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  1. locust

    Beta Cats

    Most people report improvements with these drivers, some report badness (crashes etc). Personally, I was experiencing crashes every few minutes with older drivers. The latest non-beta driver on ATI's site fixed it. I'm pretty happy with current performance, reckon I'll wait a bit until jumping to spanking new betas. (Radeon 9800Pro 128Mb here)
  2. locust

    doom3 beta info

    Yes, because Doom is a wholesome game, not at all like those evil games where you travel to a world of walls covered in Satanic imagery and splattered corpses, in the midst of Hell, and tear monsters to pieces with a chainsaw.
  3. locust

    Sunday Sunday Sunday

    Dude, all of the spam that's ever appeared on OPN^WFreenode has come from lilo himself.
  4. locust

    The Jaguar Still Exists?

    Carmack did it. Take a look at http://slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=4215&cid=1225529 Also (scroll down a little for the Carmack bit) http://www.atariarchives.org/cfn/09/03/08/0060.php
  5. locust

    Duke3D Source Released

    Doom used lots of ASM, also. You just need to refactor it out, not a particularly difficult task :P
  6. locust

    Duke3D Source Released

    All I want is open sourced Dark Forces
  7. locust


    Is that the bit where in the battle for the farm, the elves arrived to help fight off the enemy? I don't remember that happening in the book.
  8. locust


    Four legs good, two legs better!
  9. locust

    looking for a coder

    Doom doesn't raycast.
  10. locust

    Any Metallica fans?

    Of course, Metallica sells _less_ albums than they used too. To say they suck these days is fine, but to say the changes are a result of "selling out" is just plain inaccurate. You do "Metallica", it sells fuckloads. You do "Load", it tanks. If money's your motivation, you don't come out with "Reload" ..
  11. locust

    Metal news

    Hmm, you must have spent the afternoon listening to the Zwan album like I did.
  12. locust

    Signing off

  13. locust


    Your average PocketPC has at least as much horsepower as machines that were running Doom when it first came out. Keep in mind that it's rather low-res...
  14. locust


    You provide the hosting then, if it's so easy. Put up or shut up.
  15. locust


    wtf's with that?