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  1. Chalibluefin

    Mattbratt's Level Pack

    Outstanding Most-esteemed wad Author Mattbratt delivers his magnum opus to us on a silver platter. Though usually is the type of content you drop into a toilet and flush, we are fortunate enough to get this as a nice beautiful brown stain on the doomworld forums. The stench is absolutely mesmerizing.
  2. I'd say I'm hyped for this. I haven't been keeping up with every upcoming megawad but this along with TNT: 2 are on my list.
  3. Was testing out Supercharge to run on a coop server with Zandronum and I ran into this little error every time I fired a rocket launcher. At least I think it is. Any idea how to fix?
  4. Tbh I never really had a big issue with secret hunting in TNTR. As someone who has played MULTIPLE times and had many opportunities to find all the secrets, I never had a feeling of "this map is dragging from these damn secrets." The secrets from Abandon Port made it more enjoyable. If any levels drag it was probably just the wall that was RedRum. If there was an offender for secret hunting that I dreaded it was usually RedRum or the Temple Scavenger Scamper in Map22. I'm the local TNTR simp so I end up having alot to say whenever it's brought up.
  5. I'm not sure what the fans of decino have to do with this take to be quite frank. People who follow decino will watch and enjoy his content no matter if it's a doom playthrough or analysis. Seems like a weird potshot to make. Most frustrations aren't at decino's play style because...that's what they are there for lol Inherently some maps aren't just enjoyable to watch "being played" which would reflect on it being played itself. Maybe some people like watching someone play the hellforge branded magnum opus of the month but definitely the fans also enjoy watching the player themselves. Take into account how close decino is with his community before taking the piss out of them. As far as noise and criticisms of maps from a viewer standpoint, I could say viewers simply put themselves in decino or someone else's shoes and determine "wow I would not enjoy this."
  6. Chalibluefin


    General Roasterock is a baaaaaaad man.
  7. Chalibluefin

    The Dean of Doom series (companion thread)

    Nostalgia has TNT: Revilution music so it gets an A+ out of me.
  8. Chalibluefin

    The Dean of Doom series (companion thread)

    Noticing some pearl-clutching. But hey if people react negatively to someone not liking their maps by all means prove them wrong. That's one of the best things about being a mapper is improving the craft and making fun maps.
  9. Chalibluefin

    The Dean of Doom series (companion thread)

    This in particular. I've experienced a few times where I feel like I've played maps that felt like "design for the sake of design" because the map ARTIST really wanted to indulge in creating "the best map cacoaward winner 2015". Said maps usually run less than suboptimal on the average doom player's computer. In one instance I've seen projects get derailed because an author refused to take criticism or make changes to their gargantuan maps so that they'll run better. Instead, opting to pull out of the project entirely and leaving the rest of the project to dry and fill the holes. That's how we were gifted Slaughter Spectrum. That being said I most certainly think the later half of BTSX ep2 isn't NEARLY as an offender in that sense but there were several moments where I'm running through maps and I felt the act of design really overtook the focus off of gameplay. With mini magna opera strung together in what really plays as an exhausting drive between the nearest city and the next gas stop. At the time of playing before the Dean's video ever was a concept, I thought to myself "A big sense of pride and self indulgence really reeks is prevalent in these maps," or some semblance of over-saturation in design than the actual gameplay itself. After seeing MtPain27's video on the wad I saw that I wasn't the only who sensed the same issues and saw the maps for what they appear to be. It is not a bad thing to be prideful in your craft and wanting to put out the best product you can for your namesake but it feels like map authors took that concept in an ordeal to sort of out do one another and string together large, exhausting maps that don't necessarily play as fun gripping maps, but slogs that are held together by architectural beauty and showcased by the map maker's ability to make maps altogether. I'd say the word "pretentious" is quite accurate in this sense when playing said map set, you don't feel like you're having fun at your own pace but having fun at THEIR pace. You can say that the large amount of freedom and adventure is "giving the player a chance to explore as he so chooses" but eventually that magic just wears out and the player would rather move on then see the same architectural masterpiece over and over. While it's no salt slicked jab at the author's themselves, I would feel the minds behind the magic ought to take the thoughts into consideration. I am in no position to tell map makers who have been mapping and creating doom content a lot longer than I have how they should make their maps. They know tricks of the trade and every single factor that come's into making the magic happen. There have been great wads made by these same people being put under the microscope in this review. However, at what point would you consider that you've spent more time making the maps than playing Doom itself? If not in the literal sense but metaphorical? People like Mt. Pain I feel don't go into a map assuming the worst in terms of design but the overall experience you have will leave you some sort of imprint from the map maker. I've heard this dreaded saying everywhere I go but it works perfectly here: PERCEPTION IS REALITY. On a side note, the ending in particular to this wad always rubbed me the wrong way. I describe it as having post nut clarity with a hooker. The rising action until the climax is overstimulated and exciting. However, at the end she takes the 200 dollars and leaves you, feeling absolutely nothing.
  10. Chalibluefin

    The Dean of Doom series (companion thread)

    Doomworld not gonna like this one Ohhh boy
  11. Chalibluefin

    TNT 2: Devilution (Final beta released)

    Damn "rejects" and "Good levels"? Nice jab at TNT: Revilution.
  12. Chalibluefin

    TNT 2: Devilution (Final beta released)

    These intermission screens have a Surpising amount of quality and thought put into them.
  13. Chalibluefin

    [April Fools]TNT: THREEVILUTION [32 Map Megawad]

    Damn this is looking better than TNT: 2 and in half the time