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  1. Well as I've said, this bug is a very specific and minor bug that honestly doesn't do that much to bother me and only applies to one niche feature of those ports. I'd hazard a guess and say most people don't really play with recoil on in those ports so this is a very small nitpick on its own. Everything else has worked perfectly so far, though!
  2. In the same vain as Smooth Doom itself, you could also have versions dedicated to just weapons or monsters only.
  3. Oh it's no biggie! I only switch the recoil effect on sometimes so it's nothing really all that pressing at all, just thought I'd pass it along c: Only thing I'd know to suggest is maybe have a separate version that doesn't include the shell casings, but this is probably an issue that I wouldn't be surprised if literally only me would notice or care about :V
  4. Very very cool mod! I've tried this with Woof, Nugget Doom, and Doom Retro and it works like a charm. I do have a very specific bug to report though. Having the vertical recoil feature enabled on all three ports works mostly fine, but for both the shotgun and SSG, the recoil effect seems to trigger twice within half a second of each other. It seems to only do it on the initial reload animation for both guns.
  5. Sparktimus

    Fake software look in recent games

    Today I spent 5 hours playing Animal Crossing on my Switch while I only spent about 2 hours playing Doom. This clearly means that Animal Crossing is objectively the superior game because how much time an individual spends playing it on that given day, right? This is not how you tabulate things, my guy. If we're going to be comparing concurrent players between two games at this point, pretty much any game that was released in the last 5 years or so is going to absolutely trounce most things that came before it. Should we look and that and go "Huh, well I guess those old games weren't good after all!" Again, you're trying to convince people that a subjective opinion is actually objective. Now with arbitrary concurrent player statistics that don't actually indicate anything about a game's true quality.
  6. Sparktimus

    Fake software look in recent games

    What exactly are you basing this claim on? Do you have any proof that this is indeed only a "vocal minority"? This is quite a broad statement to make based solely on your personal preference. Both Cultic and Prodeus seem to be pretty popular despite not meeting with your own criteria with how a game should look and feel. Trust me. It's far easier and less contentious to simply say "I'm just not a fan of these games" instead of tripping over yourself to prove that people actually hate these games when that's clearly not the case.
  7. Sparktimus

    Fake software look in recent games

    Nice job completely ignoring any points that were made just to once again flail at this strawman you've set up. No one in this thread is arguing whether or not certain games or games in general belong in a museum. No one is coming at you because your opinion on a certain game or art style. The only thing here that's "patronizing" is you invalidating developers and entire fanbases and writing them off as some sort of hive-mind that just consume anything that looks retro for the sake of it based completely on your own hang-ups with it. Nothing is ever that simple. And even if it was, so what? If that's what they like, that's what they like. There's no need to act like a galaxy-brain just because it's not your cup of tea. And there's definitely no need to accuse developers of being "patronizing" for not designing every single thing they make to your exact specifications lol
  8. Sparktimus

    Fake software look in recent games

    Or maybe, crazy thought here, they chose to make their game look a certain way because that's what the devs themselves wanted it to look like? And maybe people are fans of it because they genuinely like it?? I feel like "death of the author" very much applies here. While it's definitely true that there are a ton of games that try, with varying degrees of success, to emulate a certain art style, it's almost impossible to determine if the reason was for a bit more clout or because that's just what the dev(s) wanted to do unless they just come right out and plainly state their intention. Whether or not you personally enjoy or dislike that sort of thing has no real bearing on the author's original intent because they aren't making it specifically for you. More often than not, they're making it for themselves and releasing their work for people that might be like-minded and are into that sort of thing. It's a valid artistic choice, just as valid as any other artistic choice, and writing the fans of it off as "mindless" because you specifically aren't into it is pretty patronizing and gate-keepish. Criticizing a work and comparing/contrasting it with your own perspective is 100% sensible, but putting fans of that work on a pedestal beneath you because they maybe see something in it that you don't is kind of eye-roll worthy. Your distaste for the game or art style being put forth is just as valid as someone else who enjoys it in lieu of that.
  9. Sparktimus

    Another "John Romero is about to make..." thread

    I'm not doubting that it was a failure at all. It absolutely was and it was a nice big slice of humble pie for someone who, at the time, seemed to have a bit of an overinflated ego. I just think that it's not entirely fair to base one's entire perception of John's actual legacy and worth to the industry on a single game whose flaws aren't even 100% his fault. Too often it gets brought up in bad faith to further this narrative some people have that Romero is this bumbling incompetent that fumbled their way to the top just because they made a few levels for Doom and nothing else, which couldn't be further from the truth. Poor judgement and mishandling, for sure. I do think Romero would do better to surround himself with people who can keep him focused and on track to getting things done, since he obviously struggled with that even during his time at id, but I'm kind of sick of the notion that Romero is a fluke that can't create anything worthwhile that certain folks want to always push when he or his work is brought up. And I'm especially tired of the occasional accusation that he's trying to run some sort of scam to con people out of money for things. The main difference between Molyneux and Romero is that Molyneux continually makes tons of empty promises and has made things that are basically elaborate hoaxes designed solely to trick people out of their money. The only example that could possibly be cited that Romero has done this at any point to my knowledge would be Blackroom, and it's a flimsy one at best because the dude hasn't even come out and said that the game is cancelled or anything like that. It's entirely likely that it's on the backburner for a later date or this new game might even be a soft reboot of the project. There hasn't been any sort of Patreon or Kickstarter for this thing that's been posted yet, which is something a lot of actual scammers tend to do. Could you call Romero a bit lazy or really needing some guidance to make sure things actually get worked on and released? Most certainly. It's something he should address within himself and I think him actually looking to assemble a team of is a good sign that that may be the case for him. Could you call Romero an idiot incapable of doing anything of value on his own or a scam artist that isn't actually doing real work who is only looking to get some easy cash? As it stands with the very meager evidence we have, I really don't think so at all.
  10. Sparktimus

    What do you want id to do next after Eternal?

    A Quake game that isn't just a hero shooter and has an actual singleplayer that isn't just a bot match ladder, please.
  11. Sparktimus

    Another "John Romero is about to make..." thread

    Daikatana is the dead horse to end all dead horses at this point yet people seem to love cite this game that's now over 20 years old up every time they need to discredit anything Romero does, good or bad. The handling of Blackroom and the less-than-warm reception to Empire Of Sin are both legitimate reasons to be skeptical, no doubt about it. I personally think Romero should address what's going on with the former just to let people know what might be going on with it so that this new game could at least feel more legitimate, and I really hope his ultimate plan wasn't to take the money and run. But why in the hell do we still have people convinced that Daikatana was 100% Romero's fault or that he hasn't been involved in games since then? That's just patently false lol. Better yet, why are people still bring up Daikatana? It has next-to-no relevance or bearing on anything Romero has done now. People did this even when Sigil was announced and it's kind of depressing to me that people choose to let that single game be his legacy when it comes to game development and just gloss over all of his other actual accomplishments, which there are plenty of, and the fact that he was literally the co-creator of the game that we're on this very forum for in the first place. Stop fixating on this two-decades old blunder, please.
  12. It's about time for more screenies of the progress!
  13. Glad to have you aboard! Also I would just like to quickly clarify something I'm going to add to the rules here after this post: If you find a wad you wish to remake, but it doesn't include a text file to go along with it or it doesn't mention any explicit permissions within its text file, it's safer to try and find another wad. That is to say, if there is nothing in the author's comments or text file that allows or disallows modifying or using their map as a base. I'm trying to be very careful to not step on any toes and holistically respect the author's wishes.
  14. Hey guys, posting a quick update with some very good news. I am pleased to announce that I have integrated a very useful tool that should help the creation and maintenance of this project a hell of a lot easier and more intuitive. With the help of @DavidN, the 1995 Tune Up Project will now be powered by his in-development webapp known as Rampart! And here's a link to 1995 Tune Up's Rampart page: https://1995tuneup.teamouse.net/ For those of you who aren't familiar or just want the tl;dr, Rampart is a WIP web application created by David himself to make the process of screening maps and editing aspects of this project much less of a hassle. This tool was created specifically for his RAMP Community Project that was finished just a month or so ago and is very much worth checking out. But I digress; here's how this works. Every contributor is assigned a PIN for whichever maps they are working on which they can use to access their WIP map from the site itself and make the necessary changes and update which can then be submitted to the working pwad directly on the site. These PINs are managed by me and are personalized for each map. This should make integrating these maps and changes into the wad a piece of cake. Just go to the link and click on the "Upload A Map" tab and then "Put a Map in an existing slot" and give it your PIN for your map when prompted. Once you've made your changes, simply submit the changes and they will be updated on-site. It's that easy! If you'd like to learn more about Rampart itself, you can get in-touch with David either on here or on Discord and I'm sure he will be glad to assist you like has me. I am eternally grateful to him for making such an awesome and easy to use utility. I very much hope that this gets used more because trying to keep up with one or two forum threads at a time for every tiny little change is doing my head in, heh. If you are a contributor, please get in touch with me either on here or Discord to get the PIN for whichever map(s) you're working on. As an added bonus, here are a few WIP screenshots of my work on K9.wad: Thank you for your time and once again thank you David for making such a quality-of-life improvement to managing community projects! If I missed anything I needed to touch up on just let me know, I haven't gotten much sleep at all today :P
  15. I feel like GTA IV was and probably is going to be the last truly great GTA game for a long time. The tone and story was certainly more dismal than anything before it and it definitely felt like a bit of a departure from the arcadey nature of the previous games, but it easily has the most earnest and thought-provoking story of any of the games, especially when compared to the disingenuous nature of GTA V, which seemed to be more concerned with making you feel like you were in a really shallow popcorn flick heist movie that was trying to present itself as something more than it actually is. They wanted you to take these characters seriously and sympathize with them one minute and then have them doing/saying completely outlandish shit that no sane person would ever partake in the next. And the satire is about as hollow as it could be. Extremely on-the-nose themes of the materialistic tendencies of people who live in luxury but are as corrupt as any other common thug, but at the same time expecting you to be able to relate to their excessively warped and skewed world view despite the fact that most people who play this game haven't even been close to being in or relating to the situations and environments around you. Most of these characters are irredeemable but also not at all that engaging or charming like some of the previous protags/casts. GTA IV is less about some shallow commentary on modern culture that the game itself partakes in without any self-awareness like in V and more about an honest, but flawed individual who genuinely wants to get something better out of life after being involved in so many destructive and heinous things. Niko wants to get out of all that. That's why he came to America from Serbia in the first place after Roman convinced him what a paradise it was compared to their homeland. When he finally gets there, however, he learns that things are pretty much exactly the same here as it was across the ocean, but he doesn't spend all of his time moping and bitching about it while perpetuating that state of being onto his self. He instead simply tries to adapt to it all and survive life while being surrounded by all of the overwhelming consumerism that permeates Liberty City, being constantly bemused by it but stoically accepting it and trying to move on. While I don't think any of these characters or stories are things that most normal people can easily identify with, I find it far easier to identify and sympathize with Niko, his friends, and their shared plight brought upon by unfair bullshit circumstances. It's a much more grounded, honest plot line than the watered down South Park satire that is GTA V.