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  1. DMPhobos

    What are your creative crutches?

    I guess for me its interconnected layouts with weird shaped rooms, odd angles and curved stairs
  2. DMPhobos

    Best Megawad Soundtrack

    For me probably ancient aliens, the entire soundtrack was done by stewboy which not just made It sound super consistent but also set the tone and added a lot of personality to the set, which Is a huge plus, my favorite track has to be imaginarium. BTSX (both episodes) is also really close too, really love the essel tracks. Heres hoping for more good music when e3 arrives Eviternity also has a lot of great music picks, tho the big majority of It is not original to the set. Still, Its a great soundtrack
  3. DMPhobos

    Ripoff usernames

    A few on top of my head... AD_1883 Foggy Damselfly DoomAdult MTGBoy Timmy And Count Count, better known for CCDoom
  4. Thanks for your playthrough i'm glad to hear you enjoyed the set. Looking back i might had been a bit stingy on ammo and relied too much on rockets over shells and cells on some maps (blame it on me balancing things based on my gameplay style), and i also would agree that a BFG would had worked well on the last map considering it's length. I have a few mixed feelings about the last map, but i think it's still a decent map. To be honest i'm still suprised it even got a mention as a runner up, since 2021 saw many much better releases than mine. Either way i'm still proud of this set
  5. La verdad es que con el tiempo no se si pueda terminar algo para este proyecto, pero me gustaria ocupar un puesto e intentar completar un mapa corto
  6. While i'm a bit bummed out we're not gonna see all of btsx3 until next year, this was a really incredible preview build. I liked all maps from the preview but the highlights for me were Space City Kicks and Far Out Crops (both esselfortium maps). I just loved the verticality on space city and the exploration on far out crops which reminded me a lot of Speedtraps for the Bee Kingdom (one of my fav maps in btsx2). A huuuge shoutout to the music on both maps i absolutely loved. A Visit to the Creep Doctor was really neat too with a superb atmosphere and a really creepy midi (tho i did got a bit tired of zerking revs and viles towards the end, which really is not my cup of tea) but i can't help but wonder if including it on the preview might be spoiling things a little bit and if it would had been more effective when placed with the rest of the maps. Either way, it's a really effective and memorable map. Also one final shoutout to Gold Star For Robot Boy which reminded me a bit of double impact final map. I really enjoy maps that make effective use of cyberdemons roaming and being a menace like here. Again this was a blast to play, and i can't wait to see the final version. Thank you and the rest of the team for putting this small preview
  7. DMPhobos

    What track from Doom annoys you the most?

    Countdown to Death is very annoying but i'm thinking it's supposed to sound a bit annoying by design. Running from evil gets a bad rap but it's a pretty cool track despite everyone hating it, i think people should actually use it on their maps when using stock music (rather than having it play because the midi is missing)
  8. Since today my map is being played, i guess i can leave some short dev commentary for it. The main source of inspiration for the map wasn't the original Plutonia IWAD, but rather i was looking more into the early plutonia 2 jungle maps for the look and feel, the fact that the midi i picked has a similar leading instrument to the midi for "Jungle Spirits" (even if they're not similar at all beyond that) was part of me trying to show some PL2 inspiration on the map (at least for the feel & visuals since i'm really bad trying to emulate another mapper gameplay style, specially of better mappers like gusta, so i didn't tried to do that). In the end despite my attempt for that, the map feels a bit more PL1 inspired which is fine, some encounters do feel appropiate and little things like the teleporting lines on the red key ambush add a small bit of a plutonia flavour. I do like this map and i think the end result was pretty good, but i can't help but agree a bit on what some have said about it feeling more like a "dmp map with a coat of plutonia paint", which can also be said for a lot of my other recent maps, i guess its both a positive (recognizable style) and negative thing (lack of originality). If i could do some changes i would def add up a few more traps while exploring and spice up the incidental combat difficulty to make the action more exciting. As for the name... well there really isn't anything clever about it lol, like i mentioned i was referencing PL2 for inspiration, map02 is named "Jungle spirits" which reminds me a bit of "Contra spirits" (the japanese name for Contra 3). Contra in spanish means "against" so i just translated the word and adjusted the name a bit to be "Against the spirit". I think it's a cool name despite how lazy i was coming up with it i'm not that clever enough to name my map about it being "against the spirit" of plutonia even if it looks like it
  9. For a moment the title and first paragraphs had me scratching my head a bit trying to picture a sega genesis game about running away from a crazy axe murderer in a hotel...
  10. +1 to MyHouse, i mean holy shit
  11. DMPhobos

    Do You Own a Device Capable of Playing Audio CDs?

    I have a player on my desktop PC and i also have a vinyl record player that can also play music CDs. I have a small collection of music CDs, but generally i don't listen to them on my PC beyond a single time. Usually after playing the album once i just rip the tracks and then listen to them on a more convenient way like on a big playlist on my PC or on my cellphone. CDs are neat way to have a physical piece of the music and for collecting, and for that same reason i started collecting vinyl recently, but this is more of a niche thing, since having an mp3 track is always more convenient to listen to.
  12. DMPhobos

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I'm still alive and still doing the work
  13. DMPhobos

    What are some good map tropes?

    I've always appreciate maps that encourage movement for both monsters and players, which leads to unplanned suprise encounters and incidental combat And dunno if it counts as a mapping trope or not, but i've always found it dope when you open the automap and you see a signature or a cool automap art. It's like a really small slice of the mapper personality on a really small thing