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  1. I`m interested in a DOOM ps4 tournament. I have no tournament organizing experience but I`m more than happy to contribute and participate. I added you on PSN. My PSN : tastycannoli
  2. They will reveal the sequel at E3 2018. Most likely with a 2019 release. How much you guys wanna bet?
  3. I agree with your statement. It makes sense on the literal side and most certainly within this realm.
  4. Yes I'm fine, thanks for asking. What are your thoughts on DOOMSLAYER being the CLASSIC DOOMGUY (with 3d assets of course)
  5. I'm halfway through the novel. I like what I'm reading thus far. I tend to nibble on some crackers with blue cheese while I read. Anyone here a DOOM & blue cheese fan like myself?
  6. I really hope the Doomslayer is DOOMGUY. DOOMGUY is a fkn badass and his face is so iconic. The Doom3guy can stay in his own realm for all I care. IMAGINE HOW EPIC IT WOULD BE IF DOOMSLAYER REMOVES HIS MASK AND YOU SEE THE FKN DOOMGUY WITH A NOSE BLEED (70-80% HEALTH). !!!!!
  7. Yea ps4 here and I'd join in the Sunday Series.
  8. Hey whats up!!! Its the demons favorite song hahahaa
  9. I still play. Played some really nice games. There's a lot of fun to be had. My PS id is: tastycannoli
  10. Great find! I have never seen or executed that glory kill before. Looks awesome. Has anyone else pulled that glory kill off?
  11. I had absolutely no idea that this easter egg secret existed: Just stumbled upon it now when watching this playthrough. Anyone else seen this?
  12. Anyone else here a little ticked off by the fact that we cannot pick our preferred MP mode? I've been playing for 2 days now with over 30 games played and I still haven't landed on the new map Empyrian which looks awesome judging by the screens. Can't they put priority on the new maps for this weekend?! Seems that I keep getting a bad rotation. I'm always landing on the older maps.
  13. I don't understand what this fascination is of having multiplayer bots is all about. Isn't it more fun to play against real humans? Someone please enlighten me.
  14. I'd like to see more varied environments. I can't figure out why some of the assets that were used in the newly released MP maps were not seen in the SP campaign. Those new maps are gorgeous!!! I'D ALSO LOVE TO SEE AN UPDATED HUD WITH DOOMGUY'S FACE!!!!!! That would be awesome!!!!
  15. I hope someone still has this. Would love to check it out. Does the doomguy have the same face as the classic one?