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  1. 00_Zombie_00

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    se ve muy bien,buenos arcos
  2. 00_Zombie_00

    [PsyDoom] Caldera Of Wretchedness

    Thank you very much, I'm doing some tests, everything works fine. thank you so much
  3. 00_Zombie_00

    [PsyDoom] Caldera Of Wretchedness

    I am a big fan of your work, this map is amazing, it has a terrifying atmosphere, along with the great background music. One question, which map editor do you use? I opened this map using ultimate doom buldier, but the map was destroyed. I really want to make maps for PsyDoom.
  4. new project, work in progress


  5. 00_Zombie_00

    What are you working on? (Doom 3 edition)

  6. 00_Zombie_00

    After Doom (five maps )

    Updated: May 27, 2021 "After Doom" is a pack of 5 maps in UDMF format, Compatible with Zandronum and Gzdoom. They are large, non-linear maps, with a dark atmosphere, as in PsxDoom . These maps try to give extra content, of what happens between each episode of Doom, and what happens right after defeating the Icon of Sin in Doom 2. This map, can be played, by selecting the episode "Knee-Deep in hell". I always asked myself "what exacly happened after the portal guarded by the powerful barons in the map E1M8?". The phobos portal anomaly has to be fought from the roots of evil. The second map, you can play, selecting the episode "inferno city". This new battlefield, is where you will face the final boss. On Earth, there are still brave Marines fighting, and with their last breath, they will join your slaughter of demons. The third map, you can play it, selecting the episode "The shores of underworld". After defeating the cyberdemon in the tower of babel, you fall on what appears to be the surface of a macabre world, of very deep evil. The fourth map, you can play, selecting the episode "icon of sin is dead" Icon of Sin is dead, on earth there are still demons to kill. The fifth map, you can play, selecting the episode "deep darkness of hell" map by Salahmander2 After defeating the Icon of Sin, there are still infernal portals on Earth, which must be closed. You will go through the portal, traveling to hell, to close it from the inside. Special thanks to Salahmander2, for bringing us a new map DOWNLOAD : http://www.moddb.com/addons/start/86050?referer=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.moddb.com%2Fmembers%2F00-zombie-00%2Faddons Alternative download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/rili9olkocubn7h/After_Doom-1.5.rar CREDITS: Description : Requires Zandronum 3.0 / Gzdoom 1.8.10 / Zdoom-2.8.1
  7. 00_Zombie_00

    After Doom (five maps )

    me alegro que te guste. La musica usada en inferno city es esta:
  8. 00_Zombie_00

    Delta Labs: Crew Quarters (Custom map - Released)

    nice job!
  9. 00_Zombie_00

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I'm making a map, using Stradex textures https://stradex.itch.io/scifi-tech-hall-texture-pack
  10. 00_Zombie_00

    Dread Moon - MAP02 released

    Excellent map, it is very good in every aspect. it's a lot of fun to play, and visually beautiful.
  11. 00_Zombie_00

    E1M1 Remake for K8vavoom

    excellent map, very good details, you used the sourceport lighting very well.
  12. 00_Zombie_00

    After Doom (five maps )

    thank you very much partner. Iconosaurus was designed by Sergeant_Mark_IV, he gave me permission to use it, for which I am very grateful
  13. 00_Zombie_00

    After Doom (five maps )

    Thank you! you will find two large city maps
  14. 00_Zombie_00

    After Doom (five maps )

    I also thought After Doom was over, but thanks to @ Salahmander2, we have a new map. But this is the last one, in the future I will do other projects, in Doom 1, and I will continue with ILION (Doom 2). thanks for playing the map, I'll fix that texture
  15. 00_Zombie_00

    After Doom (five maps )

    Thank you so much
  16. 00_Zombie_00

    After Doom (five maps )

    Thank you, I really appreciate it
  17. 00_Zombie_00

    After Doom (five maps )

    new map made by the talented @Salahmander2 Updated download links
  18. 00_Zombie_00

    ESTIX Doom in 2d (cancelled)

    ESTIX is a mod with 2d perspective, for Doom 2 Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/6y5pnwpwtcg77rp/ESTIX.pk3/file Only one map has been made at the moment, if the mod likes the public, I will make more maps Tested on Zandronum and Gzdoom (Gzdoom recommended) ESTIX is compatible with mods, for example Complex Doom, Brutal Doom, etc. Credits: DECORATE/ACS:Conejo ACS: Stradex Map: 00_Zombie_00 configure controls