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  1. Kracov

    Gzdoom graphical glitch

    I'm using Gzdoom 4.1.3 and Beautiful Doom. Not sure what's causing this but the soul sphere sprite is only showing the top left part, it's cut out. All other graphics are fine. So unsure if its the frontend or rendering mode.
  2. Kracov

    Project Proposal - Ultimate Doom: By The Map

    Hey all. I'm interested in this project. So far I've worked with Hellbent regarding textures. I'm wondering if anyone needs more textures done. Or even just general Doom art ideas.
  3. I really love watching videos of Slaughterfest, Scythe and Sunlust. Unfortunately there aren't many other videos/mods of this type on youtube that I've seen. Perhaps you know similar mods/videos of intense action with hordes of monsters? I'm not much for brutal doom. Most of it seems centered on the player hiding behind walls and doing a few shots at a time. Also possibly interested in gameplay of custom weapons and monsters as long as it's action packed.
  4. Does anyone have Death Egg's HD sprites? The download link is invalid at this post http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=35735&sid=fe7d736ac501760dee2d9fd972a2362b
  5. Kracov

    Need some advice for this doom scene

    I've tried journals, which i never get comments from. the deviantart forums is sometimes helpful, but many of them are not better than i am at art techniques.
  6. Kracov

    Need some advice for this doom scene

    Yeah, but I didn't want to draw 300 monsters individually. I'm still not a great artist, I need a tutor
  7. Kracov

    Need some advice for this doom scene

    no one was commenting, so i went ahead and finished it http://kracov.deviantart.com/art/Doom-FEAR-476666842
  8. http://i.imgur.com/ac7nvAD.jpg I'm working on my next Doom art. Hopefully I can get some advice from artists here. See the spire on the left side? I want a rocklike structure protruding from the ground but it looks stupid. The Doomguy will likely be firing a shotgun at the lunging Baron. Just wonder if I should give him a pistol in his other hand. I don't want to be over the top.
  9. Kracov

    3D Cacodemon

    Actually I do have a friend that can do 3D printing for me, but that wasn't the intention. I already painted the caco in zbrush as you could see but eventually i will learn about UV mapping
  10. Kracov

    3D Cacodemon

    Thanks Rush and riki!
  11. Kracov

    3D Cacodemon

    Finally, it's done! I'm really happy with the final render! http://i.imgur.com/8LJbxvZ.jpg
  12. Kracov

    3D Cacodemon

    MacBeth: Thanks. Yes I'm still learning the tools, but now I have an update http://i.imgur.com/Y5DZUbl.jpg
  13. Kracov

    3D Cacodemon

    Sort of. I tried CB Model Pro many years ago, just created basic shapes. So this is a good serious attempt.
  14. Kracov

    3D Cacodemon

    Hey all. I just started using Zbrush days ago, and I'm surprised how easy it is. Basically created a nice looking Cacodemon in 5 hours total with someone's advice. http://i.imgur.com/OBf9nfH.jpg I'm surprised more Doomers haven't started up Zbrush and done some work on their own, it's really fun. UPDATE: http://i.imgur.com/Y5DZUbl.jpg UPDATE 2: http://i.imgur.com/8LJbxvZ.jpg
  15. Kracov

    Final Outpost at Deviantart

    Thanks, I also did the Icon of Sin http://kracov.deviantart.com/art/The-Icon-of-Sin-385959322