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  1. Can we speculate on development progress of the game based on this and make an estimation of a release window?
  2. Hofmann

    Release date reveal on Doom's 25th birthday?

    Sorry, I meant they give us the release date on December 10th, not actually release it. Fixed it.
  3. Hofmann

    How about a Doomworld interview?

    Seriously guys, can we make this happen?
  4. Hofmann

    Was that The Crucible in Eternal gameplay at the end?

    The content was removed anyway
  5. Hofmann

    About "Demonic Corruption".

    Dont know about demon corruption, but I don't like the idea of puting question marks where the secrets are. If those represent secrets ofcourse.
  6. Hofmann

    Was that The Crucible in Eternal gameplay at the end?

    No, I'm talking about the strings that were pulled out from the alpha binaries.
  7. Hofmann

    Was that The Crucible in Eternal gameplay at the end?

    About 3 years ago there were some leaks regarding DOOM 2016, including stuff about the plot that was mostly true and some things that weren't. Having played DOOM 2016 I thought that the other stuff was a load of crap that was cut out and didn't get to be in the game, like the Arch-Viles and the stuff about needing some sort of special weapons (probably Crucibles) to defeat them. I can't remember exactly (and I'm glad), but I'm starting to think that the other stuff was actually pieces from DOOM Eternal. You can look it up, the thread is in DOOM 2016 subforum. I don't know if i should post the link here because the last time that stuff went viral Bethesda gave us a lot of shit and Ling had to close the thread.
  8. Hofmann

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    I wonder why they haven't shown the Revenant, they just teased him when the invaders appeared. It seems his attack is a bit different.
  9. Hofmann

    Was that The Crucible in Eternal gameplay at the end?

    Guys, If you would remember the big leaks from the last game, you would get all your answers. Because the leaks weren't of the last game but of this one. Big SPOILER ALERT, just so you don't say I didn't warn you.
  10. Oh... I thought the slip of the tongue gave away the release year, or at least the year they are targeting.
  11. Hofmann

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    Guys, I think the leaks we saw for Doom 2016 were actually for this one.
  12. Hofmann

    Anyone on the fence about the reveal?

    All the crapy design of the last Doom was only to attract new people, they're not true to that. They basically teased how they're drawing a bit closer to their roots, so I'm pretty sure they're taking it in a right direction. No need to watch it more than once, maybe twice, just to make sure I caught all the new stuff, then I'll come back here to see what you guys think and after that, I'll just wait for the release date if we don't get at least a window now.
  13. Hofmann

    Gameplay reveal August 10th

    So much Doom in the soundtrack! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSJHFSw_wCg Here's the full schedule, Doom starts at 11 am, probably Texas time. http://www.qnewsnetwork.com/quakecon/schedule/ Edit: Actually its Quake Champions menu theme. It's a shame, because I think it can barely get any more Doom 2 than that.