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  1. "We have lost contact with the charlie team"


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    1. Memfis


      Maybe the white stripes also should be a little damaged? I feel like I've never seen such a detail before.

  2. My Very First DOOM Map!

    With a few details, each area can be better differentiated from another. You have a good basis to go into details.
  3. My Very First DOOM Map!

    I suggest that some areas have less brightness than others, for example in indoor areas. In outdoor areas, so they are not empty, you could decorate with trees, impaled people, or the decoration you prefer. As for the gameplay, it's okay, it's a funny map, there could be a little more ammo in some areas, or enemies that drop ammo.
  4. Share Your Sprites!

    Based on the unfinished hd sprites, made by thief666. Add more details and complete the death animation, it is functional when used without rotating sprites
  5. Share Your Sprites!

    Melee revenant
  6. Share Your Sprites!

    Wip : is not finished yet, use it however you want
  7. What did it felt like when you guys started mapping?

    It was frustrating! I never understood completely, how to use wadauthor. I greatly appreciate the doombuldier's existence.
  8. adding vehicles, to access some roofs with ease.


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    2. Gerardo194


      Looking forward to seeing and playing it! My youngest brother says the skybox looked very good but a nighttime version of it might look terrific!!! Keep it up!

    3. 00_Zombie_00


      It's a good idea, I could do an alternative night version.
      Or I could do at night the "other city" that is much more corrupted by the infernal forces.








    4. Gerardo194


      Those screenshots look formidable! You are doing a great job. Wishing to see the night version and more :) 


    1. Gerardo194


      That map looks fucking cool!! The scene when the Pinkies were biting that poor Mancubus was epic!

    2. 00_Zombie_00


      hahaha that happened involuntarily, it may never happen again.

  10. Hey, just noticed your screenshots, looks amazing :)

    Keep up the good work! After doom was good but this looks promising!

    1. 00_Zombie_00


      Thank you! this time I'm experimenting with 3d floors. I'm making areas accessible and detailed (compatible with pvp). For now the enemies are temporary, they are only included to see how they move on the map.

  11. wip


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  12. a new challenge for doomguy


  13. corrupted refrigerator


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  14. 22 jul. 2017

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    1. Job


      Looks good! Reminds me of the Daisy end screen for Ultimate Doom and not just because of the decoration. 

    2. Ex Oblivione

      Ex Oblivione

      Hey that's pretty good!

    3. 00_Zombie_00


      Job, thank you, it's exactly that area that I want to represent.

      Ex Oblivione, thanks, I will show the progress of the map, more often



    1. Ex Oblivione

      Ex Oblivione

      Hellish trees? Love it.

    2. 00_Zombie_00


      Something like that haha, with rotten meat bark