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  1. I once made it to the foundry level, destroyed 2 gore nest, and then i fell into the lava trying to get an armor item. I got super pissed for dying in such a stupid way that i've never played ultra nightmare again ever since
  2. To me Doom 3 was at it's best when more than 2 types of enemies were attacking you, so if i were to change Doom 3 it would be to have more enemies (and with a more varied types), and to change the level design for a less linear one (and less claustrophobic) , Doom 3 biggest flaw it's that you go to the next room, encounter a couple of few imps, or other monsters (with few variety), kill them, then move on for the next ambush in a linear path....
  3. This really sucks, Dawn of the dead is the best zombie movie ever and a damn fine movie. RIP
  4. While i like heXen, i like heretic better since it's a more straight forward game. Definitely demands way more atention from the player. Not your average FPS for sure. There a lots of things that annoy me, such as the infamous "A door has been unlocked somewhere" or "A fourth of the puzzle has been solved" messages, but it's a good game, i have fond memories of playing heXen coop sessions and laughing my ass off because we kept falling off on some parts and the falling sound it's hilarious. My favorite class was the cleric, specially since the flechettes were quite overpowered and i loved to drop them on the centaurs and hear them howl in pain. Years later i tried to finish it again and play it by myself but i lost interest mid game and i didn't finished it.
  5. I still have my SNES with half of the games on the SNES classic, but im quite glad that it's getting released, it's too bad that nintendo doesn't supplies for the demand that it has, and the only ones that are gonna benefit from it are the scalpers. Yeah you could just buy raspberry pi, or just connect a laptop to a TV and play the same games on emulators, if that's how you prefer it, whatever, it's fine by me, i've done it that way to play old snes games with my budies. But since this is a collector item and the SNES is my childhood console (and the fact that i would be buying games that i currently don't own in my own SNES, and that are harder to get like earthbound) im gonna try to buy one at retail price. My local game store has weird preorder system where you pay a part of the preorder and then you are notified of the actual preorder before anyone else... so im crossing my fingers for it to work because im not willing to pay a scalper a cent more than it's retail price
  6. While i didn't had the same CD by the way you describe it, i remember mine had also both Fury 3 and Havoc on it, also i played the shit out of the SNES Jurassic park waay before Doom lol Alright... my whole Doom experience, waay before playing the game i had some nintendo magazines covering Doom on the SNES, it had a lot of the maps in the red black colors, it fascinated me a lot and created this odd image about doom, i kept looking at the magazine maps and screenshots untill one day they gave me nightmares. Around this time there was a cousing of mine that just kept talking to me about how awesome doom was (he had the snes version), and about how there was this level were some pink monsters came out two fridges (he was refering to the barons on phobos anomaly). It's was an interesting time before doom Some time later my dad bought a pc and he lent me his old one, he had a demo CD with a bunch of game demos among them there was Doom 95. To sum it up, it scared me so much that my legs were shaking by the time i reached e1m2. Years went by until in some weird time of my late childhood i got really interested in ghostbusters, so much that obsesively searched the internet for anything about it, then i found about the Ghosbusters Doom mod, and it really fascinated me. I borrowed Doom 2 from the same cousing just to play it, and behold, it was the first time i ever played Doom II and it was just for a mod. Some time later i got to know z0k and i got into doom editing, so slowly i started to lose interest in the ghostbusters mod, and became more interested into doom itself. Then i played the original Doom, and instantly it became my favorite game Around this time Doom 3 was about to release, and one day i saw a review of it on a videogame show, and i was just stunned not just by how it looked, but how serious and it seemed and how distant it was from the original doom. When it got released i was super pissed about how i didn't had a computer to play it (and even less the game). Much like how i had this image of doom way before i played it, the same was for Doom 3. I didn't got to play it untill i found a videogame rental place where they had the Xbox version. And i played it for waaay too much on that place, so much that i even managed to beat it on nightmare. I was really surprised about how mixed the reception from the doom comunity was, but after some years i came to agree on a lot of the flaws Doom 3 had. After that i got to play a lot of comunity wads, my first experience with D64 was with the absolution TC, i played for some time, but i didn't finished it. I can't remember when i first played Final Doom, since i played it way after playing the original Doom and Doom 2, and to me it semed like just another doom map pack, so it didn't interested me and i didn't played it with the atention it really deserved. And finally there's Doom 2016. By god, how the wait was long. Since Carmack confirmed that there was going to be another doom sometime by 2008 i got waay tooo hyped. They say that hype can kill a game, but to me, the new Doom was everything i wanted it to be, and more. The most recent doom related thing that i had was the BFG edition for the 360. It had a kickass poster that's currently hanging on my wall
  7. Pretty much this, my steam library is filled with games i bought from previous sales, half of them i haven't got the chance to play them ever since i got a full time job. Kinda sucks that now that i have the means to buy games digitally i don't have the time to play them like i used to.
  8. I first learned to "make maps" by my own by downloading a whole bunch of editors here at doomworld and trying them out only to realize that deep sea was the only one that my computer could run well enough, and since i was a dumb kid that barely understood english i kept trying every button until i discovered a tool to make rectangles, and i started to make my first maps that way. After sometime i learned how to make doors, elevators and other effects by looking into other maps and copying the line effects. Sometime later a buddy told me that i should use doom builder since it was the best thing since bread and butter, and i discovered that there was no "rectangle tool" and that in order to draw a sector i had to do it a vertex a time until i closed the figure. So naturally i had to re-learn how to map again. It was quite tedious at first but i got the hang of it after some weeks, then i learned how to map in hexen format by looking in the zdoom wiki, looking at other people's maps and reading the old tutorials that were in the zdoom page. The problem of having learned to map at first in such a blocky way, it's that it kinda stuck on me even after all these years and my maps tend to be quite blocky sometimes
  9. Must be coincidental, since the i am evil rhythm is very march like and quite short, but i gotta admit that i must have heard that song a thousand times and i never noticed how similar it sounds to the PSX doom theme
  10. Im hyped, TNO was a fantastic game, and i enjoyed The old blood for it's Nazi mysticism theme and RTCW homages. It looks promising, i'll be sure to check it out when it comes out Im not even sure why bethesda had to make a conference this year, they had so little to show that in 40 minutes it was over lol
  11. I think that if Doom VFR were to flop as hard as you put it, it would be VR games the ones in peril of not being made, and not the doom franchise I dunno, the SP campaign of last year's doom shows that they can handle SP content very well
  12. Its too bad that few people are gonna play it, since VR hasn't really took off with your average gamer
  13. I saw them last march. Worth every damn second of it. When they started playing no remorse it was the best shit ever since it's one of my favorite songs and i never expected to hear that one live.
  14. You can play them by dragin the wad files and dropping them on the source port executable, or you can also use a launcher such as ZDL to manage all your wads and source ports
  15. Beautiful