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  1. DMPhobos

    Spec Ops The Line Was Never Good

    Yeah and so? the story was the whole point of the game, using the narrative to subvert themes that other games would play straight or even glorify. It seems to me this opinion is just trying to hold that infamous john carmack's quote as an unquestionable truth(a quote he mentioned regreting not so long ago since he mentioned there are games where the story is the whole point) Gameplay is good, it's a decent third person cover shooter, other games like gears of war have a more fluid movement and a more intuitive controller, but even so it's decent. I agree it feels a bit 'by the numbers' for this type of genre, but it's not bad, not even close. Some people have mentioned this 'metajoke' where the game plays the way it does because it's part of how the game criticizes other games that glorify what spec ops condems along with the story, i personally don't think that was the intention but it's an interesting take on the game Tbh i hate replying to this thread because it looks like a typical post by OP with all the checkmarks in place, but since i completed spec ops a few days ago for the first time i couldn't resist leaving a reply. I can understand not liking this type of games where the story is the foundation of the game, not liking the story, or X reason to not like the game, but this is just a poor argument that just reads "I don't like thing, therefore that thing was never good in the first place"
  2. I played them back in the day on xbox, i remember being excited to play the new maps they included only to be shocked by how bad they were. They were terrible maps then, and are still terrible maps now, they weren't part of the original release anyways so it's not even worth lamenting them finally getting removed imo, i always thought they were some easter eggs maps Also it's not like you can't still download them if you're so interested in playing them
  3. DMPhobos

    What If Doom Was Real?

    if doom happened in real life we would be all doomed
  4. Strengths I feel i can make interconnected layouts that sometimes encourage incidental combat, i think i'm good at texturing and keeping it consistent and also think i'm good at making visuals that are simple, but look good and are memorable without excessive detailing Weaknesses I feel i'm bad a coming up with good and engaging gameplay, and that the setups i have in my maps sometimes are weak, cheesable or just boring and repetitive because of it
  5. DMPhobos

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I took a small break from mapping for a few weeks, im slowly getting back at it
  6. DMPhobos

    How much of a DOOM purist are you?

    Depends on the WAD, on anything that's not for GZD i default to something close to the original, using either PrBoom+ or a GZD version i have with the vanilla compat settings on to make it close to the original behaviour, with no freelook or jumping, autoaim is on, and i play with a low resolution with software mode since i like the pixelated look of the game. On GZD maps i don't play like that, no vanilla compat settings, freelook and jumping are fair game, no more autoaim and i don't use a low pixelated resolution nor software. TBH i enjoy playing both on a classic and a more modern way, i have no problem switching between those 2 styles or anything different, it all comes to what the WAD asks and requires.
  7. DMPhobos

    Do you play maps with or without ingame music?

    Music is part of a map's personality, playing without it removes a large part of it's appeal and it makes everything boring, i can't imagine myself playing without it, at most i'll just IDMUS if i don't like the track or if it's a stock track, but i always have music on the game
  8. DMPhobos

    Doomworld is full of old cranky curmudgeons.

    here's your average doomworld user
  9. DMPhobos

    Your mapping fears

    Biggest fear it's having a map where i spent countless hours refining and testing it, only to find out that most people find it mediocre at best, that it's a bit boring or that it feels like filler if its part of a bigger project. In the end you can't please anyone, and having some people dislike your maps for X or Y reason is to be expected and that's fine, it's valid, but finding out that the majority of opinions is that the map is 'meh' is a bit discouraging. And very similarly to that, it's building and contributing a bad map to someone else's project, specially if it was a project i was invited to contribute
  10. DMPhobos

    Doomworld International thread

    Im from Mexico on what's considered as the northern part of the country, in a city where it's in a location that often is irrelevant to what happens on the rest of the country and constantly gets ignored (which is both a good and bad thing at the same time).
  11. DMPhobos

    Doom 1 and 2 are flawless.

    doom sucks
  12. The earliest 'non famous person' death event i can remember possibly is 9/11 when i was around 9, i remember that morning my brother woke me up with the tv set on the news and said something about 'some people throwing missiles at a tower' and then the whole thing happened. Even tho i don't live in the states i do remember that everyone was talking about it the following days and after the fallout from that started to happen i remember kinda realizing that something big was happening at the time, and sure enough it did
  13. A horde coop mode of sorts would be neat
  14. DMPhobos

    Did id really add Nightmare difficulty as a joke?

    Nightmare definitively was an afterthought considering the fact that it was added after the original release so there was no balancing for it to make it a 'fair challenge' or anything other than the double ammo, and also the warning message you get when you select it does make it look like it indeed wasn't meant to be taken seriously, considering the id attitude at the time, i can totally see them adding nightmare just to screw with players that complained that it was 'too easy', But like some people have mentioned, it might be good to ask Romero about it just to confirm if that was the case or there was another reason about why nightmare was added later