistics, history, and culture (take a wild guess which one I took exactly).


    Either way, I need to finish my PowerPoint presentation and practice it soon, while gathering back all the willpower to work on it all and trying not to get distracted by a lot of stuff, including Doomworld. Sorry! XD

    1. ReaperAA


      Good luck on your thesis

    2. Zylinderkatze
    3. Endless


      Now that's a lecture I'd like to hear.

  13. Continuing the long-(kinda)-forgotten pink fish tradition, I decided to make my own, this time with the power of Trent Reznor's "HUUUHH"!


    Might as well make another one as a tribute to Csonicgo one of these days (although I'm not sure of what she thinks of Nijigasaki).

  14. TIL Dangerous Dave was quite popular in the Indian subcontinent at its time. Might want to ask @ReaperAA about this.

    1. ReaperAA


      This is true, atleast in Pakistan (and it might also be true in India and other neighboring countries). It was extremely widespread back in the late 90s/early 00s. This and Virtua Cop 2 could be found in like every other computer in the school computer labs.


      It was far more popular (or not, but atleast far more readily available) than even Doom :p. The later DD games, like the Haunted Mansion were far less common, though still not uncommon.

  15. Happy absolute birthday Morph! I wanted to say "happy 64 birthday" but that just sounded wrong in hindsight, so yeah... Here's to more D64 goodness from one of the biggest absolutionists and the rest of the horde!

    1. Immorpher


      Thank you for being such an asset to every community you are in! It's always a good day when I see you around. :D

  16. Just logged in to GOG.com after a very long while. Now that some games are still in discount, should I get Blake Stone or nah? If yes, which Blake Stone game is better?

  17. After all the trouble I've gone in order to manage my Doom Wiki account, I'm glad I've got my username changed, with the help of, yeah, who else but the great and mighty Quasar!


    Now that's one less personal burden, I gotta stop procrastinating and continue on my thesis. Don't wanna extend to the 10th semester and spend more money that could be more useful for my parents or the rest of my family.

  18. I hope you get to get back sooner here. Doomworld isn't the same without you.

  19. Hey Immorpher, it's been a while! I just found a video of someone playing a custom Prodeus map based on, yes, you guessed it, D64's MAP01.



    1. Immorpher


      This map is awesome! And since it's in Prodeus you can play it in COOP!! 



  20. 20221028_145010.jpg.3163480947888cd7a7fbbec459e41eb8.jpg

    Doomworld News being lucky rn huh (in the Sinosphere, 8 is considered the number of luck)

    1. Rykz



  21. Happy late birthday dude!

    1. Redneckerz


      Much appreciated <3 Thank you, i enjoyed this!

  22. Hey chip, welcome back!

    1. Biodegradable


      The prodigal son returns

  23. Just noticed that you last posted a comment back in January, when I was still on hiatus. I hope you come back soon. :(

  24. Ouch faces are peak Classic Doom comedy for me. You can say they're my goofy ahh comedy to me.

  25. Pui?

    Pui pui!?

    (Also, reverted username to my original one!)

    1. ReaperAA


      Oh you changed back to your old name? I actually liked your other name :C

    2. taufan99


      I admit it has a spirit of wit in its own, but given that was meant to represent a never-made personal project of mine... yeah, I only wanted to go back to be more personal.