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    A masterpiece.
  2. Makazi

    Share Your Marine

  3. Makazi

    Hackers already

    Me too! and I thought it was just latency or me imagining things.
  4. Makazi

    Hackers already

    Jesus fucking christ, no wonder it's felt like people have been hacking.
  5. No explosion involved; he just straight up died. Same thing happened to me when I glory killed someone and was subsequently killed by them with a rocket launcher after they were already dead.
  6. So not only does the game have latency issues and deaths seem totally random and not based on player skill, but the game completely makes shit up that never happened. What's going on in this image? Guy kills me, and then immediately afterwards it decides to slay him because I threw an imaginary grenade. This sort of thing happens way too often.
  7. It was kind of there and kind of not. Sometimes people would join and get sent to the team with less players, but upon seeing how stacked the teams were just left anyways, leaving the one guy to fend for himself. At no point did the game say 'Oh shit, the teams are horribly stacked!' and automatically switch players to the other team.
  8. Another thing that should be mentioned is that there doesn't seem to be any way to switch teams. Several times I've ended up in matches where the teams were horribly stacked. At one point it was 8v1. Seriously. With a server browser people would be able to look and see "Oh, there's a bunch of open slots; oh, and look! That guy's team is stacked. If I join I can help him out!" Browsers are also super useful for reconnecting to sessions you got kicked out of due to a crash or whatever. None of this party/matchmaking nonsense.
  9. A beta that's only a month away from release. Are they going to release a server browser? Since it's also designed for consoles, I doubt it. However, a separate application for server browsing such as Doomseeker would be really cool, as lots of my gameplay problems seem to arise from being automatically connected to servers with high ping. I want this game to succeed, I really do -- but in its current state I'm hesitant to pay full price. I'd also like to state that when I did get connected to servers with good ping, it was a blast. I enjoyed the speed, I enjoyed the feel of the weapons, glory killing people is super fun, customization is fairly limited but cool, sound design is okay but nothing really to write home about. Several times I've had people following behind me for ages and they end up killing me because there were hardly any audio cues to inform me that they were there. If a guy in a heavy metallic space-suit is stomping around behind me, I should be able to hear it. If they had a proper server browser and it didn't auto-connect me to servers with horrible ping, I might be tempted to give it a positive review.
  10. My reasons for downvoting the game: Most of the time my deaths seemed to be the game's fault and not my own, all because it connects me to a server with crappy ping and there's no server browsers so I can't choose a server with low latency. Also, game was doing pretty much everything in its power to prevent my friends and I playing together. Balance sucks. Vortex rifle and SSG are the only powerful weapons (and subsequently abused), plasma rifle is decent, everything else is pretty much useless and you only use them while closing the distance so you can swap to the SSG. In its current state it's broken af. Steam reviews are justified.
  11. Makazi

    Recommend me a wad and I'll play it!

    Not mine, but a favourite of mine (presuming you haven't played it already): http://www.realm667.com/index.php/en/component/content/article?id=466:the-city-of-the-damned-apocalypse
  12. Makazi

    Can't get ultimate doom visor working

    I was able to replicate your issue by launching it with Zandronum 2.1.2. If you want it to work properly, you'll have to use one of the 2.1 builds of GZDoom, which you can find here: http://devbuilds.drdteam.org/gzdoom/
  13. This is really great. It did feel a little cramped in places, but otherwise I'd say you did a stellar job. Sort of reminds me of something from the Alien universe. My girlfriend and I played through it and had a blast. :) As far as the music goes, you can change or remove the music via a script. Just append this to the end of your current scripts and recompile it: script 4 OPEN { SetMusic(""); }
  14. Makazi

    i made my first WAD!

    Not bad! It was a fun little WAD to play through. :) A couple of things to note: Firstly, the platform that the chaingunner descends from, don't have those linedefs set to upper and lower unpegged--it'll look much better. Secondly, there's a hall of mirrors here: Also, if you want a bit of a tip! I'm not sure if you know this already, but if you're using GZDoom Builder, you can select the walls you want in 3d view and press Ctrl-A to automatically align them horizontally and vertically. Of course, this doesn't always net you perfect results, and if you've already gone through the process of aligning stuff manually it can ruin some things; but it's a good first step in texture alignment, after which you can supplement it with manual alignment to perfect the details. You can also use Shift-A to just align the textures vertically, and A to align them horizontally.
  15. Makazi

    First Wad: "Sacreligion" (WIP)

    Huh, odd. I've tried GZDoom 2.1 pre-1159, 2.1 pre-1666, and even my old 1-8-02. For Zandronum, I've tried 2.1.2 and the development build of 3.0. The teleporter didn't work in any of them.