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  1. This probably sums up my feelings on modern gaming now that I think about it. They all just feel like movies rather than video games. As soon as it starts trying to be cinematic in any way I just find myself internally (or sometimes even externally) screaming "LET ME PLAY THE GAME!!!"
  2. These drive me up the wall to no end. If they have to be put in a game, just make it a cutscene. Don't give me the facade of gameplay by letting me run around this room with nothing to do but listen to NPCs spew their exposition, just make it a cutscene. Although I do give HL2 a pass on it sort of, because I always saw HL2 as both a game and a gigantic tech demo for the Source engine, so they probably had all those bits in it to show off what the Source engine was capable of.
  3. As much as I like the game, the designs for Warframes really just look like they're modeled after still shots of people throwing paint in the air.
  4. -Games with lengthy intro cutscenes or (even worse) lengthy intros that are in-engine, they just restrict you from playing (beginning of Farcry 5) -Pre-ordering (i know this isn't exactly modern but w/e) -Games that are more story and worldbuilding then they are actual gameplay (sorta ties back to my first bullet point) -Always-online DRM (and just DRM in general but, again, w/e)
  5. Ribbn

    [SOLVED] Doom Builder 2 Texture Issue

    Thank you so much! It's fixed now!
  6. Sorry for the really vague title, but I don't really know how to describe what it's doing. I was working on my map and thought I had almost everything ready to finally call it done, but then I came across this. In Doom Builder 2's visual mode it looks fine. I have tested it in ZDoom and Doom 2 through DOSBox, both get me the same issue. I assume this happened when I changed the lighting to make it look like the pillars were casting a shadow, because before then there were no issues with that room. Is there anything I can do to fix this or do I just need to scrap that shadow effect?