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  1. The best thing i do for learning new mapping tricks, or dispel some doubts is to look at other mappers maps, since that it's the easiest way to see how things work in action, for other things i tend to look wiki for reference, or if the issue persistes, then i do a search on the forums (doomworld and zdoom), most of the times someone else had encountered the same issue and has already asked how to solve it ....and if that fails, where the best thing you could do is ask on the forums
  2. Congratulations to the winners, specially for the well deserved espi award for randi Here's to the 25 years of doom next year
  3. Nobody knows except the man himself Just be patient, he has said on his streams that i'll be happening soon, so it's best to just check out the vinesauce streams for when the contest drops
  4. I'd go as far to even include PSX doom on it, since D64 is a direct descendant of the PSX port, but that's just my opinion, regardless a D64 forum seems a great idea
  5. I can't belive that Dwango5 link went dead or a while, how times have changed...
  6. Recently vinesauce streamed the mod
  7. I haven't played the GBA Doom port save for a few minutes just to test it out, but one thing i can say, that despite the horrible music, censored blood and the jag levels, the GBA doom it's playable, and that's something the SNES Doom it's barely capable
  8. I do miss the times when a game about killing nazis wasn't something worth of political discussion...
  9. Nirvana, no doubt
  10. A bit old, but TurboCharged arcade and it's sequel are my favorite humorous WADs
  11. I like this idea, i would love to contribute a doom 3 style map if this plan goes on, D3 textures could also be used for the D16 maps
  12. Some of batman doom tracks sound really glitched when ripped from the wad, guess the MUS conversion is to blame Also a lot of people really dislike "Facing the spider", i kinda like it since it grew on me, but i gotta admit that the first time i heard it wasn't in the game, but instead i heard it when i was looking into a random jokewad WAD, and at first i tought it was a midi parody of heavy metal sound and it made me chuckle.... then i found out later it was from the game and it was based on an actual heavy metal riff
  13. I can't stand this track
  14. Necropolis in the new doom does reminds me of Doom 64 in some parts
  15. It's a day late, but according to Romero, october 10th it's the anniversary of Doom II Happy 23 years of Doom 2!