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  1. DMPhobos

    4800 Hell Knights. We dumb, MegaBlast smart. Alpha 3

    Here are a couple of screenshots of my terrible map :P Pick the best one
  2. DMPhobos

    Could a intelligent animals play doom

    Funny how an 11 year old asked a silly question and it sparked a discussion about biology and evolution lol
  3. DMPhobos

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Started something...
  4. DMPhobos

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I like gray a bit better
  5. Im gonna get roasted for this, but fuck it.... The most overrated movie that i've watched and i disliked was Wicker Man (the original one with Christopher lee, not the nick cage one), a friend and i we were looking for good quality horror movies and we said "Hey wicker man it's always mentioned as one of the best horror movies of all time, so let's watch it", after we finished watching the movie we both looked at each and we asked "What the hell was that?"
  6. DMPhobos

    Easy way to look through forums for quality of life mods

    There are some mods documented on both zdoom wiki and the doom wiki, there's also Wads In Progress a site that has mods in a more presentable manner, but sadly not a lot of modders use it. Tons of good stuff gets buried on the forums and goes unnoticed sadly
  7. DMPhobos

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    It is still a thing, but at the moment is on the backburner.... Uhh.... Bad answer.... Let me elaborate about what has happened with darkmoon After the last public alpha was released, both zok and i started making both our respective maps, along the way GZDoom updated and added d64 sector light, we added the new feature to our maps, but it slowed us down. Then the worst thing happened, we both became stuck on our maps. I can't speak for what happened on zok's map, but mine was a nightmare to work on, it grew bigger and bigger and i didn't knew what to make of it, so eventually we both stopped. After that i stopped making playable maps for more or less a year, and by then darkmoon was more or less dead But, this year there was a mapping contest for vinesauce that interested me enought to submit a map, and since i had such a blast making it i decided to finish the darkmoon map that i had abandoned, after a couple of weeks it was finally done, no problem. Some time later zok got in touch again and gave me some encouraging updates on his map... and that's were it is right now. Currently im not working the next darkmoon map because im busy building a map for NOVA III, and i don't want to get ahead of my mapping responsabilities. It's been some days since i got any update on @Z0k's map, he isn't active on the forums anymore, but im still in touch with him, so im gotta ask him about it soon. Obviously after that map is finished im gonna release another alpha with all the finished maps (along with the d64 sector lights on the previous maps) Once the next alpha is released, im going to put all my efforts on Darkmoon, im supposed to build only one more map (maybe two) so that shouldn't be a problem, but it's possible for some changes about the project in order to get things going faster.... anyway, thanks for asking despite the long time (and believe me, it's been an even longer time for us to get it done) glad to hear some interesting about =) Here are a couple more screens of the last map finished
  8. I think that it's worth to take that quote into the context of gaming at the time, specifically the games id developed and most of the games they played at that time such as super mario bros 3 or classic arcade games, story was more of a premise for most games rather than a narrative unfolding like what we see in more modern games, you would move from level to level and maybe get a story text telling you what had happened or a small cutscene but nothing too drastic, Tom Hall's original design featured a more story based focus with multiple characters, events happening on the game (such as a dude dying at the end of the first episode) and a broader story. In many ways he was ahead of his time, but it wasn't the right thing for Doom as we know it. If we apply that quote to the classic doom games (heck even on the 2016 doom, and even doom 3 to a certain extent) he's right, story isn't that important, it was expected to be there, but honestly people don't care about it That said he wasn't right on a broader sense, even at the time of doom's release, some games rely heavily on telling a story rather than just advancing towards the end, take the story out of a classic adventure game series, or an RPG game, and you are left with a rather sterile game
  9. DMPhobos

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    i was reading some old posts when i got a new reply alerts despite the fact that there weren't any new replies
  10. DMPhobos

    Another DOOM movie being made?

    Here's an interesting bit of info, recently a spanish speaking videogame site asked Pete Hines about the doom movie, were he confirmed that neither id, nor bethesda are involved in the movie's production Here's a translation
  11. DMPhobos

    Favorite "Creepy" Map?

    I always found E2M6 creepy, the sinister music and the dark hallways really enhanced the atmosphere for that map. It's my favorite Creepy map on the official IWADS
  12. DMPhobos

    Is there any mod that *tweaks* the Cajun Bots?

    Wasn't there a more "advanced" Cajun bot fork that didn't got implemented into ZDoom? i faintly remember you could mark pathways with "health bonus" for the bots to follow and that they didn't had so much of a brain damage as the current bots I liked bots, they are great for testing coop features
  13. DMPhobos

    Release date

    im going to guess a mid 2019 release date
  14. DMPhobos

    Bring Back D_RUNNIN

    Mick Gordon did some classic wolf music.... sorta... it was more of a glorified easter egg for a goofy dumb scene instead of a proper remix Anyways, i think at the very least the classic D_RUNNIN bass intro could appear on the new game much like how the E1M1 appeared in the previous game... i just don't see mick doing a proper full remix of D_RUNNIN... much like there wasn't a proper E1M1 remix in the previous game