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  1. bartekmil

    Interception III [MBF21 Community Project]

    I'd like to make a map or two for this, I have some ideas for an E2 one. The demo map is good at demonstrating the changes and aesthetics and Station to Station has that nice future city thing going that I've only experienced before in Auger Zenith Very nice resource pack and pallete(I like the bluesteel shade), the arsenal changes are interesting - starting out with just fists on pistolstart is genius, I feel the new weapons make the player very powerful so you have to offset that with hard encounters, and fists/berserk fists/chainsaw now feel very samey in function but that's not necessarily bad Good enemies too, only thing I feel would be a good addition is something like a naked revenant - a mid to high hp very fast melee enemy with high pain threshold since spectres and pinkies get obliterated with new weapons really fast.
  2. bartekmil


    Credits to anonymous from some random request thread on 4chan
  3. Happy to have a part (even if small) in this release, good job to all the contributors and testers
  4. bartekmil

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Ad Mortem & Wormwood 1/EU/3

    The computer map in one secret gives some hints on the automap on how to solve it. Yes, as Brick has noticed before opening docks, town buildings and the palace are heavily inspired by Heretic 2 Secret areas are inspired by Shadow of The Comet and Prisoner of Ice (hence the nazis and technology)
  5. Just completed Final Detonation, tested in crispy, really liked it. The celtic cross/crosshair like room was nice because the chaingunners you encounter in one corridor can actually go backwards and flank you from another side when you deal with the reventants. Cave fight was great too, and well protected against cheesing, though at my later try I was able to peek in and wake up the arachnotrons without getting down from the cross room. Great fight overall, cacos dropping in really made me panic. That explosion sequence at the end was a treat, I always like encounters where you come back to corpses you made and an archvile drops in, but this is another way to spin it and its great - abundance of health and cells + bfg made it pretty easy to dispose of the archviles on the first try, i dont know if you intended that but previous encounters made me struggle much more than the last one.
  6. bartekmil

    ENDOOM Appreciation Thread

    from various /vr/ wads
  7. Congratulations to everyone, great maps and amazing custom hud and sprites. So good to have another project under our banner out.
  8. bartekmil

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    I only saw a video of it once - the first map was some kind of a town with cartoonish aesthetics - red brick textures, blue sky, fountains, a lot of civilians walking around(you could kill them with no consequence), lizard enemies and shit Both enemies and weapons were all over the fucking scale of weirdness. No standard doom weapons I think but I could be wrong, just some weird stuff like a magic wand shooting blue projectiles, then some gun, then some other shit - the assets for weapons and enemies were mixed - probably stolen from different games - with enemies like a giant lizard at the end of the first map that you fought in a bar full of civilians It all looked like from a dream, and that's how it sounds when Im describing it, but it is real.
  9. Decent map01, nice open space fight in the main area of the map, nice looking church/chapel room, though you can cheese it by just staying behind the door and taking shots at the imps - the baron in the screenshot is free to leave through the back but for some reason stays there which makes him unable to hit you so you can just obliterate him from up close. Overall first map is nice, and good assets choice. Map02 is not bad either, though it felt a little short on ammo towards the end, but maybe that was the point to starve the player a little. No glaring bugs except this here: just like in map01 I could freely attack the baron without him doing anything really - a shame because I like those intense encounters that put you in a small room with a baron. The map has pretty nice lighting work for a speedmap, which makes it visually appealing despite having pretty simple geometry and shape - only tip I could give is to use the Change lighting linedef special in that dark lost soul corridor on the candles, so that only the floor is brighter and ceilings are as dark as the rest. Good job, maybe I'll come back for the rest of the wad later
  10. Very glad to be a part of this project. Congratulations to all the contributors for their maps and assets, and thanks to all the patient anons over at /vr/ that tested the levels - we couldn't do it without good feedback.
  11. bartekmil

    Cacowards 2021 Mentionation Thread

    Auger´╗┐;Zenith takes the cake for me - all the fun details in maps, the consistent aesthetic, nice hud, sprite and sound replacements, good midi choices all across the board - its just a great cohesive experience all around, with an almost DN3D level of immersion that gives a lot of charm to it - its a wad that will surely be remembered for years to come