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  1. DMPhobos

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Interception II

    To clarify a bit and give some context, i did had a submission for the map20 slot early on, however there was a brief period of time where it was unclear what was gonna happen to the project due to Moustachio stepping down and because of this i decided to use that map for a personal mapset (which ended up becoming Arceon). Thankfully this didn't lasted long and DFF stepped up to pick the project and later on Moustachio returned as well, but by then i had made up my mind on this and i asked for the map to be removed. DFF asked me if i was interested in contributing to another slot, but unfortunately by then i had too much doom mapping stuff on my plate and i couldn't commit to this, while i do regret leaving an empty slot at the time (specially when the project was getting back on it's feet), im glad that i still ended up contributing to the final wad with my collab with misty in map03, and with map04
  2. DMPhobos

    post your sector art!

    The only piece of sector art i've done is in my elementalism map (soon), which features an aztec disk of death on one of the ceilings Since it looked cool, i made it show on the automap
  3. DMPhobos

    AI Generated Title Screens

    I gave it a try with a couple of my releases Arceon Eternal Damnation Darkmoon last one looks pretty cool imo
  4. DMPhobos

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Interception II

    I'll leave some comments about both map03 and map04 The first map i contributed was map04 (That which shall not be named), at the time this was made with a map09 slot in mind, but it ended up being moved to map04 after some time. I was still more into gzdoom mapping at the time and this was the first boom format map i've made. After completing the map i moved on to other projects and after many months later of mapping and developing a personal style i decided to go back to my submission and rework some areas and remove most of the doors to make it more fast paced (compare the first draft here, to the final map and you can see a big chunk remade at the center that imo, made all the difference in how the first half of the map played), despite that rework it still has some 'early mapping' years feel to me when i play it and has a lot of "i wouldn't do that anymore" moments, that said, it's not a bad map and im proud of making it. It was mostly influenced by franckFRAG's map (map19) on the first interception (it was cited as an example for the theme of the episode), which has a great layout and was quite fun to play (even if it doesnt show the influence heh). As for the name, well the credit goes to Moustachio on that, since i didn't came up with a name for it, and went nameless for a long time, until Moustachio suggested the name, which i guess is very fitting considering how i never named it heh. My contribution to map03 came much later, Misty asked for some help to finish the map on the discord server and i voluntered to finish it. When i received the map, it had about 2/3 done of what ended up on the final map (see here and compare to the final map), my main contribution was making the last area, and making it loop back a bit to the middle of the map to make it feel a bit interconnected and also improve some of the visuals of the map, after that we went back and forth a bit polishing the map until we finished it. As misty's mentioned the first draft we submitted was a bit bigger than the final version, but we had to delete some areas and tone it down a bit after receiving some feedback. I think the end result is pretty good and i enjoyed working with misty on this map, tho i see this more as a Misty map i helped to complete, rather than a full collaboration between the 2 of us. Funny enough, many months after working on this map, we got to work on a full collaboration between the 2 of us for mapwich 2 where we took advantage of each other mapping styles
  5. DMPhobos

    Mappers, what was your biggest project?

    For me personally, Arceon, even tho it's a really small mapset, it was developed on and off in a period of 2 years (it was my nanowadmo project for 2020 and 2019 heh), the last map fell a bit into magnum opus syndrome, which took me a couple of months to complete and it exhausted me from doom once i was done with it for a while. That said, it's the project im most proud of, since it reflects the type of gameplay i enjoy the most
  6. DMPhobos

    Arceon - Boom compatible mapset (now on idgames!)

    A quick update, Arceon's final version is now on idgames!, There aren't any major changes between RC3 and the final version besides a few demos and some slight tweaks on map05. Once again thanks to everyone who gave feedback and reported bugs on the previous versions As always any feedback and opinions about the set are welcome!
  7. DMPhobos

    Guess the map [5th edition] (ANSWERS REVEALED)

    Here are my guesses, did really bad as usual
  8. DMPhobos

    Arceon - Boom compatible mapset (now on idgames!)

    Hey everyone, just letting everyone know i just updated the release to RC3, fixing most of the bugs people had reported here along with some slight tweaks based on the feedback i've gotten, if there isn't anything else that needs to be fixed/changed, i'll be uploading this as the final version on idgames after some time
  9. DMPhobos

    First Doom map VS Now

    Here's my very first map, before doing this one i used to edit other existing maps, (you can play it here and watch how it barely works at all) Here's the last map i completed, (you can download it here if you want to try it out) As a bonus not so long ago i remade my first map, which i interpreted as a first map in a doom 2 set, screens are from the same areas (download here)
  10. DMPhobos

    Arceon - Boom compatible mapset (now on idgames!)

    Thanks, i did a small change to prevent the Vile Jump on the last fight in the third map, i haven't been able to replicate the stuck cacos issue on dsda or gzdoom, but just to be sure i've changed the closet implementation to ensure they never get stuck Cheers!
  11. DMPhobos

    Arceon - Boom compatible mapset (now on idgames!)

    Thanks, i'll be fixing those, hopefully there arent any more issues to address besides those Thanks for playing the set!
  12. DMPhobos

    Arceon - Boom compatible mapset (now on idgames!)

    I'll be fixing those for the next RC, thanks for pointing them out, and thanks for playing the maps! I did a really loud facepalm when i saw that blue key missing on a stream, i couldn't believe i missed such a big detail so i did a really quick update to fix that, im really sorry for such a big mistake, but i hope you enjoyed the set despite of that. Generally i aimed at having a more or less consistent difficulty with some spikes here and there thru all the maps (instead of having a curve going from easy maps to hard maps), the slight difficulty spike at the end was something a bit intentional given this is a short set, but i think it's worth tweaking it a bit further for HMP and HNTR and have less pressure on the player when playing those difficulties so i'll do some small tweaks for those.
  13. DMPhobos

    Arceon - Boom compatible mapset (now on idgames!)

    Thanks for leaving a playthrough!, Maps were balanced for pistol start, but you shouldn't have any problem if you play up until map05 in UV with RC1, map06 forces pistol start and it had some slight tweaks to signal progression a bit better if you want to switch to RC2 just for that map. Feel free to use it if you wish, the sound it's only a combination of Doom 3 and Doom 2016 plasma sounds, so i wouldn't take credit for it either since i all i did was just combine those