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  1. Marscaleb

    [GZDoom] Diabolus Ex v1.1

    I just saw this on Mr. Icarus's YouTube channel. I'm so glad you included a stand-alone download of the texture pack; I wanna try my hand at building with it. It would work great with a project I've been thinking of doing.
  2. Marscaleb

    What Quake port is best for me?

    It had all the geometry on the screen just wobble in a weird way. It was like every vertex in the level was just being pulled in random directions; one wall is moving in one direction while another wall is pinched in another. I've never seen another game come close to that effect. GL Quake actually does this, but it doesn't manage to render the effect in quite as stable a manner as the original software renderer; you can see some geomerty being pulled apart, especial near the edges of the water. I'm like 90% sure that never happened in vanilla quake. Still, I prefer this effect to quakespasm and fitzquake's method of adjusting the vertical FOV and horizontal FOV separately to make it look like the whole screen is uniformly wobbling.
  3. Marscaleb

    What Quake port is best for me?

    Hm, fitzquake has every minor complaint I have about quakespasm, but without HUD scaling.
  4. Marscaleb

    What Quake port is best for me?

    I'm liking about 90% of what Quakespasm is doing so far. But is there a way to disable the animation interpolation, and set the texture filtering to nearest? I also notice it doesn't do the proper underwater distortion effect. That's why I was hoping someone was doing a "Chocolate Quake" port. I thought there would be a bit more demand for a port like that. Well, it still gives me marginally-close classic Quake without resizing everything on all my monitors, and that's really what I wanted.
  5. Marscaleb

    What Quake port is best for me?

    Well that's pretty definitive. Can't argue with the Romero.
  6. Marscaleb

    What Quake port is best for me?

    You touched up on the real point though, and that is that it is hard to set up a proper FOV when you switch to widescreen. If you just properly match the width of your view, then you've cut off the top and bottom of the screen. Ideally you want the view to show you exactly what you'd see on a 4:3 screen, plus some extra to the side. And you can't just assume that the FOV should be a specific angle, because the renderer might have been changed to subtly fit player preferences. I'd prefer a port that has already set that stuff up.
  7. Marscaleb

    What Quake port is best for me?

    I should say, I don't mind if it has the flashy extras, so long as I can easily disable all of them to play the classic experience. I saw a video showing quakespasm and the FOV looked off. Don't know if it was a setting or not.
  8. (That psuedorandom article was really interesting to read. I wonder how long games continued to use a table like that.) Oohhhh, you mean that it is actually impossible for each of those random values to all be 3, that is, for each pellet to deliver the full 15 points of damage possible. I was thinking you were talking about just getting hit by each pellet, as if to say that if a thing got hit by all seven pellets they would only incur damage from a few of those pellets. So to sum up, the shotgun does indeed fire seven shots of a relatively small amount of damage, and an enemy gets damage for each shot that connects with them. A full shell could theoretically deliver anywhere from 35 to 105, but realistically the fringes of that are not going to happen. And the super shotgun's full load delivers 100 to 300. Holy cow, that's crazy!
  9. D'oh! I should have caught that; I should have known better. I don't understand what this means. Also, what about the super shotgun?
  10. I was playing some classic Quake this weekend, and I came to realize that the only source port I have for it is the GLQuake that Id released. I was looking around for a better source port, but there's quite a large list of them, and to compound matters, the most popular ones are touting features I don't really want. I'm really looking for a "Chocolate Quake" (or a Crispy Quake). I want to maintain the closest I can to the original software renderer, and the only thing I want to add is support for a widescreen high-res display, and maybe some limit lifting in case I want to play some custom maps. But I'm not interested in all these dynamic lights and animation smoothing stuff, and honestly, I'm not 100% which source ports will actually let you disable that kind of stuff.
  11. Here's my random question. How does the hit detection work for the shotgun? Since the shotgun spreads a collection of shot, it is hit-scanning multiple projectiles. Do each of these individually count as a hit on the target, and thus each pellet does a small amount of damage? Or is an object only capable of registering one hitscan damage on it in a frame, so even if an enemy only got hit by one pellet, it would count the same as getting hit by all of them? How much damage does "one pellet" do?
  12. Marscaleb

    Please critique my weapon designs (sketches)

    ...You've drawn more guns than me.
  13. Marscaleb

    Please critique my weapon designs (sketches)

    That's basically what I was going for. I definitely emulated Goldeneye for my naming convention. Although my goal for the designs themselves was more of "looks like a real gun but isn't."
  14. Aww man, I just realized that they used the exact same cover art that I was gonna use for *my* game! Now I'd just look like some johnny-come-lately.
  15. Holy crap! This game is so beautiful makes me want to cry. Dat palette... *bites lip*