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  1. Thank you for that playthrough, it was really interesting to watch and i liked how you resorted to infighting for some of the encounters, also i managed to catch a couple of issues, so again thank you! Thank you, im glad you enjoyed the mapset! :) I don't know how i missed this mistake since in hindight it should had been really obvious hehe, thanks for pointing that out, it's been fixed now I've updated the download link fixing most of the issues and specially doing some ammo tweaks for E3 by adding more rocket ammo so that the gameplay is less slugish and specially on E4 removing some unnecesary shells and adding more early rockets along with some small changes. I'll keep tweaking ammo and fixing any possible glitch as i become aware of them
  2. DMPhobos

    Hall Of Mirrors going ape in Chocolate DooM

    It seems you hit the MAXDRAWSEGS limit in vanilla doom
  3. Eternal Damnation is an 4 level mapset for Ultimate Doom, where each map is themed after each of the 4 episodes of the original Ultimate Doom. Since i love the original maps and also because this year marks the 25th anniversary of the game, i figured it would be appropiate to make a mapset like this, and also it was the perfect oportunity to map with the vanilla limitations and learn some new tricks along the way E1 and E2 are techbase maps inspired by the originals with E1 being faithful to Knee Deep in the Dead style, and E2 being a more loose aproach in comparison while keeping the same visual style, E3 is a more open map with just the inferno visual style as an inspiration, while E4 has a different kind of progression while keeping the brown/green theme of it's episode More screenshots It requires to be run with an Ultimate Doom IWad, runs with any source port since it's vanilla, also difficulty settings have been implemented. Special thanks to Liberation, YukiRaven and Aquila Chrysaetos for some early testing of the maps. Any feedback, demo recording, glitch report or opinions about the set would be appreciated, enjoy! DOWNLOAD
  4. DMPhobos

    Pre-Alpha Doom Crucible?

    There were many items in the alphas that never got into the game, demon daggers were one of them. No relation to the crucible, that's something from the newer Doom
  5. DMPhobos

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    More thy flesh consumed themed screenshots
  6. DMPhobos


    New stream up!
  7. DMPhobos

    Console Doom ITT

    It's okay Doom, 3DO was really terrible, but look on the bright side!, you got some kickass music there
  8. DMPhobos


    Let's celebrate
  9. DMPhobos

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    This has been a hard map to work on, but now i got a clearer idea of how it will progress
  10. DMPhobos

    What are you playing now?

    Replaying BTSX e1 at the moment too with zdoom (using MBF complevel because why not), after that i'll move to e2 since i skipped it for a long time because of it's beta status
  11. DMPhobos

    45 degree angle doors

    Well just lower the grid value and move all of the door vertex untill you have the correct size, don't mind if you get some odd non 45 degree angles, it isn't going to be noticeable on the game
  12. DMPhobos

    Doom 64: Community Chest

    I'll take map11 slot, i'll try to deliver something before the deadline
  13. DMPhobos

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Im making a mess with a 'thy flesh consumed' styled map. This map might or might not be finished in the coming days
  14. 90's - Let's see what we can recreate in doom! 00's - Lets overdetail a map! 10's - ...on second thought, let's not overdetail a map, tis a silly thing to do
  15. DMPhobos

    Doom 64: Community Chest

    Is there a deadline for submitting maps? im interested