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  1. If id were ever to implement the Hellhound I would like it to be more akin to the one from Doom 64 concept art. With both of its heads shooting from their mouths, one head shoots projectiles, some of which require dash in order to avoid them, and the other shoots hitscan laser which requires jumping over it, similarly to Hellrazer attack. It also turns into specter mode while it tries to flank you with a melee attack when you are engaging someone else. It's weakness are it's heads, but shot off heads regrow after some time interval if you don't kill it before that. Heavy demon of course. I would like the Hellhound to be fleshy, muscular with big teeth, horns and claws. Also would be cool for it to have multiple tails with spikes along the entire spine. The size of this beast would be a bit bigger than a Pinky. I would like it to have tissue regeneration, which enables weak point regeneration (regrowing it's heads) and looks cool as hell. It's weakness could be the Destroyer Blade which would be the only weapon that can cut off both of its heads at once, after which it would be forced to specter melee you with its paws or tail/tails. Would be cool if someone could draw a concept of this.
  2. When playing in Extra Life mode, it is game over regardless of how many lives you have.
  3. MrHofmann

    The Music...

    So basically everyone except that one guy agrees that Into Sandy's City would be perfect for the ending of Eternal.
  4. MrHofmann

    How did they invade Immora? (TAG2 spoilers)

    Sentinel Prime and Mars core are connected through a slipgate. If it is a two way slipgate... But then how would all those battleships fit through Gate of Divum or Mars core slipgate?
  5. MrHofmann

    Ancient Gods 1: Nerfed?

    Looks like the video went private. Stuff that I remember: Removed tentacles stay removed in entire TAG1. Turrets won't be reverted. Most of changes will be reverted for UAC Atlantica Facility. Opening of UAC Atlantica will be reverted for sure. The possessed baron in Blood Swamps wont be brought back. The bridge arena in The Holt won't be reverted The point of nerfing possessed baron in Blood Swamps and bridge in The Holt is to decrease tension before big fights. The Dark Lord will be updated to reduce health regeneration. There were some stuff regarding the Dark Lord that I couldn't understand because I haven't played him yet. More info on tonight's stream.
  6. MrHofmann

    Ancient Gods 1: Nerfed?

    Looks like everything some stuff is going back to the way it was before TAG2 I think. TAG2 will also be patched to make it harder. YES!
  7. MrHofmann

    Ancient Gods 1: Nerfed?

    Yeah, I guess you're right. Changing back only some of the difficulties would be cheap but could potentially fuck up the differences in neighboring (changed and unchanged) difficulties which could make transition between difficulties a bit rough. On the other hand, fine tuning all the difficulties and making sure transition between difficulties is smooth would be the better approach, but more expensive. But then again we made id software a lot of money so it would be cool if they did that for us. Here are some videos showing all the differences of TAG1 before and after update: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykOKfVZHCjU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqvKVRlc_Ag https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzERN2Jc6lM
  8. MrHofmann

    Ancient Gods 1: Nerfed?

    By B. Ekov from YouTube. Well not overly easy, but easier enough to bother me. If they revert the changes for NM/UN that would be great , and if not, guess I will have to get over it.
  9. MrHofmann

    Ancient Gods 1: Nerfed?

    PB is Blood Punch? The problem is not with our options for faltering the marauder, but the length of faltering window. Maybe these changes don't make much of a difference to you because you don't miss weakpoint skill shots with HAR scope or ballista, but others that are not so skilled maybe want to be punished if they miss in order to prevent encouraging bad habits and ultimately get better at the game. Why wouldn't it work? If we played that way on nightmare before the TAG2 update and everything worked fine, changing it back to the exact state only on nightmare would still work right? And no, I am not talking about changing back only TAG1 but the entire campaign and both DLCs on Nightmare and Ultra Nightmare, which I think is not that hard to implement because they already have everything in a previous version of the game. I understand if people like challenging stuff like Master levels, but to me they are just levels with everything thrown in them at the same time. I don't enjoy that, so for me the best thing would be, like I said, revert only NM and UN, which I think is doable and cheap and everyone would be happy.
  10. MrHofmann

    The Ancient Gods 2 - Impressions and Story Spoilers

    I just want them to return nightmare the way it was. I don't want to play a set of Master levels, I want to play the campaign from beginning to end including DLC, shotgun start with no upgrades and upgrading as I progress. Also with cutscenes, maybe I would like to watch them again as I play. I don't want nightmare to be Super Gore Nest Master level either, just good old nightmare the way it was, it can't be that hard to revert for NM/UN. Not just return removed enemies in TAG1 but also restore the Arachnatron and Marauder to the way they were before TAG2. The Marauder falter window is too long and the Arachnatron is fucking retarded. I finished nightmare TAG1 on a controller, so it can't be too hard on lower difficulties. Sure it took a while, but that was part of the fun for me, I loved the challenge. It was much more satisfying when I unlocked a skin or watched a badass cutscene after an earned victory in a big fight. The only problem in TAG1 for me was The Holt Slayer Gate, that one took me like at least a hundred tries, it took me days. I'm OK with needing it a bit, like removing the second Marauder and not spawning three Blood Maykrs all at once. Regarding TAG2, the first level is definitely easier than UAC Atlantica Facility. Despite better pacing in Worlds Spear, I liked the opening of UAC Atlantica Facility more, because of how unexpectedly hard it kicked my ass at the very start. I'm not expecting them to significantly alter TAG2 to be more like TAG1 in terms of challenge because it would be too much work, but I will wait a bit before I continue playing, maybe something works out.
  11. MrHofmann

    Ancient Gods 1: Nerfed?

    I think the faltering window on marauders is longer now, which sucks. They should really just nerf lower difficulties if they have to and leave NM/UN as they were before TAG2, it is not that hard to implement. I don't care about the stars/birds, but the nerf has to be reverted. I don't even care about master levels. I'm OK with removing the second marauder from The Holt Slayer Gate though. Can anyone confirm if they changed the base game as well?
  12. MrHofmann

    The Ancient Gods 2 - Impressions and Story Spoilers

    Isn't Nekravol located in Argent D'Nur, since the tower can be seen from the corrupt part of Exultia?
  13. MrHofmann

    The Ancient Gods 2 - Impressions and Story Spoilers

    If someone says that enemy encounters are bad because they force you to use specific weapons against specific enemies, that makes them unreliable because that simply is not true, regardless if they paid for the game or not. It is not a matter of opinion. I did not imply that. I meant to say that I visit only Doomworld and YouTube and am not familiar with steam. Again, I'm not saying they don't give a shit about the money they spent on cutscenes, writing, voice acting... I'm saying that the purpose of that is to make doomguy look cool, not to have a 100% consistent story. It is obvious that they don't care about inconsistencies. I have to admit I can't fully argue with you on the DLC 2 because I haven't finished it yet, but I really think you are trying to hard to confirm your opinion with this data.
  14. MrHofmann

    The Ancient Gods 2 - Impressions and Story Spoilers

    How is this reliable at all. There isn't any play time shown, the comments regarding length don't say on which difficulty they played, every encounter you are forced to kill specific enemy with specific weapon is not true and the boss fight is crap because it plays like the marauder. Here and YouTube i see only lore complaints. Don't know about steam. Doom is a gameplay focused game. It is unreasonable to get upset over it having inconsistencies in the lore. Yes you can say who gives a fuck about the story if the devs say it too. The story is only an excuse for doomguy to look and do cool shit. I mean doomguy riding a fucking dragon. Devs put an effort into cutscenes and codex to make doomguy look cool not in the story, so yes, definitely who gives a shit. "When a game has a shitload of lore, and plenty of cut-scenes, yeah, people have the right to talk about it, and critisise it."  Yes people can talk what they want. Who is forbidding them?
  15. MrHofmann

    The Ancient Gods 2 - Impressions and Story Spoilers

    I'm seeing bad reception only from people who were disappointed with the lore/story. I still can't believe there are so many who play Doom for the story and take it so seriously. I mean to the point that they start ranting. It's just beyond me.