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  1. Yes, you are wrong, but I understand why it might seem that way. It is not hypocritical because I'm not saying that I don't give shit and then post lengthy responses and neither am a moderator so I can't delete the thread. Also, my stance is neutral so my contribution to this shit is minimal. My criticism is aimed only at the community with the goal of reducing the division. I like Doomworld, I want it to remain peaceful.
  2. Maybe I have expressed myself poorly, English is not my native language. But I hope you get most of the points I am trying to make. I was only trying to shift the blame away from Marty a bit because the entire internet seems to be biased against him, because evil corporation bad by default. Also, I was trying to show that given the facts and lack of evidence you can make the case against Mick as well and therefore conclude that you can't really blame either Mick or Marty. But apparently the majority of the internet didn't even look critically at Mick's "evidence", the term they are all using is 14000 word (or whatever the number is) article, as if the length of the article in terms of number of words is some sort of metric for reliability. These people are tearing the community apart and should be called out. This is how you make developers not listen to the community anymore. No wonder games are cash grabbing shit and people don't get what they want for some time now. Also, influential people (e.g. youtubers) should learn to take the blame for the shit they are causing and learn to take some responsibility because they are influencing a lot of people. Instead they are the ones who immediately pick "sides" because they want to align themselves with the popular opinion so they don't ruin their stats on the platform. It is true that Mick's comments cannot be classified as incitement, but you cannot deny the fact that they caused the initial shitstorm aimed at id. Of course I don't blame him for that. How could have he predicted the shit it caused? Tough I suspect he was fine with it because he did nothing to address the issue and at least try to fix shit. A simple "guys chill out, stop harassing Chad" would be enough and would certainly not be considered as breaching NDA. Just because Mick's actions were not malicious it does not mean that their consequences didn't happen. And if it affected id the way Marty said, then Marty did in fact respond appropriately. Yes, this is his stance after his response, which was not that clear before he was called out. Again, I'm not arguing whether Mick is innocent or not, but only that Marty's actions are completely justified. But at the same time I understand why the majority can't seem to understand that. They are missing important details in the events of the entire situation, either intentionally or unintentionally, because of their bias towards Mick. As far as I'm concerned, this entire thread can be purged. Nobody gains anything from this. It only contributes to the shitshow.
  3. Some facts: 1. Marty's response was not a shitstorm and was not an attack on Mick. It was a thoughtfully and comprehensively written letter for the community. 2. The letter was not a response to Mick's comments, but an attempt to calm the community for giving Chad and the rest of id a hard time because of Mick's comments. 3. It is not either Mick's or Marty's fault this shit happened. It is the community's fault for overreacting. 5. There are no sides. We are all on the same side.
  4. 1. As I said, I will not prove the existence of the Moon. 2. I did not say "Mick incited a hate mob" or "Mick slandered id". I said Mick unintentionally incited a hate mob and Mick slandered id by implication. 3. I'm not arguing that there are two sides (or three) of the story. There is only the truth. 4. Where is your evidence that Mick was mistreated while working on Doom Eternal? 5. If you want people to take you seriously you should do your own research, instead of expecting others to do it for you.
  5. Sorry, I'm not doing your research for you. Asking for evidence of that is like asking for evidence of the existence of the Moon. Why?
  6. Why? Aren't they widely known by now? Just google them.
  7. No. The context where Mick unintentionally incited a mob against Chad AND THEN DIDN'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT IT. Yes, Mick first said that a number of tracks were poorly mixed and that he didn't do that. He should have left it at that, but he went on with "doubt we'll work together again" tweets, which implied they screwed him over the OST. Not saying he deliberately riled up fans, but he could have at least said something like "guys chill out, Chad is a good guy", but he didn't. Not to mention slandering (by implication) the company/client you had business with. You just don't do that publicly and expect the other side to remain silent, not even in self defense. Of course Marty is going to defend Chad and the rest of id, which again, unintentionally redirected the mob back towards Gordon. This is were Mick perceived Marty's letter as an attack on him, which obviously isn't if you consider the context before. I don't think either side is lying or malicious. It's just a lot of miscommunication and misunderstanding took place, especially because they were apart across half the globe. Basically what you are saying is because old id (likely not related to new id) made mistakes in the past and because it is not known whether Mick made mistakes until now, it is safe to lean towards Mick being right. I don't think so. Exactly. We love both Mick and Marty and the work they did on Doom.
  8. Not sure if deliberately ignoring context from before Marty's letter is considered rational, but if you only count the official addressing to the public, then yes, it started off with Marty. I just literally wrote in my previous post that there might be a possibility that Mick is lying, not that he certainly is. I'm not assuming anything. The point that I'm arguing is that based on the "evidence" provided you can't tell which side is lying, or whether either of them is lying at all, but the majority of the internet seems to have settled that Marty is the lying one just because Mick said so. Exactly.
  9. 100% this. Wrong. It started before that, with Mick's passive aggressive tweets. Marty's letter was posted in defense of Chad and the rest of id, because Mick's tweets (unintentionally) incited a mob against them. It wasn't an attack on Gordon. And what makes you so sure it is not the other way around? Mick's initial tweets could be interpreted as pretty toxic to begin with. I'm not saying it certainly is, but only that there might be a possibility. Still not seeing how you guys can pick sides in this one. I mean Bethesda/id did not provide any evidence, which is reasonable. But Mick's "evidence" is either weak or non-existent as well. For example: "3a. The actual deadline: Marty claims we signed the contract in “January”, and the deadline was “early March”. But that’s a total lie." This is false. Marty never said in the post that they signed a contract, but only that they reached a general agreement in January. Marty said: "After discussions with Mick in January of this year, we reached general agreement on the terms for Mick to deliver the OST by early March". Many accusations against Marty lack evidence. No emails, no audio. There is a screenshot of Skype call without a date. Like what the fuck? "Marty justifies crediting Chad as a co-artist on the album (which I disagree with) by saying it was the fair thing to do." Is Mick deliberately misunderstanding Marty here? Marty is basically saying that they wanted to make sure that the poorly edited tracks are not confused with Mick's work. Marty said: "Finally, Mick was concerned that we’d given Chad co-composer credit – which we did not do and would never have done. In the metadata, Mick is listed as the sole composer and sole album artist. On tracks edited by id, Chad is listed as a contributing artist. That was the best option to clearly delineate for fans which tracks Mick delivered and which tracks id’s Lead Audio Designer had edited. It would have been misleading for us to attribute tracks solely to Mick that someone else had edited." This drama doesn't make sense anymore.
  10. How come everyone forgot when Mick riled up the community with his initial passive aggressive tweets, which led to death threats against Chad, and did nothing to calm the fans. But now he is complaining for receiving death threats caused by Marty's open letter. Playing the victim much. Guys, don't be so quick on making your judgements. It might as well be that Mick is the one which manipulates and the victim is you.
  11. If id were ever to implement the Hellhound I would like it to be more akin to the one from Doom 64 concept art. With both of its heads shooting from their mouths, one head shoots projectiles, some of which require dash in order to avoid them, and the other shoots hitscan laser which requires jumping over it, similarly to Hellrazer attack. It also turns into specter mode while it tries to flank you with a melee attack when you are engaging someone else. It's weakness are it's heads, but shot off heads regrow after some time interval if you don't kill it before that. Heavy demon of course. I would like the Hellhound to be fleshy, muscular with big teeth, horns and claws. Also would be cool for it to have multiple tails with spikes along the entire spine. The size of this beast would be a bit bigger than a Pinky. I would like it to have tissue regeneration, which enables weak point regeneration (regrowing it's heads) and looks cool as hell. It's weakness could be the Destroyer Blade which would be the only weapon that can cut off both of its heads at once, after which it would be forced to specter melee you with its paws or tail/tails. Would be cool if someone could draw a concept of this.
  12. When playing in Extra Life mode, it is game over regardless of how many lives you have.
  13. MrHofmann

    The Music...

    So basically everyone except that one guy agrees that Into Sandy's City would be perfect for the ending of Eternal.
  14. MrHofmann

    How did they invade Immora? (TAG2 spoilers)

    Sentinel Prime and Mars core are connected through a slipgate. If it is a two way slipgate... But then how would all those battleships fit through Gate of Divum or Mars core slipgate?