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  1. I first learned to "make maps" by my own by downloading a whole bunch of editors here at doomworld and trying them out only to realize that deep sea was the only one that my computer could run well enough, and since i was a dumb kid that barely understood english i kept trying every button until i discovered a tool to make rectangles, and i started to make my first maps that way. After sometime i learned how to make doors, elevators and other effects by looking into other maps and copying the line effects. Sometime later a buddy told me that i should use doom builder since it was the best thing since bread and butter, and i discovered that there was no "rectangle tool" and that in order to draw a sector i had to do it a vertex a time until i closed the figure. So naturally i had to re-learn how to map again. It was quite tedious at first but i got the hang of it after some weeks, then i learned how to map in hexen format by looking in the zdoom wiki, looking at other people's maps and reading the old tutorials that were in the zdoom page. The problem of having learned to map at first in such a blocky way, it's that it kinda stuck on me even after all these years and my maps tend to be quite blocky sometimes
  2. Must be coincidental, since the i am evil rhythm is very march like and quite short, but i gotta admit that i must have heard that song a thousand times and i never noticed how similar it sounds to the PSX doom theme
  3. Im hyped, TNO was a fantastic game, and i enjoyed The old blood for it's Nazi mysticism theme and RTCW homages. It looks promising, i'll be sure to check it out when it comes out Im not even sure why bethesda had to make a conference this year, they had so little to show that in 40 minutes it was over lol
  4. I think that if Doom VFR were to flop as hard as you put it, it would be VR games the ones in peril of not being made, and not the doom franchise I dunno, the SP campaign of last year's doom shows that they can handle SP content very well
  5. Its too bad that few people are gonna play it, since VR hasn't really took off with your average gamer
  6. I saw them last march. Worth every damn second of it. When they started playing no remorse it was the best shit ever since it's one of my favorite songs and i never expected to hear that one live.
  7. You can play them by dragin the wad files and dropping them on the source port executable, or you can also use a launcher such as ZDL to manage all your wads and source ports
  8. I bought this album last week and it just arrived yesterday, been hearing it all day long
  9. Over the years many proyects have tried to create a Doom bible wad, and sadly most, if not all of them have never been finished. I even heard there was a kind of curse over all Doom bible proyects. Although i didn't knew Doom delta. The most promising one that i knew was this one
  10. Feature history it covers historic events and wars, since im a history buff, this channel its quite interesting to me Vargskelethor (AKA Joel from vinesauce) his videos are quite silly and dumb, but i found them quite hilarious, his recent Doom contest was fun yo watch SiIvagunner basicaly a music troll channel, filled with an excess of memes, but every once in a while it uploads a really good music mashup. I found myself checking it often to hear if something good was uploaded
  11. Yeah the Chzo mythos games are awesome, while the first game is a bit simple and short, it's quite good, not to mention that with every game the series just kept improving, they really are great adventure games, and have a fascinating storyline, i fully recommend them too.
  12. The D64 lights really make a difference, here's a comparison with and without the colors
  13. It is GZDooM, the D64 lights are relatively new so we started using them for darkmoon
  14. Yes they are, those are D64 sector lights, it really enhances the atmosphere of the map