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  1. Coolkids

    This is now the official skeleton thread

    This will most likely be my last post...
  2. Coolkids

    This is now the official skeleton thread

    Well, I am working on the story-line at the very moment, but game wise, I will be using Cube 2 as the engine. I am actively and carefully learning C++, and I have someone that will be helping me with the audio/music. I do not expect anyone to do 100% of the work, and I do not expect anyone to be fully dedicated in the project either. All that I currently have done is a basic story and confirming that Cube 2 is going to be the engine. The game is going to be named "Tobutori" Which is "Flying Bird" in Japanese. (Because why the hell not? My stupid brain is to stupid to process names.) This game can just be something that can be done on our own time. As for the story, this is all I got: Bunch of bird species pissed at each other for no reason and decide to kill each other (Because why not?) On another note, My apologies that I am rushing to make a video game with little to no programming, modeling, scripting, and mapping experience. I just really want to do something with my life, and this game will be that. Sorry I have mental disibilities, folks.
  3. Coolkids

    This is now the official skeleton thread

    I don't need money. I plan on making this game completely free with completely free software.
  4. Coolkids

    This is now the official skeleton thread

    Ever since I was about 11, I wanted to make a video game that revolved around humanoid birds and an open world environment. I always though birds were so cool when I was young, and I wanted to find a way to put birds into a video game. The time has come for me to make a back-story. I have had so much passion in this story idea for a long time. I was thinking of writing a novel, but a video game would be better. I can come up with a story. but please I need help with this. I am a beginner at video game design, but this has inspired me to learn. I do not know where I can find a team of developers, as many people I know just dont know anything about it. Can I please ask for help? Sorry for my bad grammar and wierdness, just very tired.
  5. Coolkids

    Nintendo president Satoru Iwata passes away

    Oh god please no :'(
  6. I have recently seen a copy of Bio F.R.E.A.K.S for the PSX at a game store. maybe if you become a bud, I will buy that copy and send it to you.
  7. Did you see "They"?
  8. There was nothing else. They thought the game was a toy, so I decided "Hey, why not add this to my collection?"
  9. Just got this gem at a garage sale for 4 cents. Yeah, four cents. Smacked it in my N64 and played a little of it. Its moderatly fun, but feels really clunky at some points. and there is a machine gun attack that can be deployed by just pressing A. I found it to be pretty fun, but nothing I will return to in a while.
  10. Coolkids

    Small update to OBLIGE

    Dude, I need to shake your hand! Best tool I've seen for Doom, and it supports many source ports!!
  11. Coolkids

    So. I want to make a video game.

    I agree with Maes, I want to create a game using MY OWN ENGINE. Its worth a try learning with Game Maker, Ill take a look. Thanks for the suggestions!
  12. Ill share one. There is a port for Doom for the Commodore 64 using the SuperCPU, and the game runs around 4FPS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0ct1PjBvMs He runs it on an emulator, but it should be the same for the real machine. This is no remake. its the REAL doom.wad!
  13. Coolkids

    So. I want to make a video game.

    I am thinking more of an open world exploration game, or something in that category.
  14. Where should I start, I mean, I know I do not have "good enough" C++ skills, but I really don't any 3D modelers, scriptwriters, map editors, etc in my area. Any suggestions? Sorry for my bad vocabulary.