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  1. Picking medkits, even if i'm on 99 Hp. Also trying to pick medkits/ammo when i'm fully healed/stocked. I blame Heretic >:(
  2. I followed you because I like your avatar picture. Did you make it in Photoshop or GIMP one day and forget to increase the time between each frame? It looks like it is having fun because it is spinning so fast.

    1. Danzadan


      heh, thanks. The gif was made in this online gif maker called ezgif. Reason I made it was because i kept seeing a similar version with a spinning cacodemon around the web and decided to make a heretic counterpart with the iron lich just for kicks. This one is slightly slower, the original is even faster.

      iron lich.gif

    2. Halfblind


      I made my avatar picture from scratch using ms-paint and Photoshop. It is from a graphic set that I made for a doom/heretic project that I was working on.

  3. Ghost monsters. I hate those guys.
  4. Kraftwerk's coming to my city in two weeks, so I'm currently marathoning their songs and watching some live performances.
  5. Lately I've taken quite a liking at using blue and green together to have some sort of a 'aquatic feel' to it. Before that it was mostly blue.
  6. I played doom a few times on a tv through an android tv box. Using D-Touch and a bluetooth controller. It was... a challenging experience.
  7. Oooo, Love the Quake-ish textures, @NiGHTMARE. I've always thought some quake textures would fit nicely in heretic style. Speaking of crypts, sometime ago I was planning on trying to convert or at least modify the unused Crypt textures from Unreal 1. (though they were used in one ut99 map) I've only done 2 by then, but once i pick up some steam I'll consider finishing this. I believe they fit best with heretic's sandstone textures.
  8. Alright, here's mine: Carotid_insanity.zip (limit-removing)
  9. Most of the Quake's SP community is situated in Func_Msgboard (http://www.celephais.net/board/forum.php). Although we mostly use Discord now to frequently communicate and show off maps and other stuff.
  10. Instead of generic military space marines, we would have generic magic wizard elves.
  11. Before getting a pc computer, I was breaking my fingers playing this:
  12. Any widescreen windowed resolution lower than my desktop's. I love multitasking and playing doom.
  13. Your cover photo is SEKAI ICHI!!!

    1. Walter confetti

      Walter confetti

      No, is from Jojo's Bizzare adventure (the battle tendency saga)!

    2. Danzadan


      I know :). 'Sekai ichi' are two words in japanese that Stroheim uses to praise german science.


    3. Walter confetti

      Walter confetti

      Eeehhh, i was thinking right now that i didn't get what you say....

  14. I never like instant floor monster ambushes. I get they're supposed to be like some alternative to monster teleport ambush, but i like it when there's a visual and audial cue when something's about to happen. Instant floor just feels like a cheap jumpscare.
  15. For a second there I thought those were support trims or door tracks. They still look nice.