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  1. Exactly. You are going to "agressively manage your resources" by shooting enemie's weak spots in order to lower the chance of them hitting you (save health/armor) by disabling their primary attack like shooting of the guns of the Arachnotron or Mancubus or in order to kill them faster (save ammo) by disabling their defense like shooting a granade inside a Cacodemons mouth or shooting the shield of the possesed guy. For each weak spot there is a weapon which is more suited against it, like the plasma gun for the shield. Introducing these "meaningful choices" adds another level of strategic decision making.
  2. Hofmann

    QuakeCon 2019 Interview

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJ7ulqjS_Vg 0:00 Is the Doom Slayer going to be like "fuck Heaven and Hell, I'm doing my own thing"? 2:07 What's it been like to revitalize Doom franchise both for old and new fans? 5:02 What's it been like to bring back the original models and also modernize them to the current standard? 6:54 Would you like to see the Doom Slayer in a game like Mortal Kombat? 8:05 Is bringing old Doom games to consoles something you thought doing since way back? 10:49 What's it been like to take the classic lore and expand it? 13:35 What's it been like trying to keep the controls and gameplay experience intuitive enough while also bringing in modernized fast pace shooting crowd? 17:57 Topic about comparing Atari gaming generation and new generations. 19:30 Battlemode level design topic. 21:34 Topic regarding playing Battlemode at the office. 22:30 Campaign level design topic. 26:37 Tim Willits' legacy topic. 29:32 Which character or demon in Battlemode do you prefer playing as?
  3. Hofmann

    You should DIE if you fall off the world.

    I think the reason behind this decision is that platforming is actually challenging and it is expected of you to fall frequently (I think I heard there will be a lot of falling). I think what they were not confident in is if players would be able to solve the platforming in a few enough number of attempts so they don't get bored from all the loading screens which would be present otherwise. Definitely. I expect falling on higher difficulties to take a 1up. I imagine average skilled players falling frequently and losing all their 1ups and not having any left when they really need it in combat which would, in addition to loading screens, probably piss them off even more. I think it is not the quality of platforming what they are not confident in, but rather if we are skilled enough to solve it without pissing us off.
  4. So this is a Slayer gate...
  5. Hofmann

    My feelings on DOOM Eternal in London

    For now I am pleased with what I saw. The only things that kind of bothered me are: (1) falling of the map does not cost lives and (2) cracks on the main path of the level are colored green and the ones on the secondary path (secrets) are black, which also implies that the levels are not truly non-linear. Not sure how I feel about these two things, will have to play and see.
  6. Hofmann

    Stream soon.

    @Touchdown OK, I understand your point of view better now.
  7. Hofmann

    I played the Mars Core demo ... a lot

    @Caffeine Freak @Zemini or anybody else who is at QuakeCon. Do you think we could assemble a list of simple questions (or just post them here independently) regarding Eternal for you guys if you can find Hugo and Marty or anyone from id to ask them? For instance a question regarding level design, how much linearity/non linearity can we expect compared to Doom 2016.
  8. Hofmann

    Stream soon.

    1) What exactly is ridiculous or silly in Doom 2016 in your opinion? How did you come to the conclusion that silliness is what people cheer on (I rarely visit Doom related places outside of Doomworld so I might be missing something)? 2) How exactly is what they are doing with Eternal not daring? Should they not conform to mainstream FPS and not deliver what their fans want either, in other words should they make something that potentially nobody likes? Should they just waste their resources on mindless experiments in order for them to be daring? 3) How is Doom 3 less predictable and more intriguing than 2016/Eternal in terms of story/lore?
  9. Hofmann

    "fantasy combat puzzle" describes doom new and old

    I had another look at the E3 demo in order to examine Glory Kills a bit more. In the arena where the big fight was happening, the player picked up a total of 430 HP from glory kills only, and 110 HP from pickups out of which 48 HP were actually used because he picked them up mostly by accident when he had almost full health, that's a total of 478 HP from both GK and pickups. Most of the GK dropped 10-20 HP even when the player was low on health, but sometimes it dropped 50-60 HP too. Now, to be honest, the player was not that bad (I would say he's of average skill) and was still able to receive up to 500 HP damage (didn't count the armor damage that the player received) in a single fight. If they would remove Glory Kills from the game, then they would have to place health pickups of various sizes with a total value of at least 500 HP in only one arena of average size, which is like the one that was shown at E3. I think placing this much health packs would flood the arena with pickups. Also I'm not sure if all these pickups would fit on map edges and corners (they probably could but it might look ridiculous). A lot of the pickups would probably have to be placed on paths and would eventually get in the way of the player, I imagine the player would have to put effort in avoiding the big ones in order not to waste them when he is almost full health which would get annoying when in the middle of a fight. A possible solution would be to reduce the number of pickups by increasing the amount of HP received from pickups but then there is a higher chance of wasting HP when collecting when almost full, which would mean that the player would have to wait for his health to drop to critical levels, which I imagine would cause a lot of deaths and frustration. In old Dooms, I don't remember a fight where you could receive 500 damage and survive. I think even receiving 500 damage in the entire level is too much. The point is that the combat in old Doom is more primitive compared to Eternal and you could have a reasonable amount of health pickups in an area to cover the damage taken. In Eternal I think it is either we have Glory Kills or we have pickups only with significantly dumbed down AI. The only thing I don't understand is what is the purpose of pickups if you can get health from GK, save ammo maybe?
  10. Hofmann

    Doom Eternal's Difficulty

    I think I heard/read somewhere that there are two higher and two lower difficulties than the normal (Hurt me plenty). I would like one of these difficulty levels to have lives but when you use them all up you restart the campaign. This would greatly add to the experience by reducing the constant tension throughout the entire campaign which would allow players to play the game in a more relaxed mindset even if there is a risk of restarting the campaign. I found myself playing bad many times only because I was afraid of dying. Would also like not to have a limit on the amount of collected lives which I think is the case since the player had 4 lives at some point in the demo.
  11. https://www.quakecon.org/blog/event/2019-schedule/ Eternal is on Friday at 11:00am (Texas time I guess). Edit: also live gameplay is on Saturday at 11:00am.
  12. Hofmann

    Gameplay in slow motion?

    I think I read somewhere that there are places with Moon gravity, so maybe that is why it appears to be as if it is in slow motion.
  13. Hofmann

    Eternal possibly removes the pistol?

    Ballista's two mods are the Explosive Bolt and the Destroyer Blade that can fruit ninja enemies.