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  1. Glad to have you aboard! Also I would just like to quickly clarify something I'm going to add to the rules here after this post: If you find a wad you wish to remake, but it doesn't include a text file to go along with it or it doesn't mention any explicit permissions within its text file, it's safer to try and find another wad. That is to say, if there is nothing in the author's comments or text file that allows or disallows modifying or using their map as a base. I'm trying to be very careful to not step on any toes and holistically respect the author's wishes.
  2. Hey guys, posting a quick update with some very good news. I am pleased to announce that I have integrated a very useful tool that should help the creation and maintenance of this project a hell of a lot easier and more intuitive. With the help of @DavidN, the 1995 Tune Up Project will now be powered by his in-development webapp known as Rampart! And here's a link to 1995 Tune Up's Rampart page: https://1995tuneup.teamouse.net/ For those of you who aren't familiar or just want the tl;dr, Rampart is a WIP web application created by David himself to make the process of screening maps and editing aspects of this project much less of a hassle. This tool was created specifically for his RAMP Community Project that was finished just a month or so ago and is very much worth checking out. But I digress; here's how this works. Every contributor is assigned a PIN for whichever maps they are working on which they can use to access their WIP map from the site itself and make the necessary changes and update which can then be submitted to the working pwad directly on the site. These PINs are managed by me and are personalized for each map. This should make integrating these maps and changes into the wad a piece of cake. Just go to the link and click on the "Upload A Map" tab and then "Put a Map in an existing slot" and give it your PIN for your map when prompted. Once you've made your changes, simply submit the changes and they will be updated on-site. It's that easy! If you'd like to learn more about Rampart itself, you can get in-touch with David either on here or on Discord and I'm sure he will be glad to assist you like has me. I am eternally grateful to him for making such an awesome and easy to use utility. I very much hope that this gets used more because trying to keep up with one or two forum threads at a time for every tiny little change is doing my head in, heh. If you are a contributor, please get in touch with me either on here or Discord to get the PIN for whichever map(s) you're working on. As an added bonus, here are a few WIP screenshots of my work on K9.wad: Thank you for your time and once again thank you David for making such a quality-of-life improvement to managing community projects! If I missed anything I needed to touch up on just let me know, I haven't gotten much sleep at all today :P
  3. I feel like GTA IV was and probably is going to be the last truly great GTA game for a long time. The tone and story was certainly more dismal than anything before it and it definitely felt like a bit of a departure from the arcadey nature of the previous games, but it easily has the most earnest and thought-provoking story of any of the games, especially when compared to the disingenuous nature of GTA V, which seemed to be more concerned with making you feel like you were in a really shallow popcorn flick heist movie that was trying to present itself as something more than it actually is. They wanted you to take these characters seriously and sympathize with them one minute and then have them doing/saying completely outlandish shit that no sane person would ever partake in the next. And the satire is about as hollow as it could be. Extremely on-the-nose themes of the materialistic tendencies of people who live in luxury but are as corrupt as any other common thug, but at the same time expecting you to be able to relate to their excessively warped and skewed world view despite the fact that most people who play this game haven't even been close to being in or relating to the situations and environments around you. Most of these characters are irredeemable but also not at all that engaging or charming like some of the previous protags/casts. GTA IV is less about some shallow commentary on modern culture that the game itself partakes in without any self-awareness like in V and more about an honest, but flawed individual who genuinely wants to get something better out of life after being involved in so many destructive and heinous things. Niko wants to get out of all that. That's why he came to America from Serbia in the first place after Roman convinced him what a paradise it was compared to their homeland. When he finally gets there, however, he learns that things are pretty much exactly the same here as it was across the ocean, but he doesn't spend all of his time moping and bitching about it while perpetuating that state of being onto his self. He instead simply tries to adapt to it all and survive life while being surrounded by all of the overwhelming consumerism that permeates Liberty City, being constantly bemused by it but stoically accepting it and trying to move on. While I don't think any of these characters or stories are things that most normal people can easily identify with, I find it far easier to identify and sympathize with Niko, his friends, and their shared plight brought upon by unfair bullshit circumstances. It's a much more grounded, honest plot line than the watered down South Park satire that is GTA V.
  4. Sparktimus

    Do you agree that Doom is becoming a "cute" game?

    I can 100% guarantee you that there are kids now who are the age you were when you first played the original Doom that feel the exact same way about 2016 and Eternal. The newer games absolutely have a different look and vibe to them, but this personally perceived change in tone has less to do with the game itself changing and more to do with people themselves changing and growing up.
  5. Some brand new screenies!
  6. I think people these days give critics too much of their time in general. It's gotten to the point now where instead of forming their own opinions from their own experiences, people will just go on /v/ or /vr/ or Reddit or Youtube and just mirror whatever popular opinion is going on there.
  7. I've given that line of thought a lot of consideration, but personally, I just feel like it would be a lot safer to simply find maps where the author does give explicit permission to modify or redistribute their maps freely to avoid any sort of doubt or semantics, even if it's being rebuilt from scratch. Especially since the maps themselves are being directly cited. I want to be as careful as I can to not step on any toes.
  8. Glad to have ya! Join the Discord if you can and check out #wad-candidates to help you get started if need be.
  9. A few more WIP screenies for those who are curious!
  10. I still think around three or four maps per person is fair enough. Not counting potential collab maps, which I'm still trying to suss out myself, heh. Echoing Roadworx explanation here. The idea is to use the original map as a point of reference and build a map from scratch while citing themes, architecture, and encounters from the original while adding your own unique spin to it. I just feel like modifying the original map itself takes a bit away from each individual mapper's own creativity, which all due respect to the 1994TU of course. The reason it's simply called "1995 Tune Up Project" is more or less just to designate it as the successor to the original project.
  11. PSA: I'm going to go ahead and raise the mapslots back up to the full 32 since more people than I thought happen to be interested in this and I don't wanna bottleneck my own project :P I am sincerely honored by the turn-out. Thank y'all so much!
  12. Sure! Before I can add you, though, I need you to select a map you'd like to revamp before I put you up on the board.
  13. That's a good point. I would honestly prefer that you remake it from scratch and use the original map as a reference since that's what I'm doing and I feel a bit dirty going into someone's own wad and changing it myself. Thank you for bringing that up, though! I'll add an addendum to the main post.
  14. Hello there, and welcome to the 1995 Tune Up Project! I will be updating this thread over time as progress on this project continues. IF YOU PLAN TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS PROJECT, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU READ THE RULES AND GUIDELINES BEFORE YOU DO SO. For now, enjoy this primer. 1995 Tune Up Project Rampart page ------------------------------ Just about a decade ago, @Snarboo and @traversd released the 1994 Tune Up Community Challenge, which can be found here. The main goal of this project was to take maps from the early pioneering days of Doom mapping and modernize them with the mapping standards of the time. It turned out to be a big hit and remains a classic to this day, as well as one of my favorite wads to go back through. I was in love with the idea of going back through the years and giving care and attention to some of these forgotten maps and paying tribute to their creators by updating their work for a more modern audience. The wad itself felt like a Doom community museum of sorts, honoring those who came before and dared to keep this wonderful game and community alive through their efforts and tools. If you have never experienced this megawad for yourself, I highly recommend you do yourself a favor and go through it to see just how far things have come for us. The idea of orchestrating a sequel to 1994TU has always sort of been in my head ever since I played it and finished it, but of course, this was back when I was still just starting to get back into the groove of mapping back in 2016 or so. Thankfully, by the grace of the powers that be, both Snarboo and Traversd have graciously allowed me to take on the mantle of making such a thing happen and now the 1995 Tune Up Project officially has the greenlight! This, for me, is equal parts exciting and terrifying since this is the first time I've ever led any sort of project like this, so apologies for any sloppiness in that regard. I will do the best I can to make sure things go smoothly and most importantly that everyone involved has fun with this. I don't plan for this project to be a 24/7 workload or anything like that, so please don't feel pressured about anything going in if you wish to participate. This is going to be as free-form as I can make it and I want you guys to have a good time! However, there are a few per-requisites and understandings that I need to convey: I would prefer everyone wishing to get involved with this join my Discord server I'm going to link at the bottom of this post. In it, you will find the Wad Toybox, which are a zipped up compilation of different maps that all have been cleared by the original authors from which you can choose a map if it has not already been claimed by someone else. Just a primer in case anyone is drawing a blank on what they'd want to work on. Rather than going for boom-compatible like 1994TU did, I want to be shooting for limit-removing at the most. My reasoning for this is because I want these maps to have a slightly more "quaint" feel to them to put us back in the sort of headspace of the original creators without completely having to be vanilla or all that restrictive. However, this may change in the future as the project goes on. Please be considerate of others and try not to take too many slots for yourself. Everyone is allowed to make multiple maps, but I would try and keep it to a maximum of three maps per person. As far as actually working on the maps go, certain liberties can be taken with the updates you make to them as far as progression, enemy, and item placement go. What I'm really looking for is that the mechanics and overall architecture of the original map be considered in your maps so that it doesn't look like you've completely made a brand new map. In a similar vein, I'm also not looking for anything about the map to be 1:1. Make changes where you have to or where you'd feel the map would benefit from it, but try and include as much of the original map's look, feel, and size within reason. Try and keep the maps reasonably challenging for your average modern Doom player. I don't want them to be trivially easy, but I'm also not really looking for anything too ballbusting. If you're unsure of that, run your map by me and I'll give you my opinion. As for custom textures, it's still too early for me to tell if I would want to use them or not. For now, we will be using Doom 1 Textures For Doom 2 which can also be found in the Discord server I will link below. As far as any kind of strict rules go, the biggest and most important ones are this: When searching for and selecting a map, make absolutely sure that the original wad author has given permission for their work to be redistributed or modified. I intend to 100% respect the wishes of the original authors and if they say they'd rather not have their creation be changed in any way, look for another map. The easiest way to find the permissions for these maps is to go onto the /idgames archive and read through the attached .txt at the very bottom. It should be near the bottom of the .txt file itself. If you aren't sure about it, you can always run it by me and I will tell you if it's eligible. WE WILL STILL BE CREDITING THE ORIGINAL AUTHORS IN OUR REMAKES. As an addendum to the above rule, If you find a wad you wish to remake, but it doesn't include a text file to go along with it or it doesn't mention any explicit permissions within its text file, it's safer to try and find another wad. That is to say, if there is nothing in the author's comments or text file that allows or disallows modifying or using their map as a base. I'm trying to be very careful to not step on any toes and holistically respect the author's wishes. 1995 will be the hard cut-off date for wad selection. Anything past this year will not be eligible for a remake. The reason I chose this date was because I feel like 1995 was the last true "pioneering" age of Doom mapping. We will be using the original maps as a base reference, but every map should be completely made from scratch, from the ground up. If you plan on participating and want to claim a map slot, please have a map already chosen for you to work on before doing so. This is so we don't have too many people sitting in mapslots without anything to do. If you found a map you'd like to claim, please make sure that that map has not already been claimed by someone else. Claiming a map will be on a "first come first serve" basis, so if someone has already claimed it before you have, you will have to find another one. I will try to keep this as fair as I can. ------------------------------- With all that out of the way, here are some screenshots of the work thus far: Click on the image below to join the 1995TU Discord: When joining, please read the #guidelines channel for there is some additional information in there that I didn't cover here. This server is also open to those of you who don't wish to participate but would like to watch the progress we make anyway. We're glad to have ya! One more sidenote: If you plan on collaborating with another member on the project, let me know so I can credit you both! Current claimed map list: 1. "mb_new.wad" - Sparks (Original author - Curtis Turner II) 2. "deadbs10.wad" - Sparks (Original author - Alberto BARSELLA) 3. "E2M1 from DARKHELL.wad" - Xyzzy (Original author - Greytale) 4. "3daypass.wad" - TrialD (Original author - Dr Bombay aka AgX) 5. "deeps.wad" - Sparks (Original author - Enrique Zamudio López) 6. "PRIMUS.wad" - Zero The Red (Original author - C.John Thompson) 7. "THECLAVE.wad" - Breezeep (Original author - Roberto Ullfig) 8. "FATE02.wad" - Roadworx (Original author - Thomas Evans) 9. "SKUNK.wad" - Sparks (Original author - Richard Smol) 10. "sirius.wad" - Cacodemon187 (Original author - Chris Arkenberg) 11. "radplant.wad" - Roadworx and Sparks (Original author - Chris Brooking) 12. "jsf01.wad" - Sparks (Original author - Joe Fouch) 13. "dm2tiger.wad" - Walter confetti (Original author - Jim Young) 14. "malgnant.wad" - TheV1perKiller (Original author - Douglas Ryerson) 15. "WOODHALL.wad" - Scwiba (Original author - David Damerell) 16. "k9.wad" - Sparks (Original author - Keith Sheehan & Dave Murray) 17. "outpost1.wad" - DavidN (Original author - Marc R. Bublitz) 18. "trouble.wad" - Not Bobby Shmurda (Original author - Jim Flynn) 19. "bunker.wad" - DJV (Original author - Terry Hamel) 20. "KEEP.wad" - DukeNukem4ever (Original author - Kurt Dillard) 21. "3XPLAY.wad" - Gallileo (Original author - Bill J. McClendon) 22. OPEN 23. OPEN 24. OPEN 25. OPEN 26. OPEN 27. OPEN 28. OPEN 29. OPEN 30. OPEN 31. "????" - ? 32. "100PCTV2.wad" - Xulgonoth (Original author - Lonnie Yearwood) Aside from 31 and 32, the above list does not represent the actual order of the maps in the final version. This is simply a list to show who has what map. For any additional concerns or questions, feel free to message me either on here or on Discord about them. I will be more than happy to get you up to speed. Thank you all so much for your time, and let's have some fun! c: