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  1. Kracov

    Unholy Cathedral

    Hey guys how you been? After being on a digital art hiatus for a few years, I'm finally back. I've learned a lot about anatomy and digital painting, so I'm really a lot better now. I still have much to learn until I can call myself an art master, but I'm getting there. I worked on DTWID, Freedoom, and many other modding projects. This current art is actually a remake of a really old artwork of mine. More to come!
  2. This is what happens when I click the download button at your mod link. The hover info says "www.doomworld.com" edit: nevermind, I managed to download it with Chrome. Doesn't work with Firefox.
  3. I would ask on zdoom but they deactivated my account for inactivity
  4. do you have the download link for Classic weapons sprites 2x upscaled? moddb just redirects to zdoom forum
  5. I don't use jdoom. Still not working
  6. what are the command line options? I just tried only the hd textures, doesn't work. C:\Games\Doom\gzdoom.exe -file jdtp.pk3
  7. Turns out I had to update BD. But now my texture pack won't work
  8. Beautifuldoom doesn't have decor/items in the menu. Maybe an old version did. Also, I have a possibly related problem. The weapon bobs wildly up and down when moving, and while the weapon bobs, I can't fire the weapon. This is my command line, removed 2x sprite wads. C:\Games\Doom\gzdoom.exe -file jdtp.pk3 BDoom614.pk3 marcelus_hd_sprites.pk3
  9. The green barrels rapidly fluctuate between original sprite and hd sprite. As if one of the frames doesn't have a hd version.
  10. Kracov

    Gzdoom graphical glitch

    I'm using Gzdoom 4.1.3 and Beautiful Doom. Not sure what's causing this but the soul sphere sprite is only showing the top left part, it's cut out. All other graphics are fine. So unsure if its the frontend or rendering mode.
  11. Hey all. I'm interested in this project. So far I've worked with Hellbent regarding textures. I'm wondering if anyone needs more textures done. Or even just general Doom art ideas.
  12. I really love watching videos of Slaughterfest, Scythe and Sunlust. Unfortunately there aren't many other videos/mods of this type on youtube that I've seen. Perhaps you know similar mods/videos of intense action with hordes of monsters? I'm not much for brutal doom. Most of it seems centered on the player hiding behind walls and doing a few shots at a time. Also possibly interested in gameplay of custom weapons and monsters as long as it's action packed.
  13. Does anyone have Death Egg's HD sprites? The download link is invalid at this post http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=35735&sid=fe7d736ac501760dee2d9fd972a2362b
  14. Kracov

    Need some advice for this doom scene

    I've tried journals, which i never get comments from. the deviantart forums is sometimes helpful, but many of them are not better than i am at art techniques.
  15. Kracov

    Need some advice for this doom scene

    Yeah, but I didn't want to draw 300 monsters individually. I'm still not a great artist, I need a tutor