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  1. A bit old, but TurboCharged arcade and it's sequel are my favorite humorous WADs
  2. I like this idea, i would love to contribute a doom 3 style map if this plan goes on, D3 textures could also be used for the D16 maps
  3. Some of batman doom tracks sound really glitched when ripped from the wad, guess the MUS conversion is to blame Also a lot of people really dislike "Facing the spider", i kinda like it since it grew on me, but i gotta admit that the first time i heard it wasn't in the game, but instead i heard it when i was looking into a random jokewad WAD, and at first i tought it was a midi parody of heavy metal sound and it made me chuckle.... then i found out later it was from the game and it was based on an actual heavy metal riff
  4. I can't stand this track
  5. Necropolis in the new doom does reminds me of Doom 64 in some parts
  6. It's a day late, but according to Romero, october 10th it's the anniversary of Doom II Happy 23 years of Doom 2!
  7. I managed to get my hands on an snes classic, so for the past week i've been playing earthbound and enjoying it so far
  8. The third act of army of darkness does reminds me of heretic and heXen (excluding the comedy of course)
  9. We still have yet to reach 24 years of doom to start thinking about that! But a special 25 years of doom community wad and other kind of celebration would be nice...
  10. I myself joined in 2015 because i was following Doom 16 news, and at the time pretty much every other gaming community kept bashing the game and ignored every interesting news or rumors, but i was lurking around here since 2006/2007 (i even joined a speedmap event in 2009, where my map was bashed lol), i also lurked the skulltag forums around those years and played on a few survival coop events. I even joined the zdoom forums, but i stopped lurking there. Always looked foward the cacowards every year While i think doomworld did grew considerably because of the new game, i also think another reason you don't see many users from previous years it's because they stop lurking
  11. It really sucks that snapmap takes forever to load, since that "Watch your step" map from D64 looks awesome and i really want to try it out, but im not sure if im willing to wait for snapmap to load in order to play that map
  12. Reminds me about last year controversy about the C&D Doom Roguelike received, were everyone was fearing for the worst, and a simple name change to DRL solved things. Guess that even tough the whole thing was something simple, when Bethesda or Zenimax tease legal action, it's enough to gets everyone nervous, glad things didn't escalated more
  13. The first time i beat doom, it was the SNES port... on an emulator... while i had access to the original doom on my PC... I was a dumb kid
  14. .../Zdoom/ -Contains the zdoom source port, and all of th IWADS, a ZDL launcher and a subfolder for every other source port i have (GZDoom, chocolate doom, zandronum, and doom64ex) .../Zdoom/Wads -self explanatory, where every proyect i work on get's its own folder, and everything else it's thrown into this single folder It's an odd habit to organize everything doom like this, but that's how i've been organizing my wads in the last 10 years (before that, i just threw everything into the same zdoom folder, because i was an idiot with no concept of organization)
  15. Quite awesome, i never paid atention to the other Doom ports besides the snes one, but the smooth shading of the jaguar version does look quite good indeed, wonder if it GZDoom or other port have that feature. Would love to see DF tackle the doom source ports