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  1. Tech themed wad in progress.

    Necroed! So here is where this map ended up, I've got a bit of the second map in there as well but that's miles from finished and does not have an exit. Any feedback would be most appreciated. Requirements: Doom2.wad GZdoom My wad: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6700tdk1no45ku9/fkd2_1.wad?dl=0 Enjoy :)
  2. Tech themed wad in progress.

    Ok, door now opens once all the enemies are dead in that room. Woot made my first ACS script, and it works! I keep on saying the map is nearing completion, but im a tinkerer so nothing is ever really finished. Still loads more changes have been done, and more is happening on map02 as well, though it really still in a very rough shape :)
  3. Tech themed wad in progress.

    The door is not triggering right, it is supposed to fire when you pick up the red key, but I've got that tied to the side doors so used a walk over linedef but it's being weird. The door is on a timer and will open on its own. I've got to set it up better... *fixed
  4. Tech themed wad in progress.

    Big update, I've moved it to map01 and started on map02. So far just a small courtyard for the second map, so I've thrown in a switch encase you wanna keep on going onto the next map. A lot has been done since I started this thread. I've added more detail through out most of the map and reworked sections i was not happy with. I believe map01 is mostly done. I still don't love the slime section where the SSG is, but once i get to the end of this series of maps I'll give all the maps another go over to incorporate the design lessons I've along the way. Having a blast with DooM mapping, great fun. Give it a go and see what you think. :) Again, this is a GzDooM wad as I've started using dynamic lights. I might do another version for vanilla if there is any interest in that.
  5. Tech themed wad in progress.

    Those are the dynamic lights, you need gzdoom for this one.
  6. That was really fucking inspiring! Amazing work.
  7. Tech themed wad in progress.

    New update with today's workings. Reworked a lot of areas and I've started working with more dynamic lights. I've got to work in more variations in traps but i wanna avoid any kind of instant death scenarios. A few more connections have been added for DM but I've still not placed the start points or the weapon loadout for it so its not functional right now. Enjoying the progress of construction but being careful as its only map2 so it should not be very hard yet. Again, thanks all for the feedback.
  8. Tech themed wad in progress.

    Ahh! fixed the computer panel. The missing objects are the dynamic lights, no big deal but it will make areas very dark, im starting to think about doing all the lighting this way... will see how it works out performance wise.
  9. Tech themed wad in progress.

    A collection of fixes have been addressed and the wad updated just now. Much work to do. Thanks all for the great feedback! Slime now hurts. Fixed weird ceiling issue with the blue armor Reduced and varied up the monsters More shotgun ammo Started playing with dynamic lights More detail. Reduced delay on all lifts to 2 seconds Heaps to go. Also, HOLY SHIT ally Dog! haha awesome!
  10. Tech themed wad in progress.

    Thanks Sci, oops i forgot to tag a few sectors with nukage. All that had to be redone when i converted to UDMF format, along with all the tags, linedefs etc etc etc. Good times :) There is a lot to be desired with the lighting that's for sure. Only a few days in so its really lacking. Same with detailing, as i go i've been improving and going back over sections and reworking em. Monster density really is because of brutal doom. Cool, thanks for the links. I'll give em a go!
  11. Tech themed wad in progress.

    Thanks Jaxx, yeah there is something weird going on there, its fine in editor, but i've seen the issue before and thought i was tied to using the the wrong linedef.. hmm.
  12. Hows it going? First post here so i thought i'd start with a map! Been working on this lil map for few days... Got most of it working. Its for Brutal DooM ][ map02. Been having heaps of fun as usually i map for Q3 so its been refreshing learning a new editor and mapping for SP. Also changes are a hell of a lot faster so iteration time is way lower. Loving it! So here goes. This is a SP map. I've not done the MP parts yet, although i have made a bunch of connections just for mp, right now they don't make much sense on the SP side of things. You'll know it when ya see it. There is a Plasma gun in there. :) This is a Tech themed map using the classic Doom2.wad assets.. I've a feeling it might be a bit long?? Also the lighting sucks. I need to check out some newer maps. Any suggestions? I've only really played the originals.. a lot! heh. Feedback would be great. Still got lots of stuff to do and learn in GZDB. *old link removed* So yeah, enjoy. And thanks for your time.