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  1. mumblemumble

    Name a wad that deserves a (another) sequel

    Eviltech, but hell on earth influence. Dark 7 (mission pack was fun, but I want more) marswar trumpdoom An impossible reality, using the latest gzdoom tricks
  2. mumblemumble

    Cacowards 2016 Nomination Thread

    DooD certainly gets the mockaward, I will be shocked if anything else gets it... I will shout something like "mien labal neim!" if it doesn't. In all seriousness though, foursite sounds great for cacoward, one of the more innovative levels I've seen recently... From dodging a long range mancubi bombardment while platforming, to riding a rather risky, and pit prone elevator full of lost souls, this map has so many neat concepts, it deserves recognition, even if not as a cacoward, it really seems like something worth remembering. And now that dump 3 came out....I think the series deserves recognition for just getting so many people to try mapping. I know I made a map for it, for 3, but so many maps made in a year from 1 project is pretty astounding imo. plus, managing and making a nearly 80 map wad for dump 3 takes a lot of work. EDIT: actually just tried trump doom and...holy crap, VERY strong contender for mockaward, good zdoom usage, comedy, and it made me value the doom pistol again. Pretty fun gameplay, lots of laughs, and generally a good time all around.
  3. mumblemumble

    OBLIGE 7.50 released!

    I find it silly you would remove the OPTION for quiet starts simply because it would remove too many monsters. More options are always better yo. Same goes for "detailed rooms" as a tick, and other stuff removed. Unless its actively getting in the way of new stuff being implemented, why remove it?
  4. mumblemumble

    OBLIGE 7.50 released!

    Doesn't seem to be the case. Pain, this was a handy setting for hideous destructor.
  5. mumblemumble

    OBLIGE 7.50 released!

    What ever happened to the "quiet start" setting, and usage of 3d floors? I liked those features, but they seem to be gone now.. Seems a lot of settings from oblige 6.20 are gone, which is a bummer.
  6. mumblemumble

    No Way Out

    Pretty interesting map, fast paced and punchy, quite fun, using scripts, illusions, portals to get all kinds of cool effects...until the mirror room. The mirror room ABSOLUTELY SUCKS, and I was stuck in there for 20 minutes before I used the map cheat to show the map (mirror room is invisible on map) just so I could get the hell out. Everything else was pretty neat, but never ever do a mirror maze like that ever again , im begging you.
  7. mumblemumble

    Cacowards 2016 Nomination Thread

    I feel like this defines hideous destructor... its come such an extremely long way. makes me wish there was a complete feature list
  8. mumblemumble

    Cacowards 2016 Nomination Thread

    I think wadsmoosh deserves an honorable mention somewhere. A little utility which combines doom 1, 2, tnt, plutonia, master levels, and no rest for the living wads into 1 large wad, with no music, texture, or other conflicts. http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=52757 Maybe not cacoward worthy, but deserves a footnote somewhere. Certainly makes switching between doom 1, 2, and others much easier, as you dont have to shut the game down, and load a new one
  9. mumblemumble

    Trip through the canyon (wip)

    Keep in mind keys dropped by enemies do NOT work with mods. Playing with hideous destructor for instance, map02 isn't doable because no key drops. I think this could be still done by say, giving directly to the player inventory, or just having a key near them, but this is a very game-breaking issue Besides that, love the map, and the style, very entertaining with hideous destructor. You should consider experimenting with it.
  10. mumblemumble

    Any maps where you are underwater for most of it?

    Well, dark7 map 3 I think has a decent amount of underwater. LEGIT underwater, not just a water textured ceiling. I personally wish there was more underwater stuff too.
  11. mumblemumble

    Doom Not In Technicolor (DM2PAL)

    Oh I'm already aware of retro shader, thing is, it makes things BLURRY, not discolored in darkness. Thanks for trying to let me know anyways. Retroshader is amazing
  12. mumblemumble

    Doom Not In Technicolor (DM2PAL)

    You know, its rather ironic....I WANT the "pinkies being brownies" effect in opengl rendering, but have never seen anything to get this effect..
  13. mumblemumble

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    Although brutal doom gets shit, for one of many reasons for its fans requesting brutal doom support in custom maps, i feel i have done the same for countless mappers making new maps for hideous destructor support with lower difficulties. (though to be fair, hideous destructor works on very few maps, since too many hit-scanners at once is literally impossible) I regret nothing about doing the above. I will cheat in allies with summonfriend and watch a cybedemon shit on everything when bored. I have decent mapmaking knowledge (kinda) from working in dump 3, but haven't made a new map since then. I DO regret that. in addition to god-mode IDKFA, i also use MDK and summon bfgball x10 to deal with shit im too lazy to deal with conventionally. many megawads I will not beat formally, but warp through levels just to skim them. As someone who also uses resurrect, saves are too demanding.
  14. mumblemumble

    Best zdoom maps/wads

    Hideous destructor is a real good show of zdooms abilities. Its being developed on the bleeding edge, to the point you need to keep the dev build of gzdoom (or zdoom) reasonably up to date if you want it to work, as new features are added all the time. Hard as balls, but amazing to see what can be done with weapons, health, gun mechanics, ect.
  15. mumblemumble

    Giza Invasion

    Neat map idea, however, consider difficulty levels of spawning. This map almost works with hideous destructor, but not being able to dial back the monsters doesn't help.