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  1. I played through it on UV...not ashamed to say it kicked my ass 😁
  2. Good call on Doom 404! I've been playing it the last couple if days and enjoying it a lot.
  3. DoomDork

    The Age of Hell (megawad)

    EASILY the wad I am most eagerly awaiting...amazing work BB!
  4. 10: Scythe 2 9: Ancient Aliens 8: Scythe 7: Resurgence 6: Valiant 5: Going Down 4: Alien Vendetta 3: Preacher 2: Extermination Day 1: Jenesis
  5. DoomDork

    Sandy Petersen's graddaughters play Doom

    How cool is that 😃
  6. DoomDork

    John Romero and John Carmack return to Doom ?

    Honestly, I would rather see some new Sandy Petersen levels.
  7. DoomDork

    What's the deal with Archviles?

    Archviles are one of the best enemies in all of Doom. Pain in the ass but they're fun as hell to fight.
  8. DoomDork

    What was your first doom game?

    Unfortunately, it got smashed up years ago in a move. Also had Final Doom for the PS1 as well, same thing happened to it...had no idea it had much value at the time 🤬
  9. DoomDork

    What was your first doom game?

    PS1 Doom in '95. My first FPS I ever played and still is one of my faves.
  10. DoomDork

    DoomGuy in the flesh. Behind the helmet.

    Damn....that Doomguy's an ugly sucka.
  11. DoomDork

    Cacowards 2020 Mentionation Thread

    +1 more for Running Late 2 Edit: Also +++Refracted Reality
  12. DoomDork

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Oh yeah! The follow up to my fave wad of '19. Sorry Eviternity...
  13. DoomDork

    They kept the Cyberdemon's most important feature

    Buns o' steel!
  14. DoomDork

    The Age of Hell (megawad)

    Now THAT is an intimidating SOB. Great work BB56. Can't wait for this!