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  1. Panopticon

    Is Doom GBA worth it?

    Do it for the collection!
  2. Panopticon

    Good funny youtube channels to sub to?

    Chuck from the Bronx for hilarious gags and food challenges. Also, Terry Stewart for retro computer reviews.
  3. Keyboard for casual play. But for Zandronum I use keyboard and mouse. I use Zdoom as my main source port, without crosshairs but with jump and crouch enabled only when necessary.
  4. Weird... I've been running Sunder using a Celeron and HD Graphics, so far I've had minimal problems.
  5. Panopticon

    So, how old are you ?

    17. I'm a person with a non-developed brain.
  6. Panopticon

    How has your Dooming progressed?

    PC - First time I discovered and played Doom PS1 - 2nd time N64 - 3rd XBOX 360 - 4th And now I just play good ole' PC Doom, with mouse and keyboard of course! :)
  7. Panopticon

    Survey: How much Doom do you play per week?

    Most likely 7-14 hours. :p
  8. Panopticon

    I Wanna Marry Windows 10 Now

    I've had Windows 10 for a couple of days now, I have to say it is pretty damn good.
  9. Panopticon

    Do you use the same nickname ingame?

    I've always used this username.
  10. Panopticon

    This is now the official skeleton thread

    Not bad!
  11. Panopticon

    8x status bar with Doomguy face - released

    Looking good!
  12. Panopticon

    What keyboard layout does everyone use?

    Y - Forward H - Back J - Right G - Left Mouse1 - Fire Mouse2 - Jump Space - Crouch (Activate for Doom) Chainsaw / fist - 5 Pistol - 6 Shotgun / SSG - U Chaingun - I Rocket Launcher - K Plasma - M BFG - T I tend to use the same keyboard layout for pretty much any other game. c:
  13. Panopticon

    jmickle66666666's dumb tools

    Using the randomiser with Alien Vendetta! Also with Swim With the Whales!
  14. Panopticon

    This Japanese artist really likes Doom

    The artwork is some pretty awesome stuff! c: