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  1. To preface, yes, I know I'm bastardizing Doom by playing on a mode designed to make you cautiously check corners rather than go all gung-ho guns blazing. I like irony, and Brutal Doom's tactical realism mode with lowered enemy health and 700% damage boost to the player appeals to my particular brand of masochism. I'm looking for wads that play to the Tactical Mode's strengths, and reduce things like unfair monster closets and guaranteed damage. Any thing to keep me on my toes without providing an overwhelming disadvantage to me. Anything like reduced enemies but more intelligently placed kinds of things. Or maps that aren't quite wide open and offer plenty of cover.
  2. Royal_Sir

    BD: BYHAE, a tale

    BYHAE is my favorite wad to date, and I hated to see it suddenly disappear years ago, every single reference, every single link gone. Even the guy making the tracks for the wad kept going, hoping that Das_M would return. The only reason I don't play it much is cause of the new versions of BD, though it makes a serious case to play the older versions. Fun fact, my first ever complete level ripped the shit out of that wad, from textures to Marine emplacements, to music. It only occurred to me when I finished that I would never be able to share it due to how much it relied piggybacking off BYHAE.
  3. Or just hit TAB, which activates the minimap, and play the game staring at vectors and arrows.
  4. Royal_Sir

    Do you still have your very first map?

    My first complete map isn't necessarily bad, but the issue was I used assets from someone else's wad, so I could never really release it. You can run it properly if the BYHAE.pk3 was loaded with this.
  5. I enjoy mapmaking, but abhor things placement and designing carefully orchestrated battles, so I figured I should map for multiplayer matches, so I could avoid that. https://www.dropbox.com/s/9qowh759iagkk8p/3dm.wad?dl=0 3 small maps, ideal for 4 players but can handle at least 8. Boom compatability... not that it really matters. ...as made by a guy who's never once played a multiplayer match :P
  6. Royal_Sir

    How do you add a hit marker

    There's blood sprites that emit where an enemy has been hit. Modifying those sprites into a hit marker and then doing some wizardry to add a sound to it should do the trick.
  7. I dunno. But if it is it's probably just better to make a separate thread that talks about the finished project, some screenies, and the download instead of this mess.
  8. Royal_Sir

    Random Image Thread

  9. Royal_Sir

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Looking for a texture pack that includes the animated gray and brown water waterfalls.
  10. Royal_Sir

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I hate placing things and orchestrating effective monster fights. The real reason why I'm working on a few Deathmatch maps right now.
  11. Only if I get a prestige rank like in call of duty
  12. Royal_Sir

    Random Image Thread

  13. Royal_Sir

    Most Favorite Level From Episode 5

    I'll be honest folks, this was supposed to be a joke thread but as it turns out there really is a 5th episode wad. It's like sending someone out for Blinker Fluid and he actually comes back with some.
  14. I'm building an island map in Boom Format and want to have the water surrounding the island stretch out infinitely. How would I go about accomplishing this?