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  1. I read the title and thought this was gonna be a rant about your girlfriend keeping you busy that you cant finish your work. EDIT: title was changed so this no longer holds true
  2. It turns out there's a youtube video that plays every single Michael Jackson grunt.

    1. R1ck



    2. geo


      Yes someone has posted it somewhere. I remember it. There is also 10 hours of every sound you could imagine. Dog whistles, Star Trek background noise and even Nep Nep.

  3. I ought to play this with a tactical mod or something... Realism Mode is finally useful to play now.
  4. I get to cut 1/16" sticks into 1/32" sticks for my project! Gahhhh!

  5. You know, the one picture most of us see the most on our screens. Post yours, and if you think it requires explaination, ask or explain! Heres mine. Started out because I thought is what funny as hell (Jayden Smith spews out a lot of faux philosopher bullshit) and this wallpaper just tickled me. And I haven't exactly replaced it, its been my background for about a year now. I use my computer in studio, so some fellow students get a laugh themself when they see just what it is.
  6. There is BYHAE, though it requires an outdated version of BD to run properly. Uses lots of colored ambience.
  7. Blue. Especially if its false ambient.
  8. I wonder if anyone made a map with a super-secret area that basically acts as its own hard map, well hidden, even to the point of deceiving the player by making the secret part use hidden lines and giving the player a map.
  9. Can't you just the DooM title as a wallpapaer?
  10. I specifically asked to have "Junior Member" immortalized as my title.
  11. It'll be perfect for my megawad of monotextured single rooms with cybies in them.
  12. I got a couple. Without a Break: Holy Hostage: Trenches:
  13. E2M9
  14. Hoard all the special ammo and never use it when I'm intended to.