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Status Updates posted by taufan99

  1. Pui?

    Pui pui!?

    (Also, reverted username to my original one!)

    1. ReaperAA


      Oh you changed back to your old name? I actually liked your other name :C

    2. taufan99


      I admit it has a spirit of wit in its own, but given that was meant to represent a never-made personal project of mine... yeah, I only wanted to go back to be more personal.

  2. Where does that Cacodemon avatar come from?

    1. inkoalawetrust


      No idea about the exact source, I just know that it's a custom Spore creature someone made.

  3. My deepest condolences for Croatia.


    1. taufan99



      To think such an asshole made this comment only because Serious Sam 4 has some serious problems... It boils my blood.

    2. ReaperAA


      Really sad to hear about this news.

  4. Today is my birthday! I'll quote this humorous passage from a semi-official compilation of jokes known as DOOM Insanity.



    [2-1]: Top Ten Things to Do While Waiting for DOOM

    FOREWORD: This was posted on America Online, by someone using the name "Wolkonsky" on August 27, 1993.

    Well, here we are waiting another 2-3 months [for DOOM]. What else can we do?

    1) Search the Internet for Beta Version.

    2) See if we can go through Wolfenstein 3-D with our eyes closed.

    3) Use MapEdit/WolfEdit to make Wolfenstein 3-D "look like" DOOM.

    4) Find out where the id "lab" is and "encourage" them.

    5) Watch the new 90210 episode!

    6) See if Blake Stone or Rampage will be any good.

    7) Upload the Lemmings Demo as "DOOM10.ZIP" and see what happens.

    8) Get girlfriends and drop them on 12/10/93, unless they like DOOM and have a computer with a modem.

    9) Or lastly, look at DOOM slides and "pretend" we are playing.



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Endless


      Have a great one, mate. Heres a cheer for more year to come with some demon-blasting fun!

    3. ReaperAA


      Happy Birthday bro!!!

    4. Chip


      happy belated birthday!

  5. Happy 50th birthday John Carmack!

    1. Chip


      LoL. I just posted the same thing. 

  6. Dirgahayu Republik Indonesia! Happy August 17, the Independence Day of Indonesia.

  7. Aleph One (Bungie's Marathon Trilogy source port) version 1.3rc1 is out now!

  8. https://togetter.com/li/1283791
    The (former?) governor of Aomori (Japan), Shingo Mimura, is sure an eccentric guy. No wonder (virtually) everybody loves him.

  9. Enjoying your 3DGE 64 screenshots 😄

    I hope you make a thread on it. 3DGE stuff is almost nonexistent nowadays 😅

  10. Eid-ul Adha mubarak! In the middle of global uncertainty, may Allah accept our sacrifice and give aid to us all.

    1. ReaperAA


      Eid-ul Adha mubarak!

  11. egregiousguy, a well-known House of the Dead 1 & 2 modder, has made a Lua script for Virtua Cop 1 & 2 on Sega Model 2 Emulator disabling screen flash. Here's my gameplay video with the patch.


  12. BuildGDX v1.14 is out now! Big feature includes palette emulation.

  13. Posted a little poem in Indonesian on my blog. At this moment, this is the only thing I can publish, as I was helping my mother revise her thesis and am preparing for a trip with her. She has to bring her thesis by herself, so we're going to our old, beloved town.



  14. My mother has just finished her online thesis defense. She has graduated!

    I would like to thank God and everybody for your support. In the meantime, I am preparing for a contribution with... something. I'll keep it a secret for a while :P

    1. Good-Old


      Nice to hear that! Too bad I didn't notice your previous post. I wonder what the contribution is. :O

    2. taufan99


      @Good-Old You'll find out later. ;)

      Hint: something to do with a user named Endless.

    3. Good-Old
  15. In case you wonder why I haven't been as, um, active as 2 last months...


    My mother is preparing for her online thesis defense by the end of her 8th semester on Accounting college. I have been helping her since mid-June (along with our process moving to a town nearby my campus), putting my personal activity list to rest since.


    Once the thesis defense is done, I'll go back finishing (and continuing) personal stuff, including blogging and whatnot.


    Wish my mother the best of luck!

    1. Endless


      Best of luck to both!

  16. Sometimes, I miss Friday prayers. Going to mosques, collecting some Islamic Friday bulletins, listening to sermons (while staying away from drowsiness :P ), all that kind of stuff...

    1. Good-Old


      I'm not really religious, but I miss going out too. The lockdown was a bit fun at first but it's outstaying its welcome. What's worse is that it's probably not gonna end in 2020.

    2. ReaperAA


      I miss them too :(

  17. So many retro-based FPS games have been coming recently. Here are a list of Doomworld threads on some of those such games. (Indie/non-AAA)


    -WRATH: Aeon of Ruin
    -Cathedral 3D
    -Hell Hunt
    -Perilous Warp

    Now I'm wondering if I should make a thread for these threads...

    1. ReaperAA


      Someone should definitely make a thread that provides a list of all these new olschool games. (*hint hint* :D


      Also don't forget prodeus and HROT

  18. As a Sega fan myself, I must admit that the Nintendo 64 is more than meets the eyes. Its graphics are pretty advanced compared to PSX and even Sega Saturn, and it's the last commercial non-clone console to use cartridges. Also, despite its mostly family-friendly library, some of its games are also a good part of mature gaming.

  19. Good news: Rednukem now supports Duke Nukem 64 (provided that you have the ROM dump).

    1. ReaperAA


      Nuke.YKT is a freak!!!

    2. taufan99


      @ReaperAA Can't wait to see Total Meltdown get the same treatment.

  20. Been lately into 3DGE stuff.

    Might as well learn modding for it and... who knows if I can make something out of 3DGE like SRB2 out of Doom Legacy. Not so sure since I haven't put myself into programming for a very long time.

    EDIT: 5 years of being a Doomworld member! Here's to a long time staying.

  21. http://www.doomwadstation.net/main/extreme.html
    Xaser's Overpowered Weapons before it was cool?

    1. Good-Old


      Nice, but it isn't really overpowered if the enemies are made equally powerful. The chaingunner has a very high damage too. And it's a TC. Wow. But the dead face in the HUD is scary lol.

  22. Wojak -oomer memes are just the late-2010's/2020's equivalent of late-2000's/early 2010's rage faces.

    1. Gothic


      Wojak IS a rage face, the only survivor. He suffered a fate worse than death.

    2. taufan99


      @Gothic I actually took that quote from MemeAnalysis' video, but yeah, I remember that Wojak has been around since the last times of the original rage faces.

  23. Taking a break from The iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls. Never have I felt this disappointed towards the election results. Oh, and I messed up with some Japanese people over a faulty word choice.