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  1. DMPhobos


    Gah! i thought you had composed the midis and i said so in chat, hehe Good stuff!
  2. DMPhobos

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I appreaciate the interest Thank you!
  3. DMPhobos

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Release them, of course ;)
  4. DMPhobos

    Do You Like Doom 3?

    I love Doom 3, it's a rather flawed game, but i absolutely love it, that's why the mod im working on has a D3 look. During the long period of time between the game release and the first taste of Doom 2016 in the 2014 QuakeCon, the serious tone and the horror theme seemed natural to doom, and while i do love the new badass approach of the new games, i do miss the doom 3 horror tone. The game had the core mechanics of classic doom, monsters more or less behaved the way you expected unlike the radical redesign of the new series, and while this was a mixed bag for some, i really love all of the monsters design (except for the imps... who look quite generic tbh), heck i might be the only person who really likes the doom 3 cacodemon design and sound, Hell knights had the strongest design and it's a good thing the design was reused instead of remaking the classic design. As for gameplay, despite having more or less the same core mechanics of classic doom, it behaved differently. People tend to forget this, but the game was supposed to be some kind of survival horror FPS for most of the game, you were helpless in the dark with a flashlight that you needed to switch off to attack, and ammo was reaally limited early on. This was a hit or miss for some people, but i appreciated how such gameplay design choices worked in favor of immersing the player into the environment of the game, by late game ammo would become common, and the game would throw you more variety of monsters, and rely less on darkness, so by that stage the game played more closely to classic doom. That said, the game had some really big flaws, the game relied a lot on entering a new room, teleport some monsters or open a monster closet, rinse and repeat for the next room. Stamina was a bad design choice imo, even with the small survival horror design choices. But to me the biggest flaw doom 3 had was level design, it suffered from the enter room/spawn syndrome i mentioned before, but it had plenty of hallways and squared rooms that looked similar to one another, not to mention the game didn't had many interesting encounters, most of the monsters you were facing were in front of you instead of a more dynamic approach and for most of the game you would face a single enemy type encounter (here come a couple of imps... here come a couple of cacodemons) without varying multiple monsters to create some more interesting combat, the game had the core mechanics of doom monsters there, and from what i understand it also had some really smart ai in terms of pathfinding, but level design really worked against this. Also the cyberdemon while it had an awesome design and sounded great was a joke, a shame since the cyberdemon is my favorite monster :( Also the game was more or less botched on the BFG edition, sounds were changed, the flashlight worked differently and worst of all, ammo was doubled, ruining the slow and careful approach of the early game, but even so i liked the lost mission campaign, some maps were recycled from the core game, and it kinda felt like a mapset from a fan instead of an official product, but even so by the time you reach hell, the starts playing a bit differently... suddenly levels felt more open and you would had enemies attacking from different leveled floors, not to mention the game would throw you different enemy types and not just the usual imps and maggots, heck it even has multiple crushers. In a way, it's kinda like a proto doom 2016 since there were plenty of arena combat areas were you had to clear the arena to continue. It wasn't something too drastic, but a few changes here and there did made an impression on me. Phew, didn't meant to write a wall of text there!, but i guess i really had a lot to say of doom 3 haha TL;DR I love doom 3 it was its own beast despite some huge flaws, i didn't liked most of the changes doom 3 bfg did, but i liked the lost missions campaign
  5. DMPhobos


    new stream up @Jimmy midivile is on stream!
  6. DMPhobos

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Making progress on the Shores of Hell map, style is difficult since shores has a bit of everything, but i sure can try to nail the look of it
  7. Knee Deep in ZDoom: Vanilla Edition Double Impact 2: Quad impact Tech Gone Bad 2: Now with even more floor cracks!
  8. DMPhobos

    Sooo... Nostalgia Critic's "review" of the Doom movie.

    I was a fan of the NC too in the old days, but when the whole mini-skits thing started i slowly stopped watching it, also i started to notice that the reviews had this "i have the right opinion because i understand the source material" attitude, specially on the newer reviews, then the change the channel controversy happened, and i stopped following the critic. As for the review itself... dunno, it's bad at worst and mediocre at best, the "i understand the source material" attitude is present and he ignores doom 3 existence and compares it to classic doom along with some bad skits, but tbh i don't think it's worth ranting about it like it's the worst thing ever, it's just a bad youtube video about a bad movie, there's plenty of bad doom movie reviews and this is just another one of them. Nothing worth of any kind of anger of disappointment, it's just meh
  9. DMPhobos

    What does your Doom folder contain???

    I have a relatively small doom folder, it used to be bigger but early this year i upgraded for an ssd hard drive and i started over again save for some folders for some projects. My IWADS and source ports are stored in a folder called zdoom, yeah it's odd, but it's an old habit of mine And inside, there's my wads folder
  10. Happy birthday! here's a blind demo run, died near the end since i was low on health and i was dodging the cyber on damagin floor hehe It leans a bit into the easy side of things (ironic for me to say this, since i died on my demo run) but overall really fun stuff, really liked ammo balance for most of the map, since i had to conserve most of it. Only issue i found was a stuck sargent near the beginning dmp_schism.zip
  11. DMPhobos

    How to properly improve layout skills?

    The main problem i see on the map layouts you posted, it's that there are plenty of hallways connecting to more hallways. Layout has to be dynamic, fun to explore, and it has to serve gameplay above all, having a hallway connecting to a room and the have that room connected to another hallway it's repetitive and well, not fun. There are plenty of good advice here, but i think that Xaser's advice of having rooms connected to another room without a hallway between them it's quite spot on. One piece of advice that has worked well for me in terms of interconnectivity, it's building the map in "circles", by this i mean building an area towards one direction and keep building with the intention of making a path that leads back into the starting area, and then build similar zones on those "circles" and so on untill i have some interconnected areas with plenty of space to move between them. Personally i had this sort of frustration not so long ago, this is a map i made in february and it has a lot of layout issues that i dislike in retrospective But as soon as i started to get out of my confort zone of making squarish rooms, and aimed to make more interesting shaped rooms and less emphasis on orthogonal angles and hallways, i think my maps layouts have improved a lot and as such my recent maps look rather different from the ones that came before Like you said, as you gain experience you'll get better at it, but you gotta recognize the flaws on your current maps, and start to move out of your confort zone to tackle those issues
  12. DMPhobos

    Looking for old DOOM3 screenshots

    You can still visit the old DW screenshot page with the internet archive captures, they seem to show fine, but they are a bit slow to load
  13. DMPhobos

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    My Knee deep in the dead map is finished!, now it's on to make a Shores of Hell map
  14. DMPhobos

    Made any DooM OCs?

    imo i think that square isn't the best of Jimmy's characters
  15. DMPhobos

    Things about Doom you just found out

    For some reason E1M3 shows up glitched on doom builder Wonder why