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  1. GrizzlyRed

    DOOM and FALLOUT 4 at quakecon!

    Really looking forward to the DOOM panel at Quakecon! I'll be there first hand! Can't wait!
  2. GrizzlyRed

    The Evolution of DOOM

    The Evolution of DOOM!
  3. GrizzlyRed

    We gotta figure out what those Russians are doing.

    Your profile pic.....simply the best.
  4. GrizzlyRed

    Doom 1 DLC for the new DOOM?

    Nothing has been officially said reagarding any DLC or pre order bonuses although I think DOOM 1 & 2 being included with all copies of DOOM would be cool.
  5. GrizzlyRed

    Doom 4 - Automap drawing

    [quote="DooM_RO" post="1391987"] How are you going to do that? It has double jumping and multiple layers of verticality. Well of course I'll have to compensate for certain things and it of course won't be EXACTLY like the demo but I want to get it as close as I can. Areas where the player double jumped in the demo I'll just have to use a Teleporter or something instead. I'll figure it out. Really just a personal project to push myself to actually finish something for once and to see if I can actually do it. If all goes well and someone hasn't beaten me to it I'll upload the .wad to the internet somewhere and share it around.
  6. GrizzlyRed

    If this game flops, what does that mean for Id and Doom?

    If DOOM fails somehow I think id software is pretty much done for.
  7. GrizzlyRed

    Amazon Game Info

    Personally I believe the term "Activated" doesn't really mean anything. Could be wrong though.
  8. GrizzlyRed

    Doom 4 - Automap drawing

    I love this thread. I knew the levels were open but now that it's been fully analyzed we can really see how open it really is. DOOMGUY went in a loop which is kind of cool. I actually started working on an entire recreation of the E3 demo in the DOOM 2 engine but I'm sure someone will beat me to it. Anymore layouts and picture are always helpful.
  9. GrizzlyRed

    Doom Music Teaser

    SO HAPPY someone posted that on Youtube! Mick deleted off his Instagram for some reason. I'm guessing id asked him to take it down. Either way when Mick sent that tweet (I'm in that tweet) and I listened to that teaser I got chills! I know most people are upset with the music so far but I like it and the best has yet to come.
  10. GrizzlyRed

    No one spotted this Baron

    I actually did notice it. It's just so barely noticeable that I wasn't 100% sure if it was actually a Baron. Looks pink though and big so yeah it's a Baron. I really love all the little hidden things through out the E3 presentation.
  11. Matthew Mcconaughey's reaction to DOOM - E3 2015 Gameplay Trailer! It had to be done. XD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y15D_42tw2I