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  1. Today is my birthday! I'll quote this humorous passage from a semi-official compilation of jokes known as DOOM Insanity.



    [2-1]: Top Ten Things to Do While Waiting for DOOM

    FOREWORD: This was posted on America Online, by someone using the name "Wolkonsky" on August 27, 1993.

    Well, here we are waiting another 2-3 months [for DOOM]. What else can we do?

    1) Search the Internet for Beta Version.

    2) See if we can go through Wolfenstein 3-D with our eyes closed.

    3) Use MapEdit/WolfEdit to make Wolfenstein 3-D "look like" DOOM.

    4) Find out where the id "lab" is and "encourage" them.

    5) Watch the new 90210 episode!

    6) See if Blake Stone or Rampage will be any good.

    7) Upload the Lemmings Demo as "DOOM10.ZIP" and see what happens.

    8) Get girlfriends and drop them on 12/10/93, unless they like DOOM and have a computer with a modem.

    9) Or lastly, look at DOOM slides and "pretend" we are playing.



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    2. Endless


      Have a great one, mate. Heres a cheer for more year to come with some demon-blasting fun!

    3. ReaperAA


      Happy Birthday bro!!!

    4. Chip


      happy belated birthday!